The Way We Lead | An Inclusive Leadership Podcast

The Way We Lead | An Inclusive Leadership Podcast
The Way We Lead (TWWL) is a podcast about what it means to be a leader, an ally and an advocate for underrepresented folks. We feature real-world stories of inclusive leadership and allyship and highlight folks across industries, titles, and identities…

S1E9: Using Bravery as a Tool to Empower Women and Girls with Reshma Saujani
Sep 23 • 35 min
If you’ve ever struggled with imposter syndrome, feared risk-taking, or felt marred with perfectionism, then this episode with “Brave, Not Perfect” author Reshma Saujani is for you!
S1E8: Advocating for Minority Mental Health and Suicide Prevention
Sep 9 • 64 min
Two advocates teach us how to use nontraditional means to raise mental health awareness.
S1E7: Prevent “Diversity Debt” By Weaving Inclusion Into Your Startup Strategy with Kellie Wagner
Aug 25 • 50 min
Kellie Wagner, founder of Inclusion agency Collective, shares proactive tips that every business should use to avoid the pitfalls of what she calls “diversity debt.”
S1E6: Increasing Representation in the Film Industry with Cha Quallis
Aug 12 • 47 min
Cha Quallis joins us to discuss why we need more diverse decision-makers in the film industry, the importance of championing young talented editors of color, and we begin to tease apart some of the pervasive diversity challenges that continue to afflict…
S1E5: Building Access To Higher Education with Admissions Community Cultivating Equity and Peace Today (ACCEPT)
Jul 29 • 59 min
Removing barriers to higher education admissions is no easy feat, but newly minted nonprofit ACCEPT shows us how it can be done by centering antiracism and equity at the heart of their work.
S1E3: Understanding Intersectionality With Rehana Mohammed
Jul 14 • 53 min
Rehana shows us how being an ally can get messy when you live in a tight-knit community, and provides tangible tips for how to ask for allyship when folks in that community aren’t quite getting it right.
S1E4: How to Create More Inclusive Workplaces With Dalia Katan
Jul 14 • 43 min
Dalia shares practical research-based tips for creating workplace environments that can reduce prejudice and improve social cohesion across gender, race, ethnicity, and political ideologies.
S1E2: Community Ground-rules: Tools for Love, Life and Leadership
Jul 12 • 43 min
Learn about the high school experience that taught Gaby and Jenelle the transformative tools which have served them well, not only in their relationship but also in their work and every day lives.
S1E1: Creating Change at Our Fingertips: This Is The Way We Lead
Jul 12 • 25 min
Listen in to get to know your hosts Gaby and Jenelle as they take off on a journey to become better allies.