Parents' Night In

Parents' Night In
Kelly & Justin love movies. Kelly & Justin love beer. Kelly & Justin love telling jokes. Kelly & Justin love telling jokes while drinking beer and watching movies! Full episodes also available with visual gags at! Subscribe to our mailing list at! Support this podcast:

Parents’ Night In #24: Stephen King’s IT (2017)
Oct 18 • 48 min
It’s Halloween time, so Justin and Kelly are back to talk about a horror neo-classic, Chapter One of Stephen King’s IT! Boasting wonderful performances from a team of talented child actors, plus the iconic turn as Pennywise by Bill Skarsgard, IT is…
Girls’ Night In #3: Pulp Fiction - Kelly First Viewing in 25 Years!
Sep 17 • 55 min
Our friend Shannon returns to the couch for another Girls’ Night In episode, as we force Kelly to rewatch Quentin Tarantino’s classic Pulp Fiction, a film she hasn’t seen since she was 15! Just in time for its 25th Anniversary! We talk Tarantino’s…
Parents’ Night In #23: Point Break (1991)
Aug 22 • 48 min
Kelly & Justin end the summer with a bang and watch an old favorite dumb action movie, Point Break, starring Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze and Lori Petty. They talk Keanu’s status as America’s sweetheart, Patrick’s status as the badass of all badasses,…
Parents’ Night In #18: The Big Lebowski (1998)
Aug 14 • 60 min
PNI Superfan Evan joins us on the couch to talk about one of our favorite comedies, the Coen Brothers’ classic, The Big Lebowski, starring Jeff Bridges, John Goodman and Julianne Moore! We discuss our first Lebowski experiences, why it’s become such a…
Parents’ Night In #19: Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)
Jul 29 • 51 min
Kelly & Justin drink some local beer and watch Justin’s favorite action movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark! It’s Harrison Ford in one of two roles he was born to play, directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by George Lucas! We talk about our mutual love of…
Parents’ Night In #20: 2001 - A Space Odyssey (1968), Kelly’s Live Reaction!
Jul 26 • 59 min
Kelly has never seen 2001: A Space Odyssey. So we thought, why not record a live reaction and capture the breaking of Kelly’s brain in real time? Join us as we discuss Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece, enjoy some craft beers, and get really silly. 2001 was…
Parents’ Night In #21: A Hard Day’s Night (1964)
Jul 22 • 39 min
Kelly and Justin love them some Beatles. So they decided to crack open some wine and watch The Beatles’ classic first film A Hard Day’s Night, on the new Criterion Channel! Tune in as they discuss this film and its follow-up Help!, their favorite Beatle,…
Parents’ Night In #22: A League of Their Own (1992)
Jul 19 • 53 min
Kelly & Justin are drinking some beers and enjoying one of their favorite sports-related movies, A League of Their Own, starring Geena Davis and Tom Hanks! They discuss its themes of feminism, gender roles in the 1940s vs. today, Garry Marshall’s…