Demystifying Data

Demystifying Data
The Demystifying Data podcast, with host Chris Clegg, deconstructs the tools and techniques marketers need to make data more actionable.

How to Craft a Customer Loyalty Marketing ROI Model
Nov 20 • 14 min
This episode explores how to model ROI for a customer loyalty campaign. Chris recommends areas to consider when thinking about where revenue originates. It is suggested that a successful customer loyalty campaign will have goals organized around one or…
How to Measure and Manage Cost Per Engagement
Nov 13 • 13 min
On this episode, host Chris Clegg concludes the three-part series with a review of how to analyze field staff recap data for actionable reporting. Your team has worked hard to collect good data, now it’s time to learn what to do with it all. One of the…
What are the Best Event Survey Questions?
Nov 6 • 19 min
In Episode 15 the podcast addressed what questions experiential marketers should ask field staff. This episode continues with this line of thinking to address the best event survey questions to ask of consumers. Questions such as, “How do we count…
What Questions Should I ask of Field Staff?
Oct 30 • 18 min
In this week’s episode, Chris talks about how to establish a set of core field staff recapping metrics that will accurately serve as the record of your experiential activation. This is done with the long-term planning of developing a benchmarking database…
Case Study: How Retail Sampling Grew ROI
Oct 23 • 19 min
In this episode, Chris shares a case study from a ready-to-serve brand that was using experiential sampling to rekindle sales in an ever-expanding competitive market space.The Brand Challenge: How to increase sales in a category that was quickly becoming…
Ranking and Diagnostic Reporting Techniques
Oct 16 • 14 min
This episode is Part III to our Data 101 series and fits nicely with Episodes 9 and 12 (Parts I and II, respectively). In this episode, Chris reviews another technique for reporting called “Ranking and Diagnostic.” Ranking and Diagnostic Reporting is a…
Management by Exception in Data Dashboards
Oct 9 • 14 min
This podcast serves as a Part II to an earlier episode. In Part I, titled, “Making Better Decisions with Data (Episode 9)” Chris outlined basic thinking around how to develop and execute a data project by keeping cause and effect in mind. In this second…
Matt Carle, Measuring Sales, and Longtail Brands, Part Two
Oct 2 • 15 min
This is Part Two of a two-part interview with Matthew Carle Executive Vice President at rEvolution. In this episode, Matt and Chris get right into how they uncovered the statistical link between experiential marketing consumer engagements with sales at a…
Matt Carle and Why We Love Maverick Clients, Part One
Sep 25 • 14 min
This is Part One of a two-part interview with Matthew Carle, Executive Vice President at rEvolution. Matthew shares his insights on the state of the marketing industry based on over 17 years of experience in Client Services, Agency Business Development,…
Making Better Decisions with Data
Sep 18 • 17 min
Mathematics is one thing, but almost more important to the practice of any data work is having the conceptual framework from which to approach any data project. In this episode, Chris provides an overview of three ideas that provide just such a…
Interview with Brad Wirz and Mega vs Micro-Influencers
Sep 11 • 13 min
In this second part of the two-part interview, Brad shares his thinking around old school PR and earned media, how to make sure your designing marketing that excites consumers, and the trade-off between “mega” and “micro” influencers.Old School PR and…
Brad Wirz and Building Marketing Strategy, Part One
Sep 4 • 15 min
In this first of the two-part interview, Chris and Brad talk about how one goes about developing a marketing strategy in the first place. The conversation continues into a discussion around how marketing accountability has changed over the years and the…
Using Benchmarks to Win More Marketing Business
Aug 28 • 14 min
In this episode, Chris Clegg discusses the reasons you might want to invest in a benchmarking database. The decision for an agency or brand to invest in developing a benchmarking database isn’t easy. It requires a resource and talent commitment that can…
Experiential Measurement in Three Questions
Aug 21 • 14 min
In this episode, Chris outlines the three business questions to ask when measuring the value of experiential marketing. Experiential marketing is a revenue-generating tool for the brands we serve. The problem is proving it. Since 2010 PortMA has been…
Andy Plax & The Future of Cloud-based Campaign Management Systems, Part Two
Aug 14 • 14 min
This is the second part of a two-part podcast featuring an interview with Andy Plax (the first part is here). In this second half of the interview, Chris and Andy discuss how agencies get going with measurement, where measurement platforms are headed, and…
Andy Plax & The Future of Cloud-based Campaign Management Systems
Aug 7 • 18 min
On Episode 3, Andy Plax joins the podcast to talk about how cloud-based data management systems are used to give agencies a competitive advantage. Chris and Andy talk about experiential and field marketing campaign data management systems, how they’ve…
Marketing Is All About The Message
Jul 31 • 15 min
On Episode 2, Chris opens with some business process recommendations to assure data quality. Replication is at the heart of how we assure quality as marketing analysts and data scientists in general. We open the podcast with some business process methods…
How to Tell the Future
Jul 31 • 11 min
On Episode 1, Chris Clegg takes a few minutes to introduce himself. A sociologist who plays with numbers in a commercial setting is a marketer. And in this first podcast episode, Chris takes a few minutes to introduce himself as such. You’ll hear him…
Pilot: Defining the Dollar Value of Impressions
Jul 3 • 16 min
In the pilot episode of Demystifying Data, Chris tackles the challenge of defining the dollar value of impressions.