Data Dawgs_Inside the Georgia Analytics Program

Data Dawgs_Inside the Georgia Analytics Program
An inside look at the Georgia analytics program for the University of Georgia Terry College of Business MSBA program.

COVID Classrooms: What Will the Model Look Like?
Jul 31 • 45 min
This episode explores the details on what COVID-related safety changes have been made and what to expect as The University of Georgia resumes classes this fall.
The First Cohort, Where are they Now?
Jul 21 • 40 min
Catching up with Terry College MSBA Alumna, Bryana Benson.
Plans for Fall Semester Instruction
Jun 29 • 43 min
This episode covers what fall will look like for the incoming MSBA students and all students returning to campus at the University of Georgia.
Tools for Career Success
Jun 22 • 40 min
Nate Kelley, MSBA alum ’20, joins the conversation again to explain to students how to use GitHub, the largest community of developers, and why you as a future analyst should have a profile on the site.
MSBA Registration Information
Jun 17 • 30 min
This episode highlights the curriculum of the MSBA program specifically the fall semester.
Onboarding the MSBA Fall 2020 Cohort
Jun 8 • 39 min
Fall 2020 for the MSBA incoming class looks a little different this year. With the pandemic still on the minds of our administrative leaders, the team discusses the onboarding process over the summer and what orientation will look like this year.
Data Dawgs | Season 3 Trailer
Jun 5 • 2 min
What to expect in the Data Dawgs podcast for the new season.
Covid Cast Ep. 7 | Celebrating the 2020 Terry College of Business MBA and MSBA Graduates
May 11 • 44 min
The Terry Graduate Convocation was scheduled for May 7, and since we couldn’t celebrate them in person, we are celebrating them through this podcast.
Covid Cast Ep. 6 | What Does the Supply Chain Look Like?
May 4 • 47 min
Terry College of Business faculty member in the MBA program and VP of supply chain operations at COX Communications, Patrick Waite joins us to discuss how COVID-19 is impacting the U.S. and global supply chain.
Covid Cast Ep. 5 | Recognizing the MSBA and MBA Honor Graduates
Apr 27 • 31 min
An episode where we honor those MSBA and MBA honor graduates.
Covid Cast Ep. 4 | Perspectives of Learning Remotely with MSBA Student, Nate Kelley
Apr 20 • 26 min
MSBA current student Nate Kelley, joins the conversation about his experience in the program overall and how he is adjusting to studying and working remotely for the remaining of the semester.
Covid Cast Ep. 3 | Dr. Santanu Chatterjee with the Impact COVID-19 has had on the U.S. Economy
Apr 10 • 43 min
Dr. Santanu Chatterjee, MBA and MSBA program director and Josiah Meigs Professor of Economics at the University of Georgia, joins the Data Dawgs podcast and he discusses the impacts the US economy has had since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.
Covid Cast Ep. 2 | What The Students Are Saying.
Apr 6 • 40 min
Breanna Tudor, 2nd-year MBA and Graduate Business Association club president, joins the conversation about a student’s perspective and reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Covid Cast Ep. 1 | Hunkering Down During the Coronavirus Pandemic.
Mar 27 • 31 min
This episode we dive into the details of what happened while UGA students were on spring break and the direction the University of Georgia took for the remaining of the semester due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.
Building the B Collaborative - Developing Applied Learning opportunities within the MSBA Program
Nov 8, 2019 • 91 min
A conversation with UGA MBA graduates, Christina Noel, Nathan Stuck and Zack Godfrey regarding projects related to B Corp, corporate social responsibility, and social impact investment.
Inside the Capstone Projects with Dr. Rick Watson
Sep 19, 2019 • 20 min
Regent’s professor, Dr. Rick Watson shares outcomes and the student experience of completing a capstone project for the MSBA department.
UGA’s ‘Data For Good’ President, Aditya Krishnaswamy
Sep 10, 2019 • 13 min
UGA’s club president for Data for Good, Aditya Krishnaswamy talks about what his club represents and shares how other students can get involved.
Networking and What That Looks Like
Aug 14, 2019 • 23 min
A quick primer to what to expect in the Fall Recruiting Kickoff.
A Day in the Life of an MSBA Student
Aug 9, 2019 • 25 min
Inside the Georgia Analytics program with hosts Leigh Britton, Jake Mosley and Andrew Salinas.
Orientation Week One (and a Half)
Aug 1, 2019 • 16 min
Leigh Britton, Jake Mosley, and Andrew Salinas share their insights on what orientation week is like for new students in the Georgia Analytics program.