Grace for Single Parents

Grace for Single Parents
Encouragement for single parents in their current season with practical tips and advice with grace and hope. Where your single parenting journey and God’s grace collide!

40 | Self-care tips for Single Moms | Kamini Wood
Jul 6 • 17 min
Certified life coach, Kamini Wood, gives self-care tips for single moms. We talk about extended compassion towards ourselves and how to have boundaries with our children and others when going into a new relationship. At the end, she shares 3 things we…
39 | Let’s Talk About Social Justice Issues | Pastor Pitts
Jun 29 • 33 min
Pastor Pitts returns to the podcast to discuss social justice issues. Pastor Pitts, a police chaplain, gives insight on how we can make sure the current racial issues in America are a movement towards a better tomorrow instead of just a “moment” in time.…
38 | Successful Single Mom Interview | Theresa Wilson
Jun 22 • 15 min
The most common struggle I hear from single moms is the struggle to get through the beginning stages of single parenthood. It feels so insurmountable at the beginning. Today, I have Theresa Wilson on the podcast to shine a light at the end of the tunnel.…
37 | Apologizing: Are You Good At It?
Jun 15 • 7 min
Do you apologize when you feel the Holy Spirit nudging you or do you ignore the nudge? Do you know how and when to apologize? Do you apologize to your kids? Show notes here. Join over 4,000 Single Moms and grab your Single Mom Survival Pack HERE
36 | The Power of Forgiveness | Pastor Aleechea Pitts
Jun 8 • 17 min
Pastor Aleechea Pitts joins the podcast to talk about how God can lead us to forgive others. We also talk about staying grounded in our identity in God. Show notes here Find more about Pastor Pitts here including her free ebook: Learn How to Apologize.…
35 | 5 Steps to Clearing the Clutter with the Clutter Coach | Kim Sneath
Jun 1 • 16 min
Join my interview today with the Clutter Coach, Kim Sneath. She walks us through how to clear out the clutter (physically and emotionally) using the Space for GRACE method. Show notes here. Join Kim’s free eCourse: When Life is a Mess to help you get…
34 | Ideas to help you raise a kind child in a not so kind world
May 25 • 8 min
Raising a kind child in today’s world takes intentional effort. We will discuss 9 simple ways to instill kindness in your children and teach them empathy and kindness to others. Show notes & 80 kindness ideas for parents and kids can be found here Join…
33 | Single Parenting Memoir “The Three of Us” Interview with the Author | Summerlin Conner
May 18 • 18 min
My latest podcast guest is the author of the single parenting memoir, “Three of Us”, by Summerlin Conner. The memoir is a “brutally honest, often hilarious, and sometimes heartbreaking memoir of one mom’s adventures in single parenting”. Show notes here.…
32 | 10 Tips for Parenting Introverted Kids | Joanne Jarrett
May 11 • 27 min
My guest today, Joanne Jarrett of Fancy Free, discusses the different types of personalities our children have versus what we have as parents and how we can help parent our introverted children in an extroverted world. Show notes here. Check out Joanne’s…
31 | How to Face Your Anxiety
May 4 • 6 min
What we naturally tend to do when anxiety hits versus strategies to help us walk through anxious times. Show notes & to get your free download of the Bible Verses mentioned in today’s episode here. Join over 4,000 Single Moms and grab your Single Mom…
30 | God Centered Co-parenting Strategies | Ana Bright
Apr 27 • 22 min
With all the stresses and emotions of co-parenting, how do you co-parent and keep God front and center? Ana Bright from Grace and Glory Moms joins the podcast today to lend her wisdom on this subject. She has many years of experience in co-parenting and…
29 | Personal Protection Tips for Women | Cate Leach
Apr 20 • 24 min
Cate Leach from Damsel in Defense joins the podcast to equip, empower and educate us on how to protect ourselves and our families with personal protection tips. Links from the show: Cate’s Facebook group:…
28 | How to Pray with Your Children
Apr 13 • 7 min
Strategies to help you learn how you can pray with your children. Praying aloud with your child is one of the most important things you can do to model a personal relationship with Jesus. Here are some simple ways to start today. Show notes can be found…
27 | How to talk to kids about the pandemic | Dr. Jennifer Variste
Apr 6 • 15 min
Interview with pediatrician, Dr. Jennifer Variste about how to talk to our kids about the pandemic. At the beginning of the interview, she gives some tips on how to choose a pediatrician during the current climate then we move on to talking to our kids…
26 | Parenting in the Middle of Chaos | Dr. Cam
Mar 30 • 16 min
Today I have developmental psychologist and family coach, Dr. Cam, talk to us about how to build strong, positive relationships with our teens while we are all stuck at home navigating a new normal. Show notes here. Grab your free copy of “4 Secrets to…
25 | How Single Moms Can Save Money on One Income
Mar 23 • 17 min
Money-saving tips for single moms using 4 different methods. See which one or ones will work for you. Show notes here. Get your single mom welcome pack here.
