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Prophecy Insights with Bro Stef
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Take My Yoke Upon You My Burden is Light
Aug 29 • 34 min
Today I discuss in my video current headlines and we deal with the feeling of anger, depression, uncertainty and fear that is gripping our societies. Based on Matthew 11:25-30 & John 15 | At that time Jesus said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and…
Prophecy Updates & The God Shaped Hole in Our Hearts
Aug 21 • 37 min
Discussion 1: News from Russia that they have made cooperative agreements with Sudan, North Africa. Discussion 2: Why is the violence in our societies growing? Are we filling “The God Shaped hole with the wrong things? Related Reading: Russia/Africa:…
The Jezebel Spirit and The Word of Faith
Aug 15 • 23 min
Today there is the teaching being promoted in the church, many churches that have prophets, Apostles and Evangelical charismatic churches as well are teaching that there is a Jezebel and Elijah spirit invading the church and believers need to do battle…
Violence, Evil and the return of the Lord
Aug 6 • 36 min
Today’s Prophecy Insights tries to makes sense of the mass shootings in Texas and Ohio. We connect the dots between the Bible and the headlines in this video. Clearly we are seeing the battle between good and evil playing out in our realm now. Tune in to…
Things Are Upside Down and Inside Out
Jul 23 • 21 min
Things Are Upside Down! Based on 2 Timothy 3:1-4 . The world is in a state of confusion we have lost our sense of right and wrong. We call good bad and bad is good. See Isa. 5:20 . It seems today all moral clarity is gone! —- Support this podcast:…
Calamity is Coming!
Jul 16 • 15 min
Calamity is Coming! Jeremiah 25:29-38 gives us a graphic picture of what’s coming to earths inhabitants. Connect with me at: —- Support this podcast:
The Spy Machine, Turkey S-400 Missiles, The Pilgrim Rd and This Year in Jerusalem!
Jul 12 • 34 min
The Spy Machine, Turkey S-400 Missiles, The Pilgrim Rd and This Year in Jerusalem: Pilgrim Rd: David’s City of Refuge: Ambassador Friedman’s “This Year in Jerusalem.” Visit me at:…
Are The Nations in The ME Jockeying For Power and Control?
Jul 3 • 7 min
Daniel 10 and 11 paint a picture of powers in the Middle East or nations, these nations seem to be jockeying for power in control in the Middle East! I’m really interested in your thoughts, so please, comment and share our podcast! —- Support this…
As in The Days of Noah and Lot
Jul 1 • 20 min
Our generation seems to becoming as violent as Noah’s and Lots day. Jesus warned us that when these signs came together to look for His return! Based on Luke 17:25-37 [ ] Get more Bible Prophecy information at: —-…
Iran Israel and The USA
Jun 27 • 11 min
We know that Ezekiel 38 warns of a coming war with Iran, however, is this what is taking place? Could the drone downing by Iran on our unmanned plane just be a distraction while Iran builds up a nuclear arsenal? —- Support this podcast:…
Waiting For Yeshua (Jesus) and His Return
Jun 24 • 9 min
Recorded this in 2015. A discussion about His return. —- Support this podcast:
Rosh Hashanah and Feast of Trumpets
Sep 10, 2018 • 6 min
1 Corinthians 15:52-58 make it clear that at the last trumpet, 100th blow of the shofar, we who believe would meet The Lord in the air. Are we ready? This is a great time to get ready. Visit —- Support this podcast:…
We Have Hope in Christ
Aug 2, 2018 • 8 min
Following Christ gives us a hope that is both present and future. Paul said, “If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied” (1 Corinthians 15:19). This present/future hope—rooted in Jesus’s resurrection—reminds us…
Update: Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem?
