Soccer 101

Soccer 101
Explaining the beautiful game

#9 What is a Panenka? (and how to take one)
Jul 21 • 26 min
We explain the Panenka penalty, including the man that started it all, Antonin Panenka. We also explain how to take one, and what can go wrong. VIDEOS! The original, 1976 Antonin Panenka penalty for Czechoslovakia vs Germany in the 1976 European…
#8 Parks and Recreation XI
Jul 21 • 56 min
We each select a starting XI of Parks and Rec characters, and explain why they make our team. This is a Total Soccer Show episode, and we’ll soon add our other fictional XIs to the Soccer 101 feed. Hope you like The Simpsons and It’s Always Sunny in…
#7 Why is Pele so famous?
Jul 21 • 37 min
We take a look at Pele’s soccer career. Not in a “born in October 1940” kind of way (though he was) but more discussing the moves, the moments, and the attributes that made him such a global soccer icon. Soccer 101 is sponsored by Postmates. Download…
#6 How to watch a game for tactics
Jul 21 • 36 min
We are often asked how we break down and analyze soccer games. So here’s an episode with Taylor and I explaining our method and offering tips on how to spot tactics and understand what’s going on in a game. Soccer 101 is sponsored by Postmates….
#5 Soccer vs Football: American vs British terminology
Jul 21 • 66 min
On this classic episode from the Total Soccer Show archives, we get into the different terminologies that Americans and British people use. Here’s the full list: 1. Soccer vs Football 2. Field vs Pitch 3. Uniform vs Kit 4. Cleats vs Boots 5….
#4 Skills special! Rabona, Trivela, Elastico, Sombrero explained
Jul 21 • 33 min
We explain four classic skill moves: Rabona Trivela Elastico Sombrero We discuss what it is, the most famous proponent, the etymology of each term, and how to pull it off VIDEOS! Jonathan Calleri scoring a RABONA for Boca…
#3 Why is it called a derby? Plus: our six favorite derbies
Jul 21 • 42 min
We offer two explanations for why the term derby is used for a big soccer rivalry, then each offer up three of our favorite derbies. Worth noting, we don’t talk El Clasico or the North London Derby or Superclasico or the Old Firm Derby because a)…
#2 What do the numbers mean? Number 6, 8, 10, and all the rest
Jul 21 • 28 min
We answer the question we get asked the most. By far: What do the numbers mean? He’s a great number 6, that number 8 is up and down the field, he’s an ideal number 9, and so on. We offer a guide to what each of the numbers means, what different…
#1 The offside rule: how it works, why it exists, and its 100-plus-year history
Jul 21 • 36 min
We offer the ultimate explainer for the most debated thing in soccer: the offside rule. There’s plenty here for soccer newbies and experts alike. If you’re looking for a simple explanation of how offside works, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking…
#0 Hello and welcome to Soccer 101: What it is, why we did it, and how you can help
Jul 20 • 6 min
This is our intro episode explaining who we are, what Soccer 101 is, and how you can help us make it successful. Soccer 101 is sponsored by Postmates. Download the iOS or Android app for free and then use code SOCCER for 100 USD of free delivery…