This Isn't Just a Cult: A Work of Real Fiction

This Isn't Just a Cult: A Work of Real Fiction
A part-time cabal. A fusion of assemblage art, hurly-burly, bedlam, disquiet and poetry. Indie music, art, writing and treasure. A podcast of Real Fiction featuring music from the This Isn’t Just a Cult constellation of artists and stories of regret, elation, mysticism, headaches, heartaches, harpoons and merit badges. Perfect for every situation. Except four. Support this podcast:

A Letter to Alex
Oct 4 • 25 min
Bjor6n Oranj shares some details from his time while living on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It is a surreal tale of mini-golf and concessions of the food variety. Featured music in this episode: The Bell and the Bull Maverick by Bjor6n Oranj…
Bjor6n Oranj Meets The Creeping Man
Sep 6 • 37 min
The Creeping Man experiments with sound and creates sonic mayhem—mostly in the dark ambient mode. Further, The Creeping Man is the work of one person. This person has a name and a collection of, or maybe, just one pair of off-white, thermal, long…
The Long Lightning pt. 3
Aug 17 • 53 min
The Long Lightning by Erik Blagsvedt as read by Bjor6n Oranj. Beginning-less and endless abstract poetry inspired by surprised freedom and words cut-up purely to be found flashing fragments arranged into non-arising light. Awareness in not-knowing.…
The Long Lightning pt. 2
Jul 22 • 53 min
Björ6n Oranj continues reading The Long Lightning by Erik Blagsvedt. Abstract poetry inspired by cut-up words that are found to be pure. Fragments flash surprise and freedom is arranged into streaks of myriad light beginningless and endless in time…
The Long Lightning pt. 1
May 20 • 50 min
Erik Blagsvedt [Machete Petals / Mint Machete] is a member of This Isn’t Just a Cult. He is also an author. In this episode, Bjor6n Oranj begins reading Erik’s book of abstract poetry, The Long Lightning. You can grab a copy of the book. This episode…
Elaborate Rabbits
Apr 23 • 42 min
Is it a trick? Is it authentic? Is it permissible? Björ6n Oranj ponders these questions and the work of Doug Henning, Anthony Perkins, Charleze Theron, Mo’Nique, Morgan Rhodes and Bryan Ferry while promoting openness, vulnerability, and support for the…
Near-Death Experience App
Mar 16 • 38 min
Pondering the effectiveness of offices, the similarities between golf and therapy, and the ramifications of near-death experiences all surrounded by a soundtrack from the This Isn’t Just a Cult constellation of artists. We Tangle by The Creeping Man Just…
None Of This Matters
Feb 4 • 26 min
Things start off from a dark place. Sometimes a mantra is the only thing that holds you together. That, and maybe some music: The Creeping Man Midland 13-885, This Isn’t Just a Cult Miracle Drug, Bosky Rumbluffer American Male 1 On the Subject of, The…