Inspired Business Magic with Mimi

Inspired Business Magic with Mimi
Raw and unedited, Inspired Business Magic Podcast provides business empowerment and tips for taking right inspired actions towards your professional success. Hosted by Mimi who is the creator of the platform Mimi’s Magic Beans Inc and author of Inspired Business Magic. She also is the host of her LinkedIn signature series Inspired Business with 3 Magic Beans that is featured every Thursday where she inspires the business and entrepreneurial community with new levels of innovations, creative composition, and weekly empowerment. Follow on LinkedIn

Pika Bunny: Wendy Gilhula is our Magical Guest
Nov 11 • 53 min
Today’s magical guest is Wendy Gilhula the author of the Pika Bunny children’s book series and the creator of the Pika Bunny Kindness Tracker app. Kindness is so relevant in today’s world. The children we raise today are tomorrows business leaders. Find…
In Between Tidbit: Mission, Vision, and Core Values
Nov 4 • 7 min
Today’s segment is all about why and how you do what you do. Do you know? Does your team know? Do your clients/customers know? I share the information from ” Difference Between Vision and Mission Statements: 25 Examples” by Britt Strabanek that…
Thrivent Financial: Micah Velilla is our Magical Guest
Oct 28 • 57 min
Today’s episode is all about business and finance with my nephew Micah Velilla. Micah graduated from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School and now serves the community as a financial adviser at Thrivent Financial. Learn how your finances are…
In Between Tidbit: Being a Podcast Guest
Oct 20 • 6 min
This weeks simple tip to being a guest on any podcast is to learn how to be one. Anna Sabina the creator of The Podcast Guest Blueprint is my recommendation. Her YouTube channel is a great resource to subscribe to as well!!
In Between Tidbit: Vulnerability
Oct 17 • 10 min
WARNING: Contains Explicit Language What?!!! Another Tidbit? Wasn’t there supposed to be a guest? Being vulnerable to newness means rolling with it.
In Between Tidbit: Gratitude Towards Community
Oct 7 • 4 min
This week’s Tidbit I talk about showing gratitude towards our tribe, our network. We do not achieve success alone.
Unbreakable: Thom Shea is our Magical Guest
Sep 30 • 56 min
Welcome to another magical interview. Today’s guest is Thom Shea author of the bestselling book Unbreakable: A Navy SEALs Way of Life and podcast host of The Unbreakable Podcast. His service as a Navy SEAL for 23 years and his dedication to his family…
In Between Tidbit: Fun
Sep 23 • 5 min
This weeks In Between Tidbit is dedicated to my friend Andy Seidl. We all need fun. Listen to the Tidbit Tip to find out how you can add a bit of fun when life is packed with hustle and grind.
Overcoming Odds: Oleg Lougheed is our Magical Guest
Sep 16 • 59 min
Today’s show is such a wonderful episode of inspiration, courage, and hope!! Join me as Oleg Lougheed shares his unique story: Leaving his beloved Russia to immigrate to America, his choice to fully embrace life, and his decision to help others do the…
In Between Tidbit: Communicate in the Now
Sep 9 • 4 min
Today begins an in between tidbit for this Season 2. These short segments of inspiration will be available in between the bi-weekly longer episodes that feature a magical guest. Enjoy!
Living on Cloud Nine: Jordan Gross is our Magical Guest
Sep 2 • 45 min
Ever experience the joy of being on cloud nine? Imagine living there!! In this episode, I welcome my first magical guest Jordan Gross the Founder of Cloud Nine Living. Jordan is a Tedx speaker, the author of Getting COMFY: Your Morning guide to Daily…
Do You Understand? Part 2 of “The Understanding Bean”
Aug 25 • 14 min
The second installment of understanding is discussed with insights from the book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen R. Covey. Be inspired and seek to understand! Interactive website for the book…click…
Do You Understand? Part 1 of “The Understanding Bean”
Aug 19 • 11 min
Do you understand? What if there’s an area in your work that’s new or isn’t your strong suit? Today’s episode is about applying the Magic Bean of understanding. There’s a world of knowledge at your fingertips to tap into. Tap into it, and learn something…
What Do You Do About ?
Aug 12 • 18 min
Yes, fill in the blank, because you know what’s best for you! Business news sprinkled with self reflection. A big Thank You to Jesse Oliver, my new LinkedIn connection, for today’s inspiration!!!! Here are the links to what I mention in this segment: The…
Preparing for Earl: Part 3 of Business Forecasting
Aug 5 • 31 min
The importance of preparation is discussed as the Magic Bean of Compassion is applied. Get comfy and listen to a tale of mistakes and what it takes to forgive oneself.
Winds of Change: Part 2 of Business Forecasting
Jul 29 • 13 min
In this episode, business forecasting is discussed on a personal level. Found out how to apply the 3 Magic Beans to the Winds of Change. A touching story of an incredible business woman, my best friend Wendalina.
Business Forecasting: Part 1
Jul 29 • 8 min
A wonderful tool to keep abreast of business news is the MORNING BREW…click here to sign up :) In this episode, business forecasting is discussed as an important gauge to keep an eye on. Do you know where your industry stands in the current economy?
The Purpose Club
Jul 22 • 7 min
Do you know your purpose? Find the simplicity of discovering your why, your purpose.
Love What You Do!
Jul 22 • 8 min
Love is in fact a part of business. In the second episode of Inspired Business Magic, I share how love is applied to business.
The Concept of Inspired Business
Jul 1 • 7 min
A timely example of how a music business empire created a genre. Listen and be encouraged to apply the concept of Inspired Business. The first episode!!