Achieving Awesomeness Now

Achieving Awesomeness Now
Your weekly podcast headquarters for inspiration, motivation and all things AWESOME! Brought to you by Master Life Coach, Nathan Osmond.

Listen To Your Gut with Dr Jay Vanden Huevel
Sep 15 • 37 min
Sit down with Dr Jay Vanden Huevel as we explore “preventative disciplines” toward achieving total body health. It’s not just what you’re eating, it’s also what’s eating you. Most health problems stem from the gut, so what is your gut telling you?…
Mastering The 7 Decisions with Andy Andrews
Sep 9 • 42 min
New York Times best selling author, Andy Andrews, shares The Seven Decisions that determine personal success. He explains how each decision effects each of our daily lives. He shares how one man’s decision at the Battle of Gettysburg completely…
The Constitution Of A Great Leader With Cevin Ormond
Sep 1 • 44 min
Best-selling author, Cevin Ormond, breaks down to explain the preamble and articles of great leadership. From framing, to personal development, to making a great first impression, Cevin covers it all. Awaken the leader within you today!
Graduation Day with Marwenna Diame
Aug 26 • 38 min
Positive life lessons from a dying woman. Hit songwriter, Marwenna Diame, shares personal triumphs and success secrets. As a bed-ridden hit songwriter, she has overcome naysayers, abuse, and extreme physical challenges.
So, Here’s What You Do - Part 2 with Les Brown
Aug 19 • 58 min
From facing cancer to being labeled, “mentally retarded” and “the dumb twin” in school, Les Brown has overcome some of life’s toughest challenges. He was born on the floor of an abandoned building in Liberty City, FL and was adopted just days later…
So, Here’s What You Do - Part 1 with Les Brown
Aug 11 • 55 min
Nathan Osmond sits down with legendary motivational speaker, Les Brown. The two share answers to the many questions they receive from students around the world. This content was recorded several years ago as a double disc project, but has never been…
Get Rid Of Your Head Trash
Aug 5 • 52 min
Featuring best-belling author, Noah St John
The Miracle Behind The Miracle
Jul 26 • 36 min
Nathan Osmond sits down with Joe Lake, co-founder of Children’s Miracle Network and discusses the miracles behind the creation of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. This amazing foundation was created by Nathan’s grandmother, Olive Osmond, and has…
The Butterfly Effect
Jul 24 • 19 min
Nathan Osmond breaks down the Law of Sensitive Dependence Upon Initial Conditions; also known as, “The Butterfly Effect.” He proves that everything we choose to do, and everything we choose not to do, matters every single time to all of us. Step into your…
Meet Your Coach
Jul 24 • 24 min
In this episode of Achieving Awesomeness Now, Nathan Osmond introduces himself and explains why he decided to create this podcast. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the show and leave us a good rating!