24 | DIY Home Maintenance for Single Women with Confidence | Jenny Keene
Mar 16 • 12 min
Whether you enjoy fixing projects around your home or not, as a single woman, Jenny from SingleGirlsDIY shares practical ideas and frugal tips to help us tackle those DIY home maintenance projects with confidence. Show notes available here. Get Jenny’s…
23 | One quick tip you need when you’re feeling overwhelmed
Mar 9 • 7 min
Feeling overwhelmed with all the demands of single mom life? Stop and try this one thing. Show notes here. Join over 4000 single moms and grab your single mom survival pack here.
22 | Is God’s grace for me? Interview: Paul Gray
Mar 2 • 17 min
Pastor and author Paul Gray is on the podcast to share his message about grace and unconditional love and action for all people. Listen to the end to find out how to win 2 of Paul’s books and copy of the Bible he recommends! Find the show notes as well as…
21 | Finding your passion again as a single mom
Feb 24 • 8 min
Show notes here Single Mom Passion Project Series here Join over 4,000 Single Moms and grab your Single Mom Survival Pack HERE
Trailer: Grace for Single Parents
Feb 19 • 1 min
Welcome to Grace for Single Parents: to inspire single moms to live their best life with God’s grace and love. Website: Grace for Single Parents Email me: Sign up for Single Mom Resource Guide
20 | Help for parenting our teens and tweens | Sheryl Gould
Feb 17 • 21 min
Parenting coach and author, Sheryl Gould, joins the podcast today to walk us through parenting our teens and tweens. We talk about ways to cultivate a more healthy relationship with our children and how we should be viewing anger when it shows up in our…
19 | A Single Parent Valentine’s Day
Feb 10 • 8 min
Celebrate Valentine’s Day this year by showing your children how much you love them with these family Valentine’s Day ideas. Your relationship status doesn’t have to matter this year - I can show you how to make it all about your love for your kids. Show…
18 | No Better Mom for the Job | Becky Keife
Feb 3 • 14 min
Grace for Single Parents Podcast welcomes Becky Keife to talk about her book No Better Mom for Job. We talk about parenting when you don’t feel up to the task, how to avoid falling into friendship pitfalls and praying for your friends. LINKS: Order…
17 | Separation Anxiety in Children of Divorce
Jan 27 • 12 min
Do your children experience separation anxiety? Even if you’ve been divorced or separated from your child’s father for years, your child can exhibit anxiety from that event in ways you might be missing. You may think your child is being difficult or…
16 | Balancing Single Motherhood: Is it Possible? | Keyona Grant
Jan 20 • 16 min
Balancing a fulfilling career, a side job and single motherhood- is it possible? Keyona from joins the podcast today to talk about how she works a demanding full-time job with odd hours, a side business and handles…
15 | How to Declutter When You Hate to Clean
Jan 13 • 10 min
As a single parent, all cleaning and decluttering come down to me doing the work and two kids to clutter the house up. Plus, I find decluttering tedious. Sound familiar? I’ll discuss how I declutter my house using areas. Get your free printable to…
14 | Get Bossy with Your Budget | Julie Lause
Jan 6 • 18 min
Julie from the Bossy House joins the podcast to discuss why everyone needs to get bossy with their budget. Show notes can be found here as well as more about Julie and the Bossy House. Download Julie’s free templates here.
