Applied Faith: With Russ Faillaci

Applied Faith: With Russ Faillaci
Faith is more than belief. Faith is action driven by belief. Without action the life giving principles of faith cannot be experienced. Too often our faith can be stagnant and lifeless because we possess a head knowledge of what we believe, but no confi…

Impatience is a Thief
Nov 13 • 30 min
There is a key to developing patience.
The Root of Self Control
Nov 6 • 36 min
Self control is more than just saying “No.”
Divine “Aha!” Moments
Oct 30 • 34 min
The ultimate “Aha!” moment that can change your life is available.
You Guard What You Value
Oct 22 • 37 min
How do you view God’s commands? Burdensome or life giving? Truth or suggestion? How you answer determines the value you place upon them.
Stoking the Fire
Oct 17 • 34 min
If you’re desiring to become closer with God, He gives us clear instructions on how our relationship can grow with Him.
You Need to Know to Grow
Oct 8 • 28 min
Knowledge is power. The revealed divine knowledge of Christ empowers our walk of faith. Head knowledge only goes so far. We need to seek fuller knowledge of our Savior which is found in His living word and revealed through the Holy Spirit
Your Story Isn’t Finished
Oct 2 • 34 min
The knowledge of Jesus Christ is a life changer. That knowledge is endless and a catalyst for change as His love is revealed more and more and more.
Your Testimony is Power
Sep 24 • 43 min
Christ in you produces change. That change is an anchor for your faith and a demonstration of Christ’s power to others.
Don’t Be Fooled
Sep 17 • 28 min
The Gospel is our only hope: Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was crucified for the forgiveness of sins
Is Radical Change Possible?
Sep 12 • 48 min
If you are truly desiring change in your life, listen to this message by Pastor Russ.
Building a Pattern
Sep 4 • 39 min
Developing a pattern of transformation that encourages those who will eventually believe, is a product of our obedience as Disciples.
Confidence in the Exchange
Aug 27 • 39 min
How’s your confidence in your Savior?
The Battle for Our Eyes
Aug 20 • 45 min
Learning to manage our focus in the trenches of life is how we grow as a disciple.
Disciple Goals
Aug 13 • 41 min
What does it mean to be a disciple? How we define it directly impacts how we live out our faith.
Who Do You Serve?
Aug 6 • 40 min
If we don’t assess our disciple mindset against Christ’s definition we then run the risk of living a divided and unfruitful life for Christ.
Learn Not to Care
Jul 31 • 41 min
As followers of Christ, we need to learn to cast our cares upon Him so we can serve our Father with an undivided heart.
Why Bother?
Jul 23 • 40 min
Feeling spiritually fatigued? If so, just know that what’s at stake for your life is worth fighting for!
Don’t Live an Empty Life
Jul 16 • 37 min
Live for what can’t be taken from you.
The Focus of Hope
Jul 12 • 39 min
Today we look at the truth of how true hope is found in a name, Jesus.