Because International - Church Suite

Because International - Church Suite
We use products as solutions to alleviate poverty by meeting immediate needs and creating opportunities for empowerment. Our church partners are a big part of these efforts so we wanted to share people and stories with you that are inspiring us!

Michael Mata conversation and insights
Dec 2 • 54 min
Michael is passionate about leadership and community development. Especially urban community and how the church can contribute significantly through relational awareness. This pastor, prof, consultant, and fellow Christ follower offers unique insights and…
Japheth Opondo Okinyo is our Because team mate in Nairobi, Kenya.
Nov 1 • 75 min
Find out why Japheth has so many “O’s” in his name on Facebook, the impact of the TSTG in Kenya, about his family, short-term group advice, what a great guy he is, and why he is so important to our team!
Eric Samuel Timm - Catching-up with EST while on tour with “W” on the road to Texarkana!
Oct 14 • 74 min
Eric is a speaker, artist and author. More importantly he is a follower of Christ, husband, and dad! We discussed His Axe Academy “Axe Cast” ( / Exploring Priorities in life / Peace as the “umpire” in our decisions / Faithfulness…
Steve Corbett: ROUND 2 (Co-author of the book “When Helping Hurts”)
Sep 23 • 37 min
Steve Corbett and Kenny discuss changes he would make to the book “When Helping Hurts,” the one original idea they contributed to the book, his impact on consulting with the Because team, where he thinks The Shoe That Grows fits in the work of…
Joan Endicott: Speaker, Author, Coach, world traveler, and Because networker!
Sep 12 • 83 min
Joan spent some time with us sharing her heart and insights for life from her trade mark theme and book: I Get To! She is also a Because partner and has taken The Shoe That Grows to Australia to help alleviate poverty downunder…
Fuzz Kitto: Kenny catches up with Australian missional church consultant & anti-slavery activist
Aug 4 • 52 min
Fuzz and Kenny discuss efforts to abolish modern slavery, the progress they are making with the Australian government, how we can make a difference in our everyday lives to counter-act slavery through our consumerism, the real-life…
Steve Corbett Co-author to “When Helping Hurts” sits down with Kenny Wade and Kenton Lee
Jul 24 • 27 min
Steve spent a couple days consulting with the Because team on our mission, goals, and future. We could not pass up the opportunity to ask some fun and some in-depth questions. Together we discuss life, mission, Change Theory, and preferred dental fluoride…