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Nested Folders Podcast
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10: Capturing Braindumps
Nov 19 • 30 min
Rose and Scotty discuss how we unencumber our brains by capturing all the things through various tools and techniques. (more…)
9: Professional and Personal
Nov 5 • 29 min
Scotty and Rose discuss managing professional and personal (and personally professional?) demands in systems to get things done while also organizing effectively. (more…)
8: Setting Up Your Workspace
Oct 22 • 37 min
Rose and Scotty discuss the optimization of workspaces in home, coffee shops, on the go, and possibly even in an office. (more…)
7: How to Do Productivity With Others (Who May or May Not)
Oct 8 • 26 min
Rose and Scotty discuss how not everyone might work a productivity system, and strategies for collaborating with others whose systems you don’t know of or can’t see. (more…)
6: Is It Worth Automating?
Sep 24 • 29 min
Rose and Scotty discuss (perhaps not really answering) the question of whether work is worth investing in automation for. From anger to accuracy to convenience, there are a number of great reasons to think about automation as a valuable tool. (more…)
5: How We Weekly Review
Sep 10 • 29 min
Rose and Scotty discuss how they conduct their productivity reviews and how they like to think about them. Mentioned in the podcast: The GTD Weekly Review checklist GTD: Weekly Review audio program (which Scotty quoted without thinking about and which is…
4: When Not to be Productive
Aug 27 • 22 min
In this episode, Rose and Scotty discuss the importance of times to be unproductive, and how to manage that. We also announce our contest winner of a one year OmniFocus and a copy of Build Your OmniFocus Workflow! Things we mention/discuss in the show:…
3: Building Bookends
Aug 13 • 24 min
In this episode, Rose and Scotty look at the influence things like vacations (or holidays as Rose calls them) can have on your productivity and how you can recreate that without needing to travel all the time. Along with less practical suggestions like…
2: No(n) Zero Day
Jul 30 • 23 min
In this episode, Rose introduces Scotty to the concept of a non-zero day, and they discuss ways to keep progressing towards goals, even if it’s just a bit at a time. Original non-zero day Reddit post NonZeroDay SubReddit If You Want to Change the World,…
1: Checklisting a Project
Jul 16 • 24 min
So many projects, and they can be overwhelming! In this episode Scotty and Rose break down some of the ways they do project planning.