Business Growth Execution

Business Growth Execution
How to get your business growing the way you want it to.

016 - Sales Success
Oct 22 • 24 min
Planning for over-achievement can be the thing that makes a good business great. Mal goes through the opportunity areas that can help your business to go those steps further and really succeed. You won’t want to miss them in this, the last of Season One’s…
015 - Sales Activity
Oct 15 • 24 min
This is the penultimate episode in Season One of the Business Growth Execution Podcast. It’s where you finally have to get your hands dirty … Mal talks in detail about the three areas that your Sales Activity has to cover - and why there can be no hiding…
014 - Sales Goals
Oct 8 • 23 min
It’s easy to be busy - but in order to get where you need to go, you’ve got to set goals for everyone to see. In this episode of The Business Growtion Execution Podcast, Mal provides actionable tips on what to look for when setting targets and how to make…
013 - Sales Collaboration
Oct 1 • 24 min
There will be numerous, non-competing businesses that area already speaking with your target audience. In this episode of the Business Growth Execution Podcast, Mal gives actionable guides to identifying and engaging with them, driving swifter business…
012 - Sales Process
Sep 25 • 25 min
These two words usually strike fear into the hearts of entrepreneurs - not only have I got to think about ‘Sales’, I have to think about a ‘Process’ as well?! But this is where the gold lies. You need to discover your Sales Process and Mal’s here to walk…
011 - Marketing Advertising
Sep 10 • 27 min
Marketing Advertising costs - but it’s worth it. If you know what works 1x then making it 10x with 10x your profit. Mal walks you through the steps to ensure that you can take advantage of the new world, where accurate segmentation and targeting are…
010 - Marketing Distribution
Sep 3 • 27 min
Marketing Distribution is how you use the channels that are available to you, generally for free, which can maximise your impact. Social media, events, PR, these are distributors that you should be maxing out - but they’re not as scary, nor as…
009 - Marketing Content
Aug 27 • 23 min
Everyone is always checking you out online. Having Content that speaks authentically about why you’re solving this problem is crucial to your future customers’ trust in you. In the episode, Mal discusses the key ways to communicate your message and how to…
008 - Marketing Intel
Aug 20 • 25 min
Everyone knows these days that data and information drive growth in SMEs - but it’s often really hard to get started on how to use it best. In this episode, Mal looks in detail at the different ways that businesses can harness data really simply to…
007 - Marketing Brand
Aug 13 • 24 min
Marketing Brand is a critical Element of your business - humans rely on shorthand to give clues to what they’re buying and consistency is king. In this episode, Mal looks at the different characteristics that make up a Brand and discusses what you need to…
006 - Product USP
Aug 6 • 25 min
Just what is your USP? Can it be found in Pricing, Service, Design or Concept? In this episode, you’ll hear the tactics and executable skills that you need to identify and then promote your USP top max effect.
005 - Product Pricing
Jul 30 • 24 min
Is your price too high or too low? How can you tell if the number that people see attracts them or repels them? In this episode, you’ll hear the tactics and executable skills that you need to price your product or service correctly.
004 - Product Service
Jul 23 • 23 min
Who are your clients? Are they top-, broad mid- or volume-end of the market? Any SME needs to reflect its audience’s tastes in the level of Service that they provide. If your business isn’t growing fast then there’s a high likelihood that your Product…
003 - Product Design
Jul 18 • 26 min
We’ve all seen the products that are beautiful and work so well but fail. It’s because they haven’t secured ‘Product-Market Fit’ before going large. If your SME business is struggling with growth - or is a startup looking to gain traction - you need to…
002 - Product Concept
Jul 17 • 26 min
if you want your business to grow, you have to know “Why am I solving this problem?” Mal talks about what’s important about “Why?” and addresses how Product Concept forms the spine of everything that you do in your business. You need to know this, before…
001 - The 15 Elements of SME Growth
Jul 15 • 29 min
Mal looks at the 15 Elements that SME entrepreneurs and senior leaders need to master to unlock growth. A useful summary of each Element and how it interlocks with the others, before the coming deep-dive into them in coming episodes.