Jan 30, 2017 • 9 min
Sign the petition: there’s a lot of news lately swirling around concerning moving the United States Embassy to Jerusalem. Listen to my podcast and update on what’s going on concerning this important issue. Keep looking up because…
Obama The Petulant…
Dec 26, 2016 • 9 min
Joel 3:1-3 and Zechariah 12:1-3 Obama stabs Israel in the back 2 days before Hanukkah. Though this comes not as a surprise, it is shocking to see the first American president to order Israel to stop building in their land and an order that certainly adds…
Jews and The Messiah
Dec 18, 2016 • 9 min
Zechariah 22:10; Psalm 118:22-26 and Matthew 23:39 God is in the process of preparing the Jewish people to receive the Messiah, Jesus Christ. As I watch, study and observe what the Jews in Israel are saying about the Messiah, I’m convinced that God is…
Russia’s New 100 Mega-Ton Nuke Drone
Dec 9, 2016 • 9 min
Based on Ezekiel 38… Russia has developed a first-strike stealth capable 100 Mega-Ton nuclear weapon. This weapon operates on land in the air and under water. It is undetectable and very stealthy…you can’t hear it, you won’t see it coming and it will…
My Heart is Torn
Dec 2, 2016 • 8 min
Based on Zechariah 12, 13 and 14 Zechariah 12, 13 and 14 tells us that the suffering of the Jewish people or the next holocaust is going to be horrendous! The Bible tells us that in order for the return of Messiah to come two-thirds of the Jews are going…
What Are The Global Elites After?
Nov 28, 2016 • 9 min
Joel 2-3; Daniel 7-12; Revelation 5-18. Learn what the will of God is for you…1 Thessalonians 5:14-22. The global elitists today want to control us through mechanisms and laws like global warming in an attempt to take control of our money, food and water…
God or the Deal?
Nov 23, 2016 • 9 min
Joel 3, Zechariah 12-14 and Matthew 24 Will Trump choose God or the deal? It will be interesting over the next year to watch and observe how Trump deals with the pressures of the presidency and how he deals with the pressures from other world leaders…
The Deceiver is Coming
Nov 19, 2016 • 10 min
Foundational scriptures: Dan 7:25; 8:23-25; 9:27; 11:21-45 and Isa 28:14-22 As we move closer to the time of the end I believe the Lord is giving us examples that point to how easy it will be for the “Man of Sin” or the AntiChrist to come to power. Donald…
A Modern Day Miracle
Nov 11, 2016 • 9 min
Based on Gen. 18:23-33 Heads up - correction: I mentioned King Cyrus was the King that loved Daniel. I should have said King Darius in Daniel 6. The Lord not only put Trump and Pence in office, but He destroyed the legacy of a president that demonstrated…
Wars and Rumors of Wars DDOS Attack
Oct 21, 2016 • 9 min
Matthew 24 and Luke 21 The current DD OS attack could be a gift in disguise for electing Donald Trump. As hackers shutdown the DDOS infrastructure which controls Internet access, the attacks started on the East Coast and moved across to the West Coast…
Oct 18, 2016 • 9 min
Scriptures: Matt 24:9; John 15:18; Psalm 14:1 Psalms 137:6 - If I do not remember you, Let my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth— If I do not exalt Jerusalem Above my chief joy. UNESCO now the arbiter of the world and universe. They have declared that…
Lawlessness and The End Times
Oct 17, 2016 • 9 min
Foundational scriptures; 2 Thessalonians 2:7-10 and 1 John 3:4 We see lawlessness everywhere we turn today. From people killing one another, killing police, police killing people who are not armed to our government officials writing laws that are illegal…
Is it Time to Freak Out?
Oct 6, 2016 • 10 min
Is it Time to Freak Out? No… Never! For believers in Jesus Christ (Yeshua) it is never time to freak out. Why you ask. Because we serve a God that is BIGGER than the universe and He holds us in the center of His hand (John 10:28). Bible Reading Today:…
What’s Going on With Russia, The USA and Turkey?
Oct 4, 2016 • 9 min
Based on Ezekiel 38 and John 14:29 We are seeing amazing preparations for a conflict in The Middle East that was prophesied over 2,500 years ago! Remember that Jesus Messiah told us of things to come, so when they came to pass, we would believe! Keep…
Israel Syrian Update
Sep 15, 2016 • 6 min
Today my sources contacted me to let me know that Israel has increased her defensive posture against Syria for the cross-border bomb attacks that have happened over the last few days. We are not 100% sure what the outcome of this current soft-battle will…
ISIS Threatening Israel
Sep 6, 2016 • 8 min
With a media blitz, the Islamic State has set its sights on Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula as the next shot at expanding its empire and establishing a base from which to attack neighboring Israel. Headline here - Do we know for sure that…
General Prophecy Update
Sep 2, 2016 • 9 min
Today I thought I would provide a general update. As the world spins out of control socially, economically, spiritually and politically we need to shore up our faith and be in the know of those things in the geopolitical realm that God uses to shape His…
The Messiah is Coming
Aug 29, 2016 • 9 min
Based on Daniel 7-12; Zechariah 10-14; Matthew 24 and 1 Corinthians 15:51-5 With the news [ ] that the High Priest has been put into office for the temple, the third temple, it signifies the return of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) is near.…
The Lord Is There!
