Serverless Chats

Serverless Chats
Serverless Chats is a podcast that geeks out on everything serverless.

#10: Testable Serverless Applications with Slobodan Stojanović
Aug 19 • 47 min
Jeremy chats with Slobodan Stojanović about why testing is important, how it changes with serverless, and how to make our applications more testable using hexagonal architecture.
#9: Chaos Engineering in Serverless with Gunnar Grosch
Aug 12 • 46 min
Jeremy chats with Gunnar Grosch about the motivations behind chaos engineering, how we run chaos experiments, and what are some of the common weaknesses we can test for in our serverless applications.
#8: Observability in Modern Applications with Ran Ribenzaft
Aug 5 • 40 min
Jeremy chats with Ran Ribenzaft about the three pillars of observability, how we instrument our code, and the how and why of distributed tracing in modern applications.
#7: Serverless Laravel using Vapor with Taylor Otwell
Jul 29 • 33 min
Jeremy chats with Taylor Otwell about Laravel Vapor, a new service that lets you deploy your Laravel PHP applications to Amazon Web Services and run them using a fully managed suite of serverless components.
#6: Why Developers Need to Think About Cloud Costs with Erik Peterson
Jul 22 • 44 min
Jeremy chats with Erik Peterson about cultural changes around cost optimization in the cloud, cost as a first class metric, and how to predict total cost of ownership (TCO) according to your product roadmap.
#5: Event-Driven Applications using Amazon EventBridge with Mike Deck
Jul 15 • 37 min
Jeremy chats with Mike Deck about Amazon EventBridge and how it works, what it means for the future of webhooks, and how we can use it to build serverless event-driven applications.
#4: Serverless Development Workflows with Chase Douglas
Jul 8 • 39 min
Jeremy chats with Chase Douglas about how serverless applications change our development workflows, what a local development process looks like, and some tools we can use to help make our lives easier.
#3: Serverless GraphQL using AWS AppSync with Marcia Villalba
Jul 1 • 43 min
Jeremy chats with Marcia Villalba about the benefits of building applications with GraphQL, how to use AWS AppSync to build serverless applications with it, and some best practices for using it in your projects.
#2: Building Resilient Serverless Applications with Nitzan Shapira
Jun 24 • 33 min
Jeremy chats with Nitzan Shapira from Epsagon about building resilient serverless applications, what can go wrong with serverless, and what we should do to make sure our applications are working as expected.
#1: Serverless Purity vs. Practicality with Alex DeBrie
Jun 17 • 34 min
Jeremy chats with Alex DeBrie from Serverless, Inc. about the choices facing developers when building serverless applications, and when a practical approach sometimes trumps best practices.