Financially Boundless

Financially Boundless
The Financially Boundless Podcast talks about all aspects of managing your personal finances - from how to seek out qualified professionals, the best budgeting tools, tax tips, tips on becoming an entrepreneur, and more! We welcome you to join us on the incredible journey to financial freedom!

Episode 4: How to Become a Freelancer
Aug 19 • 11 min
Becoming a freelancer? Have a side hustle or side gig? Own your own small business? AWESOME! If you’re like many of my clients, you didn’t know where to turn when you first became a freelancer or small business owner…especially when it came to taxes. This…
Episode 3: Summertime Tax Tips
Jul 15 • 17 min
Now that it’s summertime, most people don’t think about their taxes - they’re the furthest thing from most people’s minds when they’re sitting on the beach drinking a beer! We have a quick podcast this week (only about 20 minutes) that discusses some of…
Episode 2: Personal Budgeting Tools
Jul 8 • 31 min
In our second podcast episode, we review four of the top online personal budgeting tools that we get asked about constantly from our clients. We start with number four and work our way down to first place. Some options are free, others are paid. Links to…
Episode 1: Finding Financial Services Professionals
Jul 2 • 41 min
In our first-ever episode of the FINANCIALLY BOUNDLESS podcast, I cover a topic near-and-dear to my heart: how to find certified financial services professionals, including tax professionals, financial planners, insurance agents, bookkeepers, accountants,…