Gaming Memories - The One True Video Game Podcast

Gaming Memories - The One True Video Game Podcast
The one and only true video game podcast hosted by the gaming God’s one true profit.

11 - Mike Rushforth
Oct 8 • 163 min
Mike Rushforth is a commercial airline pilot, music producer & guitarist for the band "After Tomorrow" Mike Rushforth tunes: After Tomorrow:…
10 - Dekai
Oct 2 • 156 min
Derek Page aka "Dekai" is a bass music producer, drummer & crytpo crowdfunding expert. Find more Dekai:
09 - Chase Henson
Sep 24 • 166 min
Chase Henson is the drummer for Mome Wrath , a prolific illustrator and accomplished concept artist. I met chase at a smash brothers tournament in college we he performed nothing short of a prison rape on my main character Meta Knight. Chase taught…
08 - Omar Prestwich
Sep 17 • 88 min
Omar Prestwich is the social media manager at K-Swiss, founder of the record label DAMN SON! and a professional photographer. Omar wouldn't label himself as a "gamer" but like most his age, he has still had quite a few run ins with the medium. I find Omar…
07 - Atamu
Sep 11 • 169 min
Adam Scott aka "Atamu" is one of my oldest and dearest friends. By day, he travels the world filming and creating videos for various companies. By night, he creates video game inspired pop and fan art. Adam also has one of the deepest collections of video…
06 - RoboRob
Sep 3 • 180 min
Robert Anderson aka "RoboRob" is a dear old friend , original member of DAMN SON! and a prolific music producer. His music is heavily inspired by video games with many official and unofficial remixes as well as tons of video game themed releases. He has…
05 - Thomas Winkley
Aug 27 • 154 min
Thomas Winkley has more gamer cred than just about anyone I know. By day he creates, designs, edits and oversees all the game development courses at on top of having managed multiple Gamestop locations for years. By night Thomas is a…
04 - Jon Jimenez
Aug 21 • 270 min
Jon Jimenez is one of the most interesting people I have ever met. He has a stack of Master degrees that could fill a bookshelf under his belt, creates and sells fine art, works as a creative art director for multiple companies and somehow finds time to…
03 - Audiotreats
Aug 13 • 84 min
In this episode I interview electronic and hip hop music producer extraordinaire Audiotreats about his favorite gaming memoreis growing up. We touch on the absurd difficulty of Mega Man X, playing Starcraft as a kid vs playing as an adult and how he spent…
02 - Ben Gledhill
Aug 6 • 56 min
Ben Gledhill is an UK based politcial and social satire cartoonist. He goes by the name "False Tooth" and is soon to be launching his own screen printing company. Our conversation is highlighted by the fact he was dressed in a loose bathrobe only…
01 - Todd Robins
Jul 29 • 84 min
Todd Robins is a human ninja who pay the bills by doing insane stunts on camera as well as shooting the camera for the YouTube channel "Kuma Films." Kuma is a YouTube channel and production company run by brothers Todd and Joe Robins. They are…