BWB (Balance Well-Being)

BWB (Balance Well-Being)
Balance Well-Being Centre Inc. (BWB) Is on a mission to support people in creating their best lives by connecting them to LOCAL Well-Being Businesses

Meet BWB Business Member Marie Martin of Martin Martin Coaching & Counselling
Aug 12 • 1 min
Now is the time to start living your life with purpose and joy from the inside out with self awareness. We will be working together to rediscover who you really are! Shifting Beliefs for Self Awareness .. is a 5 step process, which is quick, easy which…
Meet BWB Business Member Bonita Kay Summers of Bonita Summers – Psychic Life & Business Coach
Jul 27 • 12 min
Get on the fast track to personal and professional success by transforming your subconscious patterns to work for you! Learn what’s holding you back and how to shift your world by changing your inner reality.…
Meet BWB Business Member Sherry Lukey of Tap your Crap
Jul 25 • 4 min
Hi, I’m Sherry Lukey. I am an Accredited, Certified Advanced EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner. I teach entrepreneurs who know deep down that they are meant to play a bigger game and make a massive impact, how to “TAP their CRAP” so that…
Business Member SPOTLIGHT – Judy Holt by Tom Kernaghan
Jul 23 • 5 min
Love your life from the inside out and you will discover and maintain your complete wellness. For Judy Holt, owner of JH Health Coaching, this is a way of life, one she has been committed to for 29 years. As a Certified Holistic Life Coach and an…
Chris Patton introducing the FALL Well-Being Show
Jul 19 • 2 min
What is YOUR Well-Being PLAN? * Are you aware of all your WELL-BEING options in the Okanagan? * Take the opportunity to meet & learn about various LOCAL WELL-BEING practitioners! * Come sample various treatments * You will come away informed, inspired and…