Self Portraits As Other People

Self Portraits As Other People
Where the Limits of Language Meet the Fringes of Reality

Jasun Horsley - Crucial Fictions & Lucid Trauma
Jul 23 • 163 min
Jasun Horsley is a sharp but subtle thinker who describes himself as “an existential detective in chronic confession mode”. A prolific writer, he has published countless books, blog posts, & articles. He also hosts The Liminalist podcast, where we di…
Stuart Davis - The Mantic Antics of a Twisted Mystic
Jun 15 • 157 min
Stuart Davis is a multimedia artist w/ a brilliant madcap mind. 10 years ago, while meditating during a fever, he was visited by an 8ft tall mantis entity, opening up a sync-holy vortex & setting a series of synchronicities in motion. These uncanny…
Morgan Sorne - Resourceful Sorcery
May 13 • 128 min
(Headphone recommended for optimal immersion in the intro) Morgan Sorne is a multi-dimensional storyteller, visual artist, and composer. We talk about self-mythologization, embodying archetypal charisma, and how taking fictional liberties invites…
The Pandemic as Societal Tuning Fork in the Road
Mar 29 • 30 min
(Headphones) I’m taking this opportunity to go solo to share some musings, perspectives, & reflections on the current situation by sending a trippy lil broadcast from *my* cozy little quarantine to *yours*. I hope it puts a smile on your face & th…
Travis Puntarelli - Current Channels & Rivers of Song
Feb 13 • 116 min
This episode is an exploration of song (aka “space-craft”) as a tool with which to navigate landscapes and mindscapes, and as a means through which to gain entranced entrance into the mystic/mythic dimensions of the psyche. Travis is a true troubador…
The World Is My Stage, But I Perform On The Page
Jan 28 • 21 min
I present you with a bonus feature to celebrate the launch of my brand new [Patreon]( page and to tide you over while I finish up Episode 4 (coming sooooon). This little storytime transmission is only about twenty…
Craig Deininger - Rejected By Aliens
Dec 14, 2019 • 144 min
Desperation. Isolation. Desolation. Autonomy. Individuation. Imagination. These are some of the themes we cover in our conversation as we wade through both shadow and sunshine, casting our shades upon the Source and shielding our brow in salute of sa…
Trius - Escape From Ikem
Sep 11, 2019 • 136 min
Mind Control, Indoctrination, & the Reclamation of Freedom through Art
Loga & The Order of Multiple Personalities
Jul 23, 2019 • 172 min
A storied layercake of Dreams & Spirit Guides topped w/ a Pineal Tumor