How Have You Not Seen This?!

How Have You Not Seen This?!
A movie and comedy podcast where a husband and wife show each other movies that the other one really should have seen by now!

Bonus: “The Matrix 4”
Aug 23 • 72 min
Warner Bros decides to blow our minds with a fourth Matrix movie, so reinforcements are called in in the form of Tracy’s brother Price. He joins the team via Skype and he and Tracy spend an hour discussing how Neo and Trinity can come back, how there can…
Aug 19 • 73 min
This week, Daniel sees “Friday” for the first time, which means he finally understands your “Bye Felisha” and “Daaaamn!” gifs. We talk the evolution of Ice Cube, the glory of Bernie Mac, and why this movie was originally four hours long. Stay out of the…
E8 “Yeah, I’m Thinkin’ I’m Back”
Aug 12 • 69 min
It’s Tracy’s first time seeing “John Wick,” and we talk about why she was so reluctant to see it before now. We also talk action movies, the Keanussaince, Tracy’s abiding love for Ian McShane, and why this movie wouldn’t exist without “The Matrix.” Plus,…
E7 “I’ve Been Kidnapped by Kmart!”
Aug 5 • 71 min
It’s like mom always said: don’t try to fake your spouse’s kidnapping if your mistress is just gonna frame you for murder. This week, Daniel sees “Ruthless People” for the first time. We talk 1980s style and how weird it is that this is an R-rated Disney…
E6 “Vampires Don’t Do Dishes!”
Jul 29 • 52 min
Let this meeting of the Taika Waititi Fan Club come to order! This week, Tracy sees “What We Do in the Shadows” for the first time. We talk comedy, vampires, Daniel’s thoughts on ocean life, and New Zealand mockumentaries. Plus there’s singing! (Sorry.)…
Bonus: Kevin Heaven and the One-Armed Man
Jul 24 • 36 min
Listener mail returns! We dig into 1993’s The Fugitive, one of the all-time greats, and we cover everything from possible plot holes to weird Dutch accents to the perfection that is Tommy Lee Jones. (If you haven’t seen the movie, what have you been doing…
E5 “Oh, Are We On Cops Again?”
Jul 22 • 69 min
It’s Daniel’s first time watching Drop Dead Gorgeous, which means he got to experience this brilliant dark comedy from 1999 that features exploding beauty pageant contestants, gun-wielding Lutherans, and the national treasure that is Allison Janney. We…
The Not-So-Minisode
Jul 18 • 39 min
Daniel and Tracy tackle some fan mail, podkeeping, hell yeahs, and the Bechdel test in what they thought would be a shorter episode than it actually is. Daniel calls it “Podcasting After Dark.” Tracy calls a Brazilian.
E4 How Have You Not Seen This: “Psychopathy 101”
Jul 15 • 56 min
Murder, cab rides, and coyotes: This time out, we’re talking about 2004’s Collateral, which Tracy had never seen. It’s a great movie, and it also turns out to be a textbook look at being a psycho. (In a fun way, we swear.) We also talk Jason Statham,…
E3 How Have You Not Seen This: “We Had It Made Special!”
Jul 7 • 76 min
Tracy shows Daniel the sublime Brit rom-com “Four Weddings and a Funeral” as well as the 25th anniversary 14 minute short.
E2 How Have You Not Seen This: “Space Dementia”
Jun 27 • 52 min
In episode 2 of our first season, Daniel asks Tracy how she hasn’t seen 1986’s Aliens, directed by James Cameron.
E1 How Have You Not Seen This: “Everybody Wants Some”
Jun 25 • 55 min
Daniel and Tracy discuss the season’s first film, “Better Off Dead,” and why Daniel hasn’t seen it until now.