Therapist Mom of Twins

Therapist Mom of Twins
Therapist mom of twins shares birth stories, hacks for living with twins, and importance of mental health especially as moms. Tackling taboo topics and trying to end stigmas.

18 - Medication During Pregnancy and Mental Health Myths with Dr. Nichelle Haynes
Nov 15 • 28 min
Dr. Nichelle Haynes talks medications during pregnancy, types of resources for mental health during pregnancy and postpartum, and mental health myths. Dr. Nichelle Haynes is a Board Certified psychiatrist in Austin, Texas where she specializes in women’s…
Advocating for your child and other random topics
Oct 28 • 19 min
Stephanie goes into what it was like having to advocate for her son and lots of other random topics including loss of naps and temper tantrums before the age of one. —- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.…
Volunteers Wanted!
Oct 17 • 1 min
Volunteers are wanted for upcoming episodes! Email me at [email protected] if you’re interested!
Behavior Modification and Feelings with Children
Oct 15 • 21 min
Stephanie delves into how to set limits, reflect feelings/meanings, and types of behavior modification to use with your little ones. Stephanie utilizes practices used in child-centered play therapy and filial therapy techniques. —- This episode is…
17 - Perinatal Mental Health with Psychiatrist Dr. Kristin Lasseter
Oct 13 • 30 min
Stephanie speaks with Dr. Kristin Lasseter on Perinatal Mental Health including taking medications while pregnant and breastfeeding. Kristin Lasseter, MD graduated cum laude from Southwestern University with a Bachelors of Science in Biology prior to…
15 - Emotional Health as a Mom: Why it Matters and How to Take Care of Yours with author Kate Rope
Oct 6 • 42 min
Stephanie interviews author Kate Rope on her book “Strong As A Mother” and her own journey with her emotional health. Stephanie and Kate talk about taboo subjects surrounding maternal mental health and how to get the help you need during your journey as a…
16 - Bonus: Top 10 Taboo Topics for New Moms
Oct 3 • 22 min
I review an article on taboo topics for new moms and how it relates to our mental health. It is a bonus solo episode.
14 - Body Kindness During Pregnancy and Postpartum with Rebecca Scritchfield, RDN
Sep 29 • 47 min
Rebecca Scritchfield is a well-being coach, registered dietitian nutritionist, ACSM certified exercise physiologist, and author of the book, Body Kindness: Transform your health from the inside out and never say diet again (Workman Publishing), which…
13 - Project Sweet Peas and NICU Experience with Sarah King
Sep 22 • 27 min
TRIGGER WARNING: SOME DETAILS IN THIS EPISODE MAY BE TRIGGERING FOR SOME PEOPLE. Sarah King is the current president of Project Sweet Peas. Sarah is the mother of 2 children. After a difficult birth, Sarah’s son Avi was admitted to the neonatal intensive…
12 -AfterBirth Plan Workshop and Preventing Post Baby Relationship Issues with Dr. Alyssa Berlin
Sep 15 • 37 min
Dr. Alyssa Berlin talks making plans for postpartum with your partner, struggles in relationships postpartum, and the importance of education during pregnancy. Dr. Alyssa Berlin is a clinical psychologist specializing in pregnancy, postpartum and…
11 - What About the Partner?
Sep 1 • 29 min
My husband comes on the episode and shares his experience and feelings related to our story. He shares how to be supportive to a partner who has been diagnosed with a Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder. —- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The…
10 - Grief, Loss, and Anxiety with Heidi McBain LMFT, LPC, PMH-C
Aug 29 • 39 min
Heidi is a Texas Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Texas Licensed Professional Counselor, and Perinatal Mental Health Certified. Her private practice is based out of Flower Mound, Texas. Heidi offers online video counseling to women living in Texas.…
8 - Interview with OB/GYN Dr. Bailey Escarzaga
Aug 29 • 30 min
Dr. Bailey Escarzaga is an OB/GYN in private practice in Austin, TX. She is a mom of an almost two year old boy and an advocate for women’s health issues in Texas. She attended Texas Tech University Health Science Center in El Paso, TX for her medical…
9 - interview with Doula and Childbirth Educator Nikki Reeves
Aug 29 • 16 min
Nikki Reeves is a doula and childbirth educator. Listen as she shares how a doula can be a part of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Nikki also shares her own experience with postpartum depression, anxiety, and trauma. —- This episode is sponsored by ·…
7 - How I Physically Survived the Newborn Phase
Aug 14 • 23 min
I give advice on how I survived twin newborns who had a stay in the NICU. I also give some hacks we used when bringing them home that helped with my sanity. —- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
6 - Newborn Health and Safety with Dr. Jaime Friedman
Aug 14 • 35 min
Dr. Jaime Friedman is a pediatrician in San Diego and a mom of 2. She has been in practice for 17 years and currently runs her office, sits on the board of directors for her company (Children’s Primary Care Medical Group) and is the director of marketing.…
5 - Informed Choice and Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy and Birth with Dr. Elliot Berlin
Aug 12 • 53 min
Dr. Elliot Berlin is an award winning prenatal chiropractor, childbirth educator and labor doula. His Informed Pregnancy® Project aims to utilize multiple forms of media including a weekly podcast, documentary films and a youtube series to compile and…
4 - Grief, Shame, and Guilt in My Motherhood
Aug 10 • 15 min
I talk about my own experience with shame, grief, and guilt in my journey through motherhood.
3 - Interview with High-Risk Pregnancy Expert Parijat Deshpande
Aug 5 • 41 min
Interview with Parijat Deshpande discussing resources for high-risk pregnancy, grief, and trauma. Parijat Deshpande is the leading high-risk pregnancy expert, mind-body health specialist, trauma professional, speaker and author who teaches women how to…
2 - DIY Baby Massage
Aug 4 • 5 min
Baby Massage is a real thing! I share a short clip of why it’s beneficial for mother and baby. I share how I do it on my own. This is not a substitute for medical advice.
1 - The Pregnancy From Hell
Aug 3 • 19 min
Here I share a condensed version of my pregnancy and birth story for you! Please feel free to contact me if you would like to share yours! —- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.