Organic Life

Organic Life
A podcast for those interested in eating and living in a healthier, more sustainable way. A way that works with nature, instead of against it.

Brace yourselves, winter is coming!
Oct 8 • 24 min
Autumn and winter bugs are more common than the deaths of fictional characters played by Sean Bean. Not to worry though, we’ve got Rosy of free step-by-step guide ( that’ll walk you through everything you need to…
Is eating a nutritious diet enough for your overall health?
Sep 24 • 16 min
On this episode we’re joined once again by Nutritional Therapist Carrie Temple of organiclifepod ( .
Why eat seaweed?
Sep 17 • 11 min
We’ve talked about the types of food you can grow and forage for inland. Now, we turn our attention to the sea. There’s an abundance of nutritional and culinary delights to be had in the form of seaweed. And on this episode, Monica Wilde talks us through…
How to reduce your food bills AND eat healthier
Sep 10 • 27 min
It isn’t always cheap to source nutritious organic food. But in actual fact, there’s plenty available for free - if you know where to look, and what to look for. This forms the basis of our chat with forager, research herbalist and ethnobotanist Monica…
Why does insulin and blood sugar matter? And should you stop eating gluten?
Sep 3 • 17 min
On this episode we’re joined once again by Nutritional Therapist Carrie Temple of Strive ( . We’re continuing our conversation about the concept of food not simply being food, but detailed information for every cell in…
Counting calories and eating fats. Nutrition and diet
Aug 27 • 20 min
The food you eat is what your body uses to build, regenerate, and repair itself. And that’s one of the reasons why the quality of your food is much more important than things like the number of calories it contains. On this episode we’re joined by…
Foraging and growing mushrooms
Aug 20 • 18 min
In the last episode we heard about some of the health benefits you might see by using mushrooms like Cordyceps, Chaga, Lion’s Mane, and Reishi in your diet. But could their increasing popularity potentially see these resources being over-foraged? And is…
Medicinal mushrooms: Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, & Cordyceps
Aug 13 • 19 min
Throughout the remainder of the first season, we’re going to be hearing from forager, research herbalist and ethnobotanist Monica Wilde ( . One of Monica’s specialities is mushrooms and fungi, and on this episode, we’re talking…
Community Supported Agriculture. And the challenges of growing seasonally
Aug 6 • 15 min
Organic farming can be a challenging, but rewarding venture. On this episode we find out about the importance of community - as well as the benefits of Meadowsweet Organics ( .
Which non-organic foods should you avoid? And why soil is key
Jul 30 • 14 min
Is organic food better for the environment? That’s one of the topics we’ll be tackling on this episode. On top of that, why organic farmers are essentially soil farmers. More on crop diversity and polycultures. And knowing which organic fruit and veg to…
What do we mean by “organic”, anyway? Biodiversity and organic farming
Jul 23 • 11 min
Organic food, organic produce… these are terms that can mean many different things to different people. In this first episode of Organic Life we wanted to take a look at the definition of “organic” in some more detail. So we’ve enlisted the expertise of 3…