You're Making Me Hungry

You're Making Me Hungry
A podcast about eating

You’re Making Me Grateful!
Nov 28 • 47 min
You’re Making Me Spooky!!!! (With Mike Engle)
Oct 31 • 43 min
Mike Engle is known as the pizza comic of Richmond. He’s done comedy since 2015 and hosts many popular comedy nights including Longcat Comedy Hour at Castleburg Brewery and Late Night Snack at Sticky Rice. He’s also the drummer in our favorite local pop…
You’re Making Me Spicy With Hot Prov
Oct 31 • 75 min
Do you like spicy food? Do you like hot sauce and/or pain? In this episode we share hot sauce with the members of Hot Prov. Hot Prov is Joe Freeman and Anthony Brazeau. The two talented improvisors invite special guests to improvise with them while…
Winston Hodges Doesn’t Eat His Vegetables
Oct 21 • 67 min
He's lucky he's so cute otherwise we would not have had him on a food podcast. Comedian Winston Hodges is the pickiest eater we have ever had on the show. Luckily he's also sharp and hilarious. We talk about how reluctant he is to try new foods and go…
Jonathan Mostowy Develops Competitive Eating Habits
Oct 12 • 74 min
Jonathan Mostowy is a fan of potatoes and likes to keep things simple. Jonathan is an improvisor who performs at Coalition Theater. He's also our show producer and the founder of the RVA Podcast Network. Francesca is a huge fan of his cat Floyd and he is…
Paul Robertson Understands Moon Pies
Oct 1 • 60 min
Katie Holcomb Tells Us the Future Pt. 1
Sep 18 • 54 min
On the special TWO PART EPISODE Coalition Theater creative direction reads Tarot cards for Tom and Francesca. What will they find out about themselves? Anything? The truth lies in the cards…
Butter My Buns and Call Me a Biscuit, William Thompson
Sep 10 • 64 min
Francesca and Tom talk to chef William Thompson from Fancy Biscuit and Shyndigz about growing up working is his family's Italian restaurant and how it set him up for success. William Thompson for president.
Is Tom Hall basic? An investigation.
Sep 5 • 58 min
In this special pumpkin spice flavored episode, Francesca interviews Tom to get to the bottom of her theory: that behind the tattoos, black jeans, and band tees Tom is in fact basic AF. Like super basic, has a favorite Instagram filter basic. Find out his…
It’s the Great Potato, Kimberly Nario!
Sep 4 • 63 min
Tom and Fran talk to Kimberly Nario from the Almost Nothing podcast about her almost 2 dozen food allergies and her strong attachment to the king of starch!
Nicole Nielsen Starts a Trend
Aug 27 • 67 min
ON THE FIRST EVER RECORDED EPISODE Francesca and Tom talk to Nicole Nielson about growing up Mormon, West Coast fast food, and we start the "Fast Food Frankenstein"
Patrick Buhse Lives and Breathes Carnitas
Aug 21 • 69 min
Jesse and Tori Jarvis Go To Gator Country
Aug 13 • 74 min
What was the first thing Jesse cooked for Tori before they started dating? What fast food chain holds a special place in their hearts? Listen and find out!
Brandon Beswick Digs a Garden
Aug 6 • 74 min
Francesca and Tom talk with Richmond stand up and improv comedian Brandon Beswick! From his garden to his time working in restaurants and a few things in between!
You’re Making Me Hungry Teaser
Aug 3 • 9 min