Live a Life You Love

Live a Life You Love
Tired of feeling unhappy and unfulfilled? Struggling to stay motivated to achieve your goals? Tired of seeing others living life, while you’re going through the motions? Welcome to the Live a Life You Love Podcast where each episode is designed to give you the tools, strategies and inspiration you need to create a life that you love. Tune in to every episode, where your host, Seppy, shares inspirational and motivational content or actionable advice and strategies that you can apply in your life to help you transform yourself. It’s time to fall in love with your life…are you ready?

7 : COFFEE CHAT | Taking Control of Your Life
Oct 18 • 11 min
Feeling a bit lost in your life right now? Or perhaps you’ve been struggling with dealing with too many challenges and emotions… whatever situation you might be in, it’s time to take control of your life. In this episode, we talk about how you can take…
6 | How to Deal With Intense Emotions
Oct 7 • 15 min
Do you struggle to manage your emotions? And do you get overwhelmed with some of your emotions? Learn how to master emotions so that you are not going through life feeling intense emotions all the time and draining your energy. In this episode, you’ll…
5 | COFFEE CHAT | Being Okay With Not Being Okay
Sep 30 • 9 min
Not feeling great? You’re not alone…! We all have moments where we’re just not okay… and I’m here to remind you that it’s okay if you DON’T feel okay! In this episode, I share with you the secret to living a life you love (it’s more simple than you…
4 | 3 Tips to Live a More Inspired Life
Sep 9 • 10 min
Do you feel inspired on a consistent basis? And what does that even mean, to feel inspired? By the end of this episode, I want you to have a better understanding of what it means to live an inspired life so that you can create it for yourself, on a daily…
1 | Live A Life That You Love - What It Means
Sep 6 • 8 min
Welcome to the Live a Life you Love podcast! Happiness starts from within and your dream life is within reach. These two beliefs are the reason why I started my blog, Elle is for Love, and this podcast. I wanted to share my experiences and what I’ve…
3 | COFFEE CHAT | Just be YOU
Sep 6 • 16 min
In this episode, I share with you the secret to living a life you love (it’s more simple than you think!). More resources from this episode: > The blog : Click HERE > Sign up to the mailing list : Click HERE > FREE Inspired Goal-Setting Webinar : Click…
2 | 4 Reasons Why You Should Be Setting Inspired Goals
Sep 6 • 7 min
Have you struggled with achieving your goals and feel like you keep on failing? You’re not alone. If you’ve struggled with following through to achieve your goals, then you need to set inspired goals instead. Inspired goals give you more meaning and…
Live a Life You Love Podcast - TRAILER!
Jul 1 • 1 min
Welcome to the Live a Life you Love Podcast! Here’s a little sneak peak about what to expect in this podcast. Subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any episode! In the meantime, here’s some binge-worthy content for you: For more inspiring content, check…