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Audiobooks update from the 20Booksto50k® conference: Findaway Voices, Podium, Dreamscape, Tantur, ACX, Audible and more!
Nov 14 • 9 min
4 days of the biggest, best, and baddest independent author conference on the planet and one of the highlights? Audiobooks. Bradley Charbonneau updates audiobook authors with 3 takeaways from the conference.
Written, audio, video, in-person? Which, when, and why?
Nov 7 • 9 min
I’m an audio guy. I like headphones in, walk in the woods with Pepper, and lay those decibels on me. But it’s not always right. Or best. Or even good. Here’s why and when and which and … From The Office: Bradley Charbonneau’s Office
Audiobook reviews, sales, and management with StoryOrigin’s founder, Evan Gow
Oct 31 • 33 min
StoryOrigin is such a feature-rich source for authors and now there’s support for audiobook reviews, too. Here’s the video version just for kicks: We didn’t even cover it all. Check out to find out even more.
Unpacking “Optimal Living Daily” with Lee Rankinen
Oct 24 • 34 min
Wait, they have episodes how often? Every Single Day. They do what exactly? Narrate other people’s work. Wait. What? Listen in. The audio is terrible for the first minute (I was in a café), then we’re good. Hey, we’re audio guys, I had to at least be in a…
Story Origin opens Group Promotions for Audiobooks
Oct 17 • 5 min
Need more reviews for your audiobooks? Here you go. [ ] Need more audiobook reviews?
Ch. 7: Short, Sweet, and Done
Oct 10 • 2 min
The only source of knowledge is experience— Albert Einstein If I had to give only one piece of advice in this first section of the book on audio for authors, it would be this: Keep it short, make it sweet, and get it done.
Gain clarity of your idea through speaking it aloud
Oct 3 • 8 min
Maybe in the woods. You know, on your own. Writers often write out their thoughts to understand them better. What if we spoke or talked out our ideas to gain clarity?
Ch. 6: Why now?
Sep 26 • 3 min
In a nutshell, the answer to Why Now? is because we can. Sure, microphones and book narrators have been around a long time. But with a $60 microphone, a computer, a bit of egg crate foam, an Internet connection, and a glass of water and we can record–and…
Ch. 5: The limitation audiobooks don’t have—that ebooks do
Sep 19 • 4 min
The future of the audiobook market is wide open because it is device independent.
Need more exposure for your brand by being on podcasts? Listen Notes.
Sep 12 • 1 min
There are so many podcasts to be a guest on! How do you choose which ones are a good fit? Introducing Listen Notes.
Using Headliner to get your audiobook chapters onto Instagram, Facebook, Wherever
Sep 5 • 1 min
You have audio. You probably have a book cover. You’re all set. Using an online (and mostly free) tool called Headliner, you can easily create more sharable (and prettier) content to get your audio chapters into the ears of those on other social media…
Ch. 4: $14.38
Aug 29 • 3 min
Have you ever heard of Instaread? Biblioteca? Nextory? How about Sounds like a legitimate audiobook domain, right? Maybe you’ve heard of Playster? Hint, it’s not Google’s audio (and other media) market, that’s the Play Store.
Ch. 3: New Marketplace: Listeners
Aug 22 • 2 min
I got introduced to audiobooks because of having a baby. — Susie Bright
Ch. 2: A Booming Audio Market
Aug 15 • 3 min
I love listening to audiobooks – I always lose my glasses, but if I have an audiobook, I don’t need them.? — Michaela Coel?
Part I: Connection: Introduction
Aug 8 • 1 min
Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. — Joel A. Barker Have you ever noticed that, after listening to a podcast or an audiobook, you feel like you know the author?
Accompanying Online Course (and coupon code)
Aug 1 • 3 min
Yes, this is a book–and audiobook. Want to get it all in video and walk-you-through-how-to-do-it online course? Listen in.
Foreword: There is magic in the spoken word.
Jul 23 • 2 min
There is magic in the spoken word. Because our voice is unique it holds an energy, a vibration, and the listener can sense that. Think about the term being on the same wavelength. Through the vibration, the story the author is telling becomes very lively…
Dedication: It’s for you. Well, it’s thanks to him, but it’s really for your ears.
Jul 23 • 0 min
For Pepper
Welcome to the Audio for Authors Podcast
Jul 23 • 1 min
Have you ever noticed that, after listening to a podcast or an audiobook, you feel like you know the author? Our ears bring information into our brains in a different way than our eyes by reading the words–or even our eyes through watching a screen. I’m…