This Business Life

This Business Life
We get it! Business sucks sometimes. But it doesn’t have to. Join business owners, entrepreneurs and strategy experts Adam Jowett, Raels Robertson and Al Cook as they give you real advice, straight forward tactics you can implement right now.

006: Landing Page Audits and Analytics
Aug 5 • 65 min
Landing pages are essential to a growing business, but how do you know if it is working, or worse still, if it isn’t, how do you fix it? Al, Raels and Adam talk through what they do to assess how a landing page is going, what you should look for in a…
005: Landing pages, what are they and does my business need one?
Aug 1 • 43 min
Landing pages. What’s the deal, are they different than normal webpages and why should my business even care about them? Raels, Al and Adam are back together again to talk about what role a landing page has in business, and how you might want to use them…
004: Email Marketing for eCommerce
Aug 1 • 46 min
We all know about email marketing for info-products or service businesses, but what about when you are selling physical products. Is there more to emails than receipts and abandoned cart emails and what is your hidden advantage an an eCommerce business…
003: Help! I need clients, and I need them fast, what do I do?
Jul 24 • 48 min
With so much going on running a business, sometimes you forget about that one thing that keeps things going. Clients. Whoops! So what do you do when you realise you are a client or two short to keep the lights on next week? Adam and Raels brainstorm what…
002: Dealing With Overwhelm in Your Business
Jul 23 • 50 min
When running a business whether as a entrepreneur or small business owner, the sense of overwhelm comes often and with force. So what do you do when you have too many hats and not enough heads? Adam, Raels and Al delve into what they do, how rocks and…
001: Our Origin Stories - Twist, Turns & Tribulations and our Definition of Success
Jul 20 • 37 min
Get to know where the hosts of This Business Life have come from in their business lives as we explore the affect major events have on business life decisions, what our definition of success is and how sometimes, things come the full circle without you…