Self Powered Healing

Self Powered Healing
We are all born with a natural ability to heal. Each week, Self Powered Healing will bring you information on healing as well as conversations with healers and those who have healed. I’m your host, Barbara McNeely: author, blogger, science nerd,…

Your Age is Just a Number - EP013
Nov 5 • 10 min
Age is just a number. What do we say about our age? What do we think about our age? What do we tell ourselves about our age? Is it all true? Or can there be a better outcome?
One Benefit of Getting Enough Sleep EP012
Oct 1 • 7 min
Sleep. We know it’s important. Yet so many people fight it: “I’ll sleep when I die.” “Sleep is such a waste of time.” But is it a waste of time? What happens to our brain if we don’t get enough sleep? The answer is important and it may change your mind…
Eating With the Seasons and Why it Matters EP011
Sep 24 • 9 min
Eating with the seasons. If we can get any kind of food all year round, why would you want to eat with the seasons. It turns out that seasonal eating has some real benefits. Listen in to learn more.
Sugar, Inflammation & Pain: What I’ve Learned EP010
Sep 17 • 12 min
Sugar: we love the sweetness but what else is there? Inflammation? Pain? It happened to me. I’m talking about why we really crave sugar and giivng tips on how to get real sweetness in your life.
About Those Who Heal EP009
Sep 10 • 10 min
Why are some people able to heal from chronic conditions? While others succumb to their illness? Are they special? Or can we learn from them? Tune in to find out!
The Brain, The Heart, and Healing EP008
Sep 3 • 13 min
Your brain and your heart approach the world, and healing, from completely different perspectives. Much like the differences between the Ego and the Self. There are parallels here with the scientific (Western) approach to healing versus the…
Placebo, Nocebo, & Belief EP007
Aug 27 • 12 min
The placebo effect is real and can be as healing as actual medication. There’s also a nocebo effect which you may not have heard of. They both are about belief. We’ll explore their role in healing in this episode of the Self Powered Healing podcast.
Five Ways To Relax Naturally EP006
Aug 20 • 13 min
It’s not enough to try not to stress. You have to have something else to fill that part of you that is worrying. Something to lift your mood, in a natural and sustainable way. This episode of the Self Powered Healing podcast talks about 5 ways to relax…
The Heart’s Role In Healing
Aug 13 • 10 min
The human heart is much more than a pump. it can sense, feel, communicate with the brain, and even help with healing. Want to learn more about the heart? Listen in.
Role Of Stress In Our Health
Aug 6 • 13 min
We live in a fear-based society. A world full of stress. Could all of that stress be causing us illness?
How Words Impact Healing
Jul 30 • 9 min
The words we choose and the expectations we set can impact our healing. In ways that we may not even realize.
Resistance To Healing
Jul 23 • 8 min
Why do we have the Resistance to healing? What makes us do things we know aren’t in our best interest or not do things we know would benefit us? Listen in to learn about resistance to healing and how to overcome it.
Introduction to Self Powered Healing
Jul 15 • 16 min
This is episode one - the very first episode of Self Powered Healing. In this episode, I’ll be talking about how and why I started this podcast and tell you about what to expect in future episodes of Self Powered Healing - get ready to take back your…