Growing Your Successful Business

Growing Your Successful Business
A weekly podcast about all things relating to running a business. Listen to industry experts share knowledge relating to their particular field of expertise, as well as business owners giving insight on their own successes in business as well as pitfalls they wish they could have avoided. Hosted by Brian Harding.

28: Dean Smith - Dean Smith Coaching
Oct 14 • 59 min
This week, we hear from Dean Smith, who created the award winning documentary ‘Live to Forgive’. The film captures Dean’s journey of forgiving and helping save the life of the man who brutally beat his mother to death when Dean was still in elementary…
27: Mike Sloan - Camas Consulting
Oct 7 • 39 min
Do you have, “Key man,” insurance to insure your Buy / Sell agreement and / or to insure your key employees in the event an employee or business partner (including your spouse) becomes unable to perform their job or leaves the company? Have you ever heard…
26: Harry Wilson - Shine on Signs
Sep 30 • 55 min
Harry Wilson, owner of Shine on Signs drops some serious knowledge about topics that plague many businesses and business owners. He talks about how to craft a cultural handbook to keep the team focused on the right goals, how to address mistakes without…
25: Angie Guy - Angie D Photography and Angie Whitten - Harmony Photography
Sep 23 • 50 min
Photographers Angie Guy and Angie Whitten talk about gaining the confidence to charge the price they need to in order to have a sustainable business and the importance of finding a good ‘fit’ with clients. Plus they talk about the value they have gotten…
24: Tony Roberts - Tacoma Stars
Sep 16 • 52 min
Tacoma Stars General Manager, Tony Roberts stops by to talk sales, branding and how lowering prices actually increased revenue. Plus he talks about good times in the entertainment world, like how to deal with 2,500 unexpected protesters at an event. —-…
23: Shawn Mattingly - Weinand and Associates CPAs
Sep 9 • 65 min
Brian hosts his CPA and good friend, Shawn Mattingly who talks about her own experience owning and managing a business. She also talks basic tax and accounting dos and don’ts. She explains why being ‘bankable’ is important, and some basic steps to take to…
22: Dave Parkhurst - Greenhaven Interactive
Sep 2 • 48 min
Dave Parkhurst, who currently owns two businesses, but has owned nine in his career, joins Brian to discuss buying a business vs. starting one from scratch, common things business owners overlook and why you shouldn’t let emotion get the best of you. He…
21: Complaints and Grievances
Aug 26 • 28 min
A solo episode leaves Brian with plenty of time to drill down on frustrating and annoying, yet seemingly acceptable practices in the modern business world. And the notion that many companies no longer shoot for excellence, but rather merely attempt to…
20: Kenneth Baff - 1UP Floors
Aug 19 • 48 min
Kenneth talks about his ‘radical’ approach to running his business and how that has helped him immensely, including ‘radical transparency’ and ‘radical open-mindedness’. He also takes us through the ups and downs of his company’s massive growth in just a…
19: Samantha Neal - Coastal Maintenance Solutions
Aug 12 • 46 min
A very exuberant and excited Samantha Neal discusses her experience so far running her Janitorial and Cleaning business. She talks about the difficult cycle of giving up control and then again having to focus too much on the tasks of the business rather…
18: Mark Anderson - The Profit Growth Initiative
Aug 5 • 49 min
Mark Anderson takes us through 40 years of owning and running his business that he started with a small family loan in 1974 and sold with over 300 full time employees in 2012. —- Send in a voice message:
17: Greg Anderson - Author of ‘Small Business Sales WTF (Without the Fear)’
Jul 29 • 47 min
Author and B2B sales expert Greg Anderson gives some insight as to how a small business should approach sales, and gives tips on what your goals should be in every step of the process. —- Send in a voice message:
16: Paul Long -
Jul 19 • 47 min
Paul is a Senior Vice President at Timberland Bank, and he is also quite successful at implementing non-traditional marketing ideas. Paul comes on to share some of his tricks to get the edge over your competition. —- Send in a voice message:…
15: Abbie Cates - FliP Food Company
