Recoupling | 'Love Island USA' Recaps with Rim and AB

Recoupling | 'Love Island USA' Recaps with Rim and AB
Daily ‘Love Island USA’ recaps with Rim and AB, hosts of the Rosecast, the #1 ‘Bachelor’ recap podcast hosted by a male interracial best friend duo.

‘Love Island’ S1 E20 + E21 + Finale Recap
Aug 8 • 30 min
Our time at the villa has come to a close. We recap the final three episodes of Love Island and suggest some tweaks to make next season even better. Thanks for listening.
‘Love Island’ S1 E18 + E19 Recap
Aug 5 • 26 min
Rim and AB put their reputations — and possibly their lives — at risk by defending villa enemy number one, Weston.
‘Love Island’ S1 E15 + E16 + E17 Recap
Aug 1 • 37 min
From out of nowhere, Weston is now the most in-demand Islander, Caro may have finally found a proper match, and bad boy Eric sees a plan backfire. We catch up on the last three episodes of Love Island and discuss today’s off-screen news as if we’re…
‘Love Island’ S1 E12 + E13 + E14 Recap
Jul 29 • 44 min
Just as we’re starting to get some of these names down, those people leave the island and are replaced with borderline lookalikes. We recap the last three episodes of ‘Love Island USA’ and react to the biggest shakeup thus far.
‘Love Island’ S1 E10 + E11 Recap
Jul 24 • 25 min
The bedroom is growing crowded as six new singles arrive at the villa, bringing the total number of Islanders to 17. This will pose a problem for the production assistants in charge of disinfecting the furniture after these sexy games. Also: Apologies in…
‘Love Island’ S1 E7 + E8 + E9 Recap
Jul 22 • 37 min
Friday’s shocking twist still has Rim and AB reeling. We catch up on last week’s episodes, and AB reveals that Rim is no longer safe in public after he expressed a positive opinion of Yamen.
‘Love Island’ S1 E5 + E6 Recap
Jul 17 • 25 min
Cashel tests the waters with new islander Christen, who later chooses to spend extra time with Yamen in a big-time episode cliffhanger. That’s how they get ya.
‘Love Island’ S1 E4 Recap
Jul 17 • 14 min
[We’re late — this is a recap of Friday’s show] Our first official recoupling ends with a surprise selection and a goodbye so emotional we’re not sure the Islanders will ever recover.
‘Love Island’ S1 E3 Recap
Jul 12 • 18 min
Two new dudes, whose shirts were confiscated upon arrival, shake things up on the island. Who will be the odd man out after tonight’s recoupling ceremony? Honestly we have no idea, this thing moves at a breakneck pace.
‘Love Island’ S1 E2 Recap
Jul 11 • 17 min
Kyra makes her choice, Caro adjusts her strategy, Zac is in hot water, and these names confuse Rim and AB to no end.
“Party In The USA” | ‘Love Island’ S1 E1 Recap
Jul 10 • 14 min
With ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ just around the corner, Rim and AB get so swept up in a new (to the States) beach-based reality dating show that an entirely new podcast feed was deemed necessary. Welcome to Recoupling with Rim and AB*. (*We might change this…