The Heart Burn, with Doug Harrison

The Heart Burn, with Doug Harrison
Ever read a comment on social media and say, “it’s probably more complicated than that?” It is time we sat down to have some tough conversations and speak from the heart with both honesty and love. Your host, Doug Harrison, is an artist, a Burner, a Christian, a gay man, a theologian, a spiritual director and your. biggest. fan…. He knows first hand what it is like to navigate the complexities of life and to try to do it with love. If you need better conversations than just sharing regurgitated memes and your soul feels like it is at stake, then we need to talk. Welcome to The Heart Burn. Support this podcast:

Laurie Eiserloh Remains In Order That Some Things Will Change. Pt 1 of 2
Aug 22 • 57 min
Laurie Eiserloh is a lawyer and Activist and as it happens, was a key player in some of the work that furthered LGBTQ+ inclusion in the Episcopal church, which consequentially impacted other national issues of inclusion. This might tell you about some of…
The Reflux: Whatever comes up regarding “Derin Finds Himself in a Cult”
Aug 19 • 52 min
You thought it was the heart burn, but it was actually the Reflux. Join the panel for post-episode discussion of, well, whatever comes up about the episode. This week we reflect on “Derin Finds Himself in a Cult” This week’s cohosts are Spiritual…
Derin Finds Himself in a Cult - Pt 1
Aug 19 • 51 min
As Derin was preparing to leave college he wanted to do more than he felt he had necessarily prepared for with a double major in Spanish and Philosophy. So the clever pleas of one of the graduate students appealed to his sense fo giftedness as well as his…
Lori’s Charm School for Men
Aug 16 • 50 min
Lori Stein used to work in documentary films and television, among other things. One of her jobs had its stressful moments that Lori filled with perusing the want ads -including some of the personal ads where she found men who were making big mistakes.…
Sarah Rocks Paradoxes: Pt 1, Caring for LGBTQ+ youth in brokenness and healing.
Aug 2 • 51 min
Sarah Kapostasy is widely respected for her work with Out Youth in Austin TX, and the Central Texas Transgender Health Coalition. I was not too surprised when her kindness and eloquence helped me to understand the experience of queer youth and, even…
Sarah Rocks Paradoxes: Pt 2, Queer Virtue, being beautifully made and the ways Jesus was queer.
Aug 2 • 45 min
Queer Virtue, it is not just a book, it’s something Sarah exudes. With grace and vulnerability, Sarah speaks plainly about the spirituality that sustains her work with queer youth and the trans community. She addresses the gross misrepresentations of…
Melissa Crosses Borders.
Aug 2 • 61 min
It is not a popular choice to be part of organized religion right now, but for Melissa, it is a powerful one. Just her existence as an ordained pastor in a conservative denomination is an important part of her impact. But it barely scratches the surface…
Mike’s a Hopeful Cynic Who Believes in a New Story
Aug 2 • 61 min
Mike used to love Rush Limbaugh. Now he is a co-founder of an innovative, inter-spiritual, Music, Arts, and Cultural event, called the New Story Festival. It is designed to welcome everyone on any kind of spiritual journey…or none at all. What he believes…
Coming soon to a heart nearer to you than we thought.
Jul 5 • 4 min
Welcome to The Heart Burn with Doug Harrison If you have ever been reading a post on social media and thought, “Actually it’s way more complex than that,” or if you found yourself disappointed with what the voices on both sides of an argument seem to be…