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Sammee Sometimes
Welcome! Sammee Sometimes is a bi-weekly podcast centered around candidly raw, insightful, funny conversations on relationships, family, current events, pop culture, health and wellness with various guests unapologetically sharing their fresh perspectives. Sometimes we will agree, sometimes we won’t and that’s okay! We are all works in progress; let’s fearlessly navigate this thing called life together. —- Join the conversation: Twitter/Instagram: @chasing_sammee Facebook: @SammeeSometimes Send in a voice message:

04: A Man. A Woman. Just Friends. SHOCKER!
Aug 12 • 58 min
This week is all about if men and women can be just friends and I’m super excited to explore this topic with R&B soul singer-songwriter and my best friend George Tandy jr. oh don’t forget the jr. We explore so much from the value of coed friendships, the…
03: Black, No Chaser
Aug 4 • 30 min
This week, I popped into the office of Uzuri Holder, a licensed clinical social worker and therapist working in emergency medicine. She’s been practicing Nichiren Buddhism since birth with the SGI-USA, chanting nam-myoho-renge-kyo Just like Tina Turner.…
02: Mother, Honestly
Jul 28 • 51 min
This week, I thought it only right and proper that I invite over my lovely, quirky Mother! Please welcome Jeanette Thomas! Get ready for some nostalgia, laughs and a pretty solid way to tell your job peace out and much more. —- This episode is sponsored…
01: Adulting
Jul 21 • 55 min
In this debut episode, I’m speaking with Lilybeth Reyes about how adulting is like being in the upside down place, the oddness of Florida, how the “Cats” trailer has everyone losing their minds, embarrassing pronunciations like fatty-goo-wee and much much…
Teaser Episode
Jul 21 • 1 min
“Sammee Sometimes” launches July 21st! —- Send in a voice message: