Shane Barker's Marketing Madness Podcast

Shane Barker's Marketing Madness Podcast
Decoding game-changing strategies, tips, and tactics used by some of the most popular digital marketing experts of the industry

Why Content is still a King with Deirdre Breakenridge
Aug 21 • 58 min
Deirdre Breakenridge and Shane Barker discuss the importance of content marketing and why content is still king. Discover the reasons behind its significance and learn how to use it to improve your marketing. Content marketing is still one of…
How Content and PR Can Work Together with Amy Higgins
Aug 14 • 49 min
Whether you’re creating content or working on PR, the end goal goals for both of them are similar. Ultimately, you want to make your brand more visible and communicate what values you stand for. Despite having the same goals, marketers often pick one…
How to Create a Winning Twitter Content Strategy to Grow Your Business with Cathy McPhillips
Aug 7 • 52 min
Want to create a winning Twitter content strategy? It takes a lot of work. Read on to find out how you can succeed at content marketing on Twitter. In this podcast episode, Cathy McPhillips and Shane Barker discuss what it takes to succeed with…
The Relevance of SEO in an Effective Content Marketing Plan with Aaron Agius
Jul 31 • 50 min
Shane Barker and Aaron Agius discuss the best methods of using content marketing and SEO to market your brand. Get the latest actionable insights about how the two can be used together to boost your brand’s visibility. SEO and content…
The Best of Content Marketing With Jeff Bullas
Jul 24 • 56 min
Jeff Bullas and Shane Barker analyze how the world of content marketing has changed over the years. Learn about the factors that make a content marketing strategy successful. In this episode, Jeff shares his insights on social media trends, influencer…
Unveiling the Ultimate Content Marketing Plan with Julia McCoy
Jul 12 • 58 min
Join Shane Barker and Julia McCoy as they discuss how content is shaping the world. Learn how to develop a solid content marketing plan and get a sneak peek into the future of the digital marketing world. Coming up with the perfect content…
Discussing it all about Social Media & Content Marketing with Alan See
Jul 8 • 50 min
Social Media has grown widely in last few years. Here’s to the role played by Content Marketing in the same. Special Guest : Alan See
The Best of Content Marketing with Proven Examples with Andrea Fryrear
Jul 8 • 56 min
Content marketing helps your brand increase your reach, leads, and revenue. Here are some successful content marketing campaigns you can learn from.
The Best of Content Marketing Tools- A Special Session with Brittany Berger
Jul 8 • 59 min
Content Marketing serves its best with automation. Discover the most recommended content marketing tools by Brittany Berger himself!
Chat with Ahava Leitbag - Let’s learn about building a brand from the scratch with an effective content marketing strategy
Jul 8 • 54 min
Unsure what to focus on for your content strategy? Listen as our guest, expert content strategist, Ahava Leibtag, talks about creating a content marketing strategy.
Ingredients of a Successful Content Marketing recipe with chef Andy Crestodina
Jul 8 • 47 min
Content Marketing is something that comes with assured results. Andy Crestodina is here to discuss the potential & success rate of the process with details insights.