At The Crossroads Church Podcast

At The Crossroads Church Podcast
Weekly sermons - non-denominational church in Trenton, Ontario, Canada

Healthy Families Part 3 (The Greatest Threat to Intimacy)
Oct 29 • 49 min
The Greatest Threat to Intimacy, Happy Spouse Happy House
Healthy Families Part 2 (Christian Marriage and Family)
Oct 15 • 42 min
In the message this week Pastor Travis talks about Christian Marriages and Families
Healthy Families Part 1
Oct 8 • 41 min
Pastor Travis Discusses Healthy Families and how to build them.
Discipleship 101 Part 2
Oct 1 • 36 min
In this message Pastor Travis discusses Discipleship further
Discipleship 101
Sep 24 • 34 min
How to be a follower and not just a hearer of Jesus in early and modern times
A Season of Growth and Multiplication
Sep 17 • 33 min
A Season Of Growth and Multiplication
The Way to Inner Peace
Sep 10 • 32 min
Pastor Travis talks about The Way to Inner Peace
Connection Sunday
Sep 10 • 36 min
Discussing Connecting and joining connect groups and the positive benefits of going to the connect groups.
Spirit Led Church
Aug 27 • 29 min
Discussing being Holy Spirit Led and living it out
Don’t Say Don’t, Say Help
Aug 20 • 44 min
Don’t Say Don’t Say Help, Saying Don’t can lead to doing
The Essence of Christianity
Aug 13 • 34 min
Explaining Christianity and spending time with God
Getting in the River
Aug 11 • 35 min
In this message Pastor Peter Fox talks about different levels of Prayer. ankle deep, knee deep, waist deep, and swimming.
Learning to Soar
Jul 23 • 39 min
In this message Pastor Travis discusses soaring with God and When it is time to leave the nest and soar on your own.
A Lifestyle of Prayer Part 3
Jul 16 • 45 min
Pastor Travis Blais Discusses living a lifestyle of Prayer Pt 3
A lifestyle of Prayer Part 2
Jul 9 • 28 min
Living a lifestyle of prayer and seeking after God for help
A Lifestyle of Prayer Part 1
Jul 3 • 29 min
Living a Lifestyle of Prayer and the different types of Prayer
The Prodigal Father
Jun 25 • 28 min
Discussing the Love of a Father and Gods Love for you
The Value of Fathers
Jun 18 • 29 min
Discussing the value of Fathers
His Joy Gives Strength
Jun 11 • 30 min
This episode discusses how The Joy of the Lord Is our Strength
Five Pillars of Growth
Jun 4 • 38 min
Explaining The Five Pillars of Growth
The Power of Gods Word
May 21 • 29 min
Gods Word is Powerful and effective
The Power of The Tongue
May 21 • 48 min
The Power of the Tongue
True but not New
May 17 • 32 min
What is relevant Today in the Old and the New Testament