Connection Loop by Dubb

Connection Loop by Dubb
A weekly podcast by Dubb, the video communication platform. The story continues on

Learn About the Future of Marketing Technology with HubSpot Executive, Scott Brinker
Oct 22 • 37 min
In this podcast, we discuss the ins and outs of marketing technology, the eco-system behind it, and a great origin story. Learn some best practices on setting up, optimizing and scaling your automated marketing campaigns from some of the industry’s…
From Toy Maker to Best-Selling Author to Creator, Rhett Power Knows Best
Oct 21 • 34 min
Listen to this podcast to hear seriously valuable advice from a CEO, business coach, best-selling author, Forbes columnist, LinkedIn live host, Rhett Power. In this conversation, we go deep on discussing Rhett’s evolution as an entrepreneur, a family man…
Stories about data, reinvention, and the future of lending, software and beyond with Steven Cooley
Oct 16 • 23 min
In this podcast learn how data, video, and reinvention can help turn career and industry around. With Steven Cooley, we explore topics of next-generation technology and communication methods to increase transparency, drive sales, and have fun doing so.…
Talking Law, Small Business Marketing, and Content Workflows with Marisa Portuondo
Oct 9 • 52 min
Listen to this podcast to learn how Marisa Portuondo’s fast-growing law firm, Portuondo Law Firm, PA leverages video communication, personalization, and smart project management to grow the business. Also, learn some critical legal tips on how to protect…
Learn how to Seize the Day with Andy Willis
Oct 8 • 41 min
Listen to this podcast to learn how perseverance, learning and deciding to seize the day changed the life of Andy Willis. Explore topics of self-realization, setting up a virtual business, video marketing, and more with a world traveler, life coach,…
The keys to a lifestyle of freedom, satisfaction and fulfillment with Curt Mercadante
Oct 4 • 47 min
Listen to this podcast to go on a life exploration with a trainer, speaker, best-selling author, podcast host, and Gallup-certified strengths trainer, Curt Mercadante. In this podcast, we learn about an evolution that ends in fulfillment and happiness.…
Scaling a YouTube channel, maintaining personalization and getting fit with Charlene Dipaola
Sep 21 • 48 min
In this podcast, we explore a 3-year new fitness startup called HipShakeFitness with its founder Charlene Dipaola. HipShakeFitness has attracted a YouTube audience of over 100K followers and a growing subscription business through content marketing,…
Optimizing Social, Building a Brand Voice, and Networking with Carrie Peterson
Sep 18 • 28 min
From the United States Air Force personnel, to veteran, to military mom, to doggy daycare manager, to social media advertising agency owner, Carrie Peterson has had a seasoned journey of enduring challenges and overcoming them. Listen to this podcast to…
How to slow down to speed up with Alita Harvey-Rodriguez
Sep 17 • 32 min
Listen to this podcast with public speaker and agency owner Alita Harvey-Rodriguez to learn the importance of healthy, mindful, and sustainable growth that promotes the mutually beneficial value and happiness. The story continues on Chat with us…
Learn how to podcast with Dubb founder, Ruben Dua
Sep 2 • 21 min
This is a podcast that was recorded in June of 2019 with Joe Lemon at DigiMaCon West in Santa Monica and the Lowe’s hotel. This podcast was one of the first podcasts that Dubb founder, Ruben Dua, participated in. Joe Lemon is a pro podcaster, who actually…
Talking the Future of Communication with a Futurist
Aug 23 • 61 min
Featuring famed futuristic Craig Rispin, listen to this podcast to explore where we are going as a society with it comes to communication, space travel, and more. The story continues on Chat with us on social media: Instagram:…
Getting hypnotized, inspired, and healed by Marilyn Devonish
Aug 13 • 73 min
Go on a trip in this podcast from Dubb ( to explore hypnosis, natural language processing, soul plans, healing, synchronicity, and more with famed hypnotist, keynote speaker, and corporate trainer, Marilyn Devonish. The story continues on…
Surviving, Thriving, and Subscribing - An exploration of life, friendship, and relationships with Paul Higgins
Aug 9 • 45 min
Listen to this podcast with Paul Higgins to explore his wild ride in life. In short, he’s lucky to be alive. Listen to hear his story. This podcast is brought to you by Dubb, the video communication platform. The story continues on —- Send in a…
From Poop to Gold - Going Viral with the CEO of Harmon Brothers
Aug 9 • 46 min
Watch this podcast from Dubb ( with the CEO of Harmon Brothers, Benton Crane, to explore how to go viral. Helping generate over 1 billion views and $300M in sales, Harmon Brothers’ viral video productions include Squatty Potty, Purple…
Talking Life, happiness, and drums with a Wizard, Russ Johns
Aug 2 • 52 min
Listen to this podcast to explore a serious and playful conversation about pursuing happiness, navigating life, and playing drums. Learn more about Russ Johns at The story continues at —- Send in a voice message:…
Talking Chop with a Harvard Doctor - Terry Shintani
Jul 23 • 10 min
This podcast features Hawaii-based, Harvard-educated doctor, Terry Shintani. The story continues on —- Send in a voice message:
Learnings from a 22-year old founder, Brandon Amoroso
Jul 19 • 46 min
This podcast explores the life of young founder, Brandon Amoroso. His firm ( specializes in e-commerce, social media, and SEO. Be sure to catch this one for some tactical tips and tricks. The story continues on…
Tech, Fashion & Robotics Dresses from Super Model, Anina Net
Jul 19 • 80 min
In this episode, we explore the convergence of fashion, technology, and some of the most important topics on personal growth. More info on Anina Net at Check out her upcoming Online Summit “Diversity Meets Technology” at Buy her…
Getting Social with a Social Media Expert, Carrie Peterson
Jul 15 • 34 min
Listen to this podcast to learn about the past, present and future of social media. Why? Social matters. This podcast features Carrie Peterson, Co-owner of Social Presence, a Minnesota-based Internet marketing agency. The story continues on —-…
Leveraging Video for Business Growth - A Keynote Master Class from Ruben Dua
Jul 6 • 53 min
Enjoy this video marketing master class from Ruben Dua. This was the keynote address delivered at DigiMarCon MidWest 2019. Learn more at —- Send in a voice message:
Social media, attribution & Starbucks conspiracies with Hannah Moyer
Jun 27 • 40 min
A fun and educational segment with Hannah Moyer who heads up paid media at Blue Light Media. This podcast is brought to you by —- Send in a voice message:
Marketing adventures with the next Mrs. Great Britain, Shelley Grierson
Jun 24 • 23 min
Listen to this podcast with a marketing leader and speaker who is headed to become the next Miss Great Britain. This podcast is sponsored by —- Send in a voice message:
The key to networking from a keynote speaker, Diane Darling
Jun 17 • 34 min
Listen to this podcast for some must-know tips on networking from keynote speaker, Diane Darling. This podcast is brought to you by Dubb, the all-in-one video platform. More info at —- Send in a voice message:…