Jul 11 • 43 min
Abbie Cates, owner of FliP Food Company, talks about how she had to change her perspective on failure after some major setbacks to continue to grow her business. —- Send in a voice message:
14: Kari Anderson - Thrive Communities
Jul 11 • 53 min
Kari Anderson shares her experience starting and running her business, Thrive Communities, and gives some great pointers on employee happiness and retention. —- Send in a voice message:
13: Michelle Graham - Graham and Graham Eldercare
Jul 11 • 60 min
Michelle Graham comes on to discuss how she built a fulfilling business which gives her the lifestyle that she loves. —- Send in a voice message:
12: Michelle Marconi - Marconi Chiropractic and Wellness
Jul 3 • 58 min
What are the pros and cons of buying an existing business vs. building one from the ground up? Dr. Michelle Marconi brings her infectious laugh and ever-cheerful outlook with her to discuss her experience buying a chiropractic business and then later…
11: Joanne Sandberg - Rainier Chem-Dry and Delta Restoration
Jul 3 • 55 min
If you’re looking for some true honesty about the pitfalls and successes a business can encounter over 30 years to help you with your own business, you are in luck. Joanne Sandberg, owner of the largest Chem-Dry franchise in the world, talks about a…
10: Shawn Ottenbreit - Freedom Boat Club
Jul 3 • 57 min
Accounting is one of the most intimidating and most often mismanaged parts of many businesses. Shawn Ottenbreit, former CFO of the marketing division of Hewlett-Packard - and current franchise owner of the Freedom Boat Club, shares some accounting tips…
9: Dean Paulson - Floor Trader Outlet
Jul 3 • 53 min
How do I keep a competitive edge in an ever-changing and extremely price sensitive industry? Dean Paulson, the third generation owner of the Floor Trader Outlet, talks about tactics he employs to stay on top of the family business he has run for 30 years…
8: Lyle Crews - Aspen NW Real Estate and Property Management
Jul 3 • 56 min
What is a KPI? How can measuring results improve my business? How do I know what decision is the right one? Lyle Crews, Managing Broker at Aspen NW Real Estate and Property Management, talks about how he utilizes a Process Improvement background to make…
7: Kevin House - Center Collision
Jul 3 • 56 min
When you’ve been in business for over 20 years, you’ve got plenty of knowledge to share. Kevin House, owner of the auto-body repair shop, Center Collision, talks about the things that he has done well over the years, and also gives some insight on things…
6: Brian Harding
Jul 3 • 56 min
Brian talks about why he is doing a podcast and why he started his own business. He also shares a variety of things he has learned along the way, not only as his plumbing business grew from 3 partners in 2011 to 50 employees in 2019, but also from the…
5: Mac McDonald - McTerry’s Creating Balance / Ziga
Jul 3 • 49 min
What could you possibly learn from a guy in a multi-level marketing business? When he is literally one of the most successful multi-level marketers in the world, and a retired Air Force Colonel who helped broker NATO deals, you could learn a lot. Mac…
4: Doug Hudak - BAM Design
Jul 3 • 54 min
What should you consider when branding your company? When is it a good idea to rebrand? Does your brand stand out in the crowd? Doug Hudak, from BAM Design, talks about business Branding, Advertising and Marketing in this episode. —- Send in a voice…
3: Keith Armstrong - Strong International Law Group
Jul 3 • 54 min
What advice would a business lawyer give small business owners? Why do I need to use contracts? Tune in to hear Keith Armstrong from Strong International Law Group give his advice and shares some nearly catastrophic mistakes business owners have made in…
2: Paul Long - Timberland Bank
Jul 3 • 57 min
How do bankers make lending decisions? Why should you have a banking plan for your business? Paul Long, Senior Vice President of Timberland Bank, talks about common banking mistakes business owners make and how banks analyze businesses to determine risk.…
1: Kieran Murry - Ignite-U
Jul 3 • 55 min
Not sure why networking is such a big deal for growing a business? Or maybe you feel like a fish out of water when attending a networking event? Listen to Kieran Murry, owner of a 500+ member networking organization, give some pointers on how to make the…