Aug 23, 2016 • 9 min
Based on Ezekiel 48:35 At the end of Ezekiel 48 which is the last chapter in Ezekiel, we see a name of the city and area of the Messiah, the Prince. It’s a name that says it all and there is absolutely no way to confuse it’s meaning. Let’s see what the…
When is… Enough is Enough?
Aug 14, 2016 • 10 min
Based on Matthew 24:15-22 and Isaiah 65:8-12 The answer to the question is in Matthew 24. Enough is enough when Satan declares himself to be god in God’s temple through the Man of Sin or the Antichrist! Then God pours out His wrath and that wrath will be…
The Four Prophecy Super Signs
Aug 8, 2016 • 9 min
Based on Ezekiel 38 and Matthew 24:8 With the USA exiting the world stage as the leader of the free-world, Russia and China filling the void, Turkey becoming an Islamic State and making alliances with Russia, China, Iran and North Africa and then Iran…
Why Jihad Has Come to America
Jul 15, 2016 • 8 min
Genesis 12:3; I will bless those who bless you, I will curse those who curse you. Kings 15-22 God dealt harshly with Israel’s enemies. Why has Jihad Come to America? We have asked God to leave our lives and our country and so he has. We have ceased from…
Days of Distress
Jul 8, 2016 • 9 min
Based on Judges 17:6 - On today’s Podcast I seem perplexed and distressed over what all of us are living through in our generation right now. I am perplexed and vexed over the failure of moral character within The United States of America! Those in…
Paul Warned That Danger is Coming
Jun 30, 2016 • 9 min
1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 and Luke 17:26-30 As we watch what is happening in our culture and the message that is being sent to all of us from the “so called leaders” of today, is that everything will be just fine. News Flash! It won’t be fine and it will…
Dazed and Confused
Jun 20, 2016 • 9 min
Based on Romans 1, 2 and 2 Timothy 3:1-7 . As seen in the article below concerning President Jimmy Carter, we believe in the word of God when it’s convenient and when it disturbs our worldview we toss the word of God out. Our sin grieves The Holy Spirit…
Jerusalem Trampled by The Gentiles
Jun 12, 2016 • 9 min
Basedon Luke 21:24 and Zechariah 14 The times of the Gentiles has not ended and will continue until the Lord sets up the messianic Kingdom. For that to happen his feet have to touch down on the Mount of Olives. He has to enter into the temple through the…
The Global Peace Initiative
Jun 7, 2016 • 8 min
Based on Zechariah 12,14 Today were living in a time when peace initiatives are again being pushed, BIbi Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel is being pressured to finalize a peace deal before Obama leaves office. Nothing but bad things can come from…
When They Say Peace and Safety
May 31, 2016 • 9 min
Based on 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 Today the march towards peace at any cost continues and is in full swing. Those I mentioned in this report are willing to implament peace at the expense of Israel however! See Zechariah 12-14. As the world turns its back on…
I’m Confused… What Restroom do I Use?
May 27, 2016 • 9 min
Based on: Genesis 1:26-27 We see in this podcast that the natural order of things is under attack. What I was not able to discuss on the podcast, because I ran out of time, was the further implication of our society is becoming so confused and perverted…
Prophetic Chatter
May 23, 2016 • 9 min
The voices warning about the Lord’s return are getting louder and growing! I believe God is doing all He can to make sure the message get’s out. 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 - But I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning those who have fallen…
Israel, Isis and The ME…
May 20, 2016 • 9 min
Today’s report is an open discussion about recent events in the Middle East. Ezekiel 38 seems to be a reