Roostertail Talk

Roostertail Talk
A show dedicated for preserving the history, breaking down the racing and looking to the future of the incredible sport of Unlimited Hydroplane racing. My name is David Newton, and I will be bringing you a bi-weekly show in which we will discuss the b…

9, Seafair Special Part 3: Interview with crew members Jim Bakke and Jimmy Gilbert
Aug 20 • 27 min
Last Seafair episode of the year, where I talk with crew members Jim Bakke and Jimmy Gilbert.
8, Seafair Special Part 2: Interviews with Jay Boitano, Fans, plus Findley and Dustin Echols!
Aug 13 • 31 min
Seafair Special Part 2, interviews with Jay Boitano, fans and Findley and Dustin Echols!
7, Seafair Special Part 1: Race Recap and Controversy…
Aug 6 • 46 min
Recap of H1 Unlimiteds at the 2019 Seafair Regatta as well as a dissection of the Final Heat Controversy…
6, Columbia Cup Special Part 2: Interview with Vintage Hydroplane Team Manager Don Mock with many extras
Aug 1 • 70 min
Interview with fans, Vintage Atlas team manager, the creator of the “Love the Tri logo”, race recap and preview for Seafair.
5, Columbia Cup Special Part 1: Interview with Brian Perkins and RC Hydroplanes at the races!
Jul 30 • 46 min
Interview with Brian Perkins and RC hydroplane talk at the 2019 Columbia Cup.
4: Interview with Jeff Bernard and preview of the Columbia Cup
Jul 25 • 54 min
I talk with Oberto Hydroplane driver Jeff Bernard and preview the 2019 Columbia Cup race.
3: Interview with Larry Oberto
Jul 23 • 61 min
In this episode I talk with Larry Oberto about his involvement in hydroplane racing.
2: First Bonus Minisode
Jul 17 • 29 min
In this episode I will share some first memories of hydroplanes and define a hydroplane terminology.
1: Hydroplanes, Hydroplanes, Hydroplanes
Jul 8 • 42 min
First bi-weekly podcast all about hydroplanes!