Climate and Chaos with Jay

Climate and Chaos with Jay
A look at D.C. events that occur from an ex-military, CONSERVATIVE, perspective and dedicated to the support of our 45th president, Donald J. Trump. He consistently looks at issues that involve both sides of the political spectrum and tries to offer analysis and solutions to real world problems. Jay is edgy, emotional at times, and hardcore when necessary, but always tries to be as accurate as possible, believing that truth is a necessary component to the ability to maintain our capitalist structure. Jay is pro-life, pro-2A, and loves the constitution as the backbone of our great land. Support this podcast:

Israel Says No To Antisemitism, Epstein Dead and More. The Week In Review.
Aug 19 • 37 min
NOW IN STEREO!!! This week I talk about a little of everything — CNN’s tragic week, Philadelphia’s violence on law enforcement, Omar and Tlaib banned from Israel, Hong Kong’s quest for freedom, and Epstein’s Supposed Suicide. Like the podcast? Let me…
Mass Shooting Explained As 2nd Amendment Is Challenged…AGAIN
Aug 12 • 32 min
This episode talks about the last two mass shootings, the attempted gun grab by the left that ensues, red flag laws, and destroys the liberal narrative that guns cause mass shootings. FOLLOWING ME YET??? @proudOIFvet — Twitter and Parler @climateandchaos…
“Trump’s a Racist!!!” Scream the Biggest Racists of All…
Aug 5 • 32 min
In this episode, I examine the sparring match between our president and Elijah Cummings. Also, I discuss the democrat policies that have failed most inner-city inhabitants, and the policies toward minorities that have made these people trapped in a…
Suicide By Special Counsel — The Mueller Testimony
Jul 29 • 30 min
Robert Mueller gave the democrats FITS when he testified before two committees of Congress this week, but the REAL victim is the American people. Mueller and his band of democrat donors have put our due process rights up for debate by taking away the…
Patriotism on Trial — The Squad
Jul 23 • 44 min
This is a re-post of the original recording after I made much necessary sound adjustments. Still, its an in depth look at President Trump and the four freshman democrats as they go back and forth trading jabs. Also, a brief review of events for the week…
USWNT Wins Title, USA Takes the L
Jul 15 • 32 min
An in depth look at the polarizing actions of Megan Rapinoe and Team USA women’s soccer team in relation to our nations level of division, as well as Megan’s actions and how they effect the team and country. What should be a joyous event leading to…
Democrat Debate Lies and Recants — Just Vote Trump 2020!!
Jul 7 • 16 min
This is a short, introductory view of what I’m all about. I focus on Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, with emphasis on Kamala’s arrogance, recants, and record. Enjoy!! —- Support this podcast: