Chaos and Rocketfuel Podcast

Chaos and Rocketfuel Podcast
Chaos & Rocketfuel is an online magazine exploring topics currently shaping the future of work and human acceleration brought to you by the minds behind WNDYR, a diverse global team of consultants working with the world’s leading productivity SaaS companies.

18. Selwyn Rayzor discusses being a capitalist with a socialist agenda and how the 2020 election will impact the future of work.
Oct 16 • 33 min
Selwyn discusses the impacts the 2020 election will have on companies companies with a shift left, towards more environmentally focused initiatives, healthcare changes, and parental leave policies. Selwyn Rayzor is President of the Rayzor Company, a real…
17. Alex Shootman, CEO of Workfront discusses the weariness of the workplace and how to survive working remotely during Covid19.
Oct 13 • 35 min
Alex Shootman shares the important lessons that cycling and the highs and lows of raising children have taught him about work.
16. Learning from the Past to Prepare for the Future of Work with Seasoned Executive & Investor Linda Fayne Levinson
Oct 7 • 36 min
Linda Fayne Levinson discusses how business leaders need to start searching for change to prepare for an uncertain future of work. How will people process working from home, moving back into offices, and balancing work and life in a post pandemic world.
15. Aging Companies: Deanna Ballew of Widen joins Claire and Doug to talk innovation and changing behaviors
Sep 2 • 32 min
Deanna is the Chief Innovation officer at DAM company Widen. Widen is a tech company 70 years young that’s developed with its customers from engraving to printing and through to software. Deanna started at the company about 15 years ago and has worked…
14. ROSY Founder Dr. Lyndsey Harper Talks about the Connection between SEXTECH and the Workplace
Aug 14 • 32 min
Claire Haidar and Doug Foulkes join Dr. Lyndsey Harper, MD, founder of ROSY, an app for women experiencing decreased sexual desire and other sexual related problems. We discuss the link between sex, self-esteem, and work. That includes our educational…
13. Digital Sociologist Lisa Talia Moretti Explains the Skills Needed for the Future of Work
Aug 4 • 27 min
What does it mean to be human in this new world? How can we redefine the role of humans in a world of machines? Digital sociologist Lisa Talia Moretti worked with WNDYR on a research project about the role of humans in the future. Here, she recaps this…
12. Claire Haidar Interviews Hayman Capital Management Founder & CIO, Kyle Bass on Investment Landscape, Future of Work
Jul 27 • 30 min
Kyle Bass is a hedge fund manager and founder and CIO of Hayman Capital Management, known for predicting the Subprime mortgage crisis of 2008. He has a straight talking, no nonsense approach to uncovering injustices in the world, and reminds us to…
11. Will Artificial Intelligence Completely Change the way we Manage Digital Assets?
Jun 15 • 19 min
David MacLaren is the founder and CEO of DAM company Media Valet. Media Valet started as a travel repository for images and digital information for hotels and resorts. Developing into one of the forefront DAM companies worldwide.
10. Community Building and Work. How do they Influence Each Other?
Jun 8 • 13 min
Tina Howard is the founder of Leaves, a book and tea shop in Fort Worth, Texas. Her story is one of strong Community values and building, centered around the starting and development of the 2 year old business.
9. CEO Andrew Filev Speaks with Claire Haidar over the Phone about his Thoughts on Remote Work and Wrike.
May 20 • 14 min
Andrew Filev is the founder and CEO of WRIKE, a work management platform created in 2003. Work management platforms assists in making remote work possible and effective. Along with his reasons for the importance of the collaboration and visibility in…
8. Micro-Podcast: Part 2 of our Interview with WNDYR’s Michael Blakely!
May 20 • 2 min
We continue to chat with Michael and get some solid advice on how to approach Change Management, and how best to prepare.
7. Micro-Podcast: Featuring Wndyr’s Michael Blakely | Part 1
May 20 • 3 min
Michael is our Global Partnerships and Sales Manager. He is constantly helping organizations with Change Management realities. Listen to this short nugget of gold in our 2-part interview!
6. Chaos has a System.
May 14 • 33 min
Listen to Claire Haidar dive into the system behind chaos and what that means to the future of work! Claire is the founder and CEO of WNDYR, a company focussed on the future of work. What most of the world has been doing work-wise since lockdown, namely…
5. Unleashing Your Team’s Potential with Pattyrn
Dec 20, 2019 • 14 min
Doug Foulkes speaks with Peter Sim, Head of Product Growth, about the ways Pattyrn helps teams uncover insights from SaaS tools they’re already using to deliver happier, more productive teams!
4. Evaluating How Team Behaviors Impact Success with WNDYR Flow Manager Mitch Schwartz
Sep 13, 2019 • 10 min
With businesses searching for the next big organisational advantage, many are looking to the benefits of digital transformation as an answer. WNDYR Flow Manager Mitch Schwartz unpacks the impact of driving optimal team behaviours on company and customer…
3. Unpacking Modern Work Challenges with WNDYR Partner Manager Alex Colonel
Aug 23, 2019 • 10 min
WNDYR partner manager Alex Colonel has worn many hats; first as an onboarding consultant and now as a Partner Manager. In this episode, Alex shares the challenges her customers and partners often have from her unique perspective.
2. Talking Customer Success with WNDYR’s Prasoon Ranjan
Jul 8, 2019 • 9 min
Doug Foulkes speaks to Prasoon Ranjan, Vice President of Customer Success about the ways WNDYR has approached customer success and how these approaches have added value for SaaS partners and delivered happier and successful customers.
1. Meeting the Team Behind
May 1, 2019 • 19 min
Doug Foulkes speaks to Casey Baggs about how is building a platform that tracks how people work in order to deliver deeper insights for happier, more productive teams.