Remnant of Israel Shabbat Messages

Remnant of Israel Shabbat Messages
Our weekly Messianic Jewish Shabbat message is shared on this podcast.

A Memorial to Tish B’av
Aug 10 • 76 min
This week Rabbi John Powledge returns for a Shabbat message on Tish B’av. He starts off discussing Yeshua on the execution stake, and then leads to how we are cowardly in our faith to him. he also talks about how there should be no shame in the gospel at…
Identity Part 4
Aug 3 • 49 min
Before ending the 4 part series on Identity, Assistant Rabbi Philip Snell quickly recaps the previous three discussions on the subject. After that, he relays how identity is a battle we all face in our lives. Next he emphasizes how our identity in God…
Identity Part 3 - Three Weapons in your Spiritual Battle
Jul 27 • 40 min
Assistant Messianic Minister Philip Snell continues in part 3 of his four part series on Identity by sharing with us three weapons that God gives us in our battle against sin.
Identity Part 2
Jul 20 • 36 min
In Part 2 of our series on Identity, Asst Minister Phil Snell shares how we die to our identity of sin and accept God’s identity of grace daily, in order to share that grace with others.
Identity Part 1
Jul 13 • 36 min
Assistant Rabbi Philip Snell begins his 4 week discussion on identity. He talks about the struggle to finding it occurs throughout life, what it means to take on Gods identity and how it should be fought for, identity can be found even by losing, and that…
Jul 6 • 23 min
This morning Rabbi John Powledge talks about the importance that is communion within our history and why is still is to this day, supporting our community and keeping it together as a family.
A New Beginning
Jun 29 • 44 min
Rabbi John Powledge shares with us how God creates new beginnings. Starting from Exodus 12 and moving through Genesis, Acts, 1 Corinthians, and Matthew, he demonstrates God as the author of new beginnings who sees us through these exciting, yet…