13 | Personal Goal Setting for Single Parents
Dec 30, 2019 • 14 min
After a significant life shift, like divorce or separation, taking the time to re-evaluate your life with simple goals can reinvigorate you. Goals don’t have to be long and complicated. Goal Setting can be simple and even fun. Grab your simple goal…
12 | Single Parent Tips for Spending Holidays Alone
Dec 16, 2019 • 13 min
For lots of single parents, being alone on the holidays is a reality. How you cope on the holiday without your kids and when you’re by yourself on an emotional day can be tricky. I asked my community to help me come up with this list of single-parent tips…
11 | How to Stop Bad Mouthing Your Ex | Chere Williams
Dec 9, 2019 • 30 min
Please welcome my first guest, Chere Williams! Chere brings so much wisdom to the conversation today from her own experience and from speaking to single moms over the course of her ministry. Chere walks us through 3 steps of how to find healing from pasts…
10 | 12 days of Christmas gift ideas
Dec 2, 2019 • 14 min
We’re doing something different on the show today. I’m sharing my favorite Christmas tradition with you. Each year my kids and I prepare 12 days of Christmas gifts for various people in our lives: teachers, neighbors, family members. I hope it inspires…
09 | Promising Ways Single Parents Can Enjoy Thanksgiving
Nov 18, 2019 • 12 min
With Thanksgiving coming up we’ll discuss different ways single parents can enjoy the holiday. Whether you’re alone or if you have the kids. Being a single parent during Thanksgiving can be challenging. But finding new traditions for your family and…
08 | What Your Kids Need From You After Divorce
Nov 4, 2019 • 14 min
In today’s episode we’re talking about how to help your child through your divorce. As a divorced mother of two and a child of divorce, I’ve compiled the good and bad parenting advice after divorce. Whether you’re on the cusp of divorce or a few years…
07 | How to find peace with your strong willed child
Oct 21, 2019 • 11 min
Today we’ll talk about my number one tip for parenting my strong-willed child. If you struggle with raising a strong-willed child check out how using this strategy will bring peace back to your home and reverse the struggles that come with parenting a…
06 | Strategies on How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids
Oct 7, 2019 • 14 min
It’s something we all do but few of us admit - yell at our kids. We all know we shouldn’t but how do you quit? Yelling at our kids is an especially touchy topic for single parents because we don’t have any other adults in the house to step in and give us…
05 | 7 Ways to Make Amazing Friendships as a Single Mom
Sep 23, 2019 • 6 min
Finding friends as a single mom takes work, intention, and patience. But knowing where to look helps too. We’re all craving for connection. Here are 7 ways to find friends when you’re a single mother. Today’s transcript can be found here. Join over 4,000…
04 | Why It’s Okay to Stay a Single Parent
Sep 9, 2019 • 7 min
If you’re a single parent, it’s okay to stay single when you’re in the thick of parenting your children if that’s your desire. We’ll discuss 8 reasons you don’t need to be married or dating. It’s okay to be a single parent! Transcript for today’s episode…
01 | Being the Best Single Parent You Can Be
Aug 26, 2019 • 19 min
Single parents have their own unique challenges and stresses when it comes to parenting. Let’s get out of the comparison game and focus on how we can be the best parents we can be in this current season. Mentioned in this episode: Free resources available…
02 | Morning Routine for Single Parents
Aug 26, 2019 • 8 min
Finding a morning routine as a single parent comes with its unique challenges. If you’re a single working parent, who has to get children out the door to school and your butt to work each morning, this one’s for you. Mentioned in this episode: download…
03 | How to be more positive
Aug 26, 2019 • 14 min
If its a struggle for you to stay positive in our ever-increasing negative world as a single parent, we’ll discuss 20 positive thinking techniques you can implement today. Mentioned in today’s episode: Join the 5 day positivity challenge. Transcript for…