The Wildest Podcast

The Wildest Podcast
Life is tough sometimes, and that’s okay. Instead of letting it drag you down, join us every Thursday as host Jandra Sutton dives into the world of personal growth, motivation, and chasing your wildest dreams. Whether you need a dash of inspiration, ti?

#006: Everything You Need to Know About Passive Income
Aug 30 • 8 min
Okay, passive income is a hot topic right now, and it makes sense! Who wouldn’t want to watch their bank account grow with little to no effort? (Sign me up, right?) In this episode, let’s dive into what passive income is, what it isn’t, and how you can…
#005: How to Motivate Yourself to Get More Things Done
Aug 4 • 9 min
Struggling to find the motivation to tackle your to-do list? You’re SO not alone. (Seriously.) In this episode, we talk about how to find the motivation to actually get things done (especially the stuff that’s less-than-fun). Plus, you’ll learn my biggest…
#004: 3 Tips for Dealing with Imposter Syndrome
Jul 26 • 8 min
Imposter syndrome sucks. If you’ve struggled with imposter syndrome at any point in your life, you know how hard it can be to keep moving in the face of this mountain of self-doubt in your mind that has you questioning, well, everything. In this episode,…
#003: Learning to Practice Self-Love and Why It Matters
Jul 22 • 9 min
When I decided to cultivate an intentional practice of self-love, I wasn’t sure it would do anything. However, I knew that what I was doing (drowning in negative self-talk) wasn’t working. Making the switch isn’t easy, but it can be a major game-changer.…
#002: The Truth About Productivity and Why You Should Take a Break
Jul 11 • 10 min
Productivity is pretty much an obsession of mine, but only because I’m the *opposite* of a workaholic. I’m all about efficiency, but I’ve actually learned a few things about productivity that might surprise you. Spoiler alert? It’s not what you think.
#001: The #1 Secret to Being Successful in Anything You Do
Jul 3 • 9 min
Welcome to the first episode of The Wildest Podcast! Let’s dive in with a huge topic: success, and — more specifically — how the heck you can be successful in whatever you put your mind to. We’re covering everything from mindset problems to figuring out…
#000: Welcome to The Wildest Podcast
Jul 2 • 1 min
Hey friends, and welcome! Join your host, Jandra Sutton, as we dive into The Wildest Podcast and all of the amazing things to come.