Gleaning & Growing with Pastor Scott McGraw

Gleaning & Growing with Pastor Scott McGraw
From the pulpit of First Baptist Church in Belmont, WV, pastor Scott McGraw delivers Biblical Preaching to educate, enlighten, encourage, motivate and inspire souls to both come to the saving knowledge of Jesus and grow in their faith and understanding…

9/8/19 AM: ‘Naomi’s Story’ - Ruth 1
Sep 11 • 45 min
In Naomi’s Story we see the reality of sin and the ramifications of sin – but thanks be to God, we can also see Redemption FROM sin!
‘What Was in Paul?’ - Romans 1
Sep 11 • 18 min
In this message we examine the question ‘What Was In Paul?’. What was it that made Paul so different? What made Paul so effective for the Cause of Christ?
9/1/19 PM - ‘What’s In a Watch?’ - Eze. 33
Sep 3 • 40 min
God gives the reason & responsibility to Ezekiel for the role of the Watchman.
9/1/19 AM: ‘Salvation Through the Serpent’ - Num. 21
Sep 3 • 42 min
God’s Remedy for the Israelite’s sin was found in the Serpent lifted up. What does that mean for us today?
8/25/19 AM: ‘The Preacher’s Instructions’ - Titus 2
Aug 27 • 42 min
Paul instructs Titus on what behaviours should be preached & taught unto the church.
8/18/19 PM: ‘God’s Discipleship Program’ - 1 Kings 19
Aug 19 • 42 min
Examining the relationship between Elijah & Elisha and God’s plan for them both
8/11/19 AM: ‘The Deliverance at Dothan’ - 2 Kings 6
Aug 19 • 45 min
God brings a great deliverance for his people through the hand of Elisha
8/11/19 AM - ‘The Only Race That Matters’ - I Cor. 9
Aug 12 • 42 min
If God looks upon the way you’re running your Christian race, what will He see?
8/4/19 AM - ‘Who are You in the Valley?’ - Eze. 37
Aug 5 • 43 min
In today’s message we’re looking through the Valley of Dry Bones in search of identifying not only who we are, but who we should aspire to be.
8/4/19 PM - ‘Proper Praise for the People of God’ - Psa. 100
Aug 5 • 42 min
This message addresses something that is sorely lacking in the church today and that is Praising the LORD of Glory.
7/28/19 AM: ‘What is Your Spiritual Portfolio Yielding? - Mat. 6
Jul 30 • 39 min
In this episode we ask the question ‘What is Your Spiritual Portfolio Yielding?’ We’re dealing with what treasures God has given you, and how you are investing them.
7/21/19 PM - ‘How a Seeker Meets a Saviour’ - Act 10
Jul 26 • 46 min
Peter is led by the Holy Spirit to tell a religious man what he was lacking.
7/14/19 PM - The Methods of Great Servants of God - Phi. 3
Jul 15 • 37 min
In the previous message we examined the ‘Mindset of Great Servants of God’, in this episode we examine how that manifests itself.
7/14/19 AM - The Mindset of Great Servants of God - 2 Cor. 4
Jul 15 • 46 min
This message will help you to understand the mindset of Great Servants of God so that YOU can do Great Things for God too!
7/7/19 PM - A Godly Reaction to Sin - Psa. 51
Jul 8 • 43 min
In today’s message, we’re going to look at how David responded once the light of God’s Word revealed unto him just how far he’d fallen.
7/7/19 AM - Reactions to the Death of Lazarus - Joh. 11
Jul 7 • 46 min
People react to tragedy in different ways. We’ll all face tragedies in our lives, but ultimately it’s how we react to them that will determine whether we experience defeat & despair, or hope & peace.
6/30/19 PM - Paul’s Downtime - Act. 17
Jul 4 • 43 min
Though unplanned, Paul found himself in Athens. In this message, we’ll examine what Paul decided to do with the ‘downtime’ he found himself in.
6/30/19 AM - Getting Back to God - Gen. 35
Jul 3 • 44 min
Jacob initially met God in Beth-el. After several years, God called Jacob back to that place.
6/23/19 PM - The Godly Centurion - Luk. 7
Jun 23 • 29 min
In this episode we examine what it was about this Godly Centurion that merited the favor of the LORD Jesus
6/23/19 AM - By the Grace of God - I Cor. 15
Jun 23 • 38 min
Paul was what he was by the Grace of God… so what’s stopping you from doing great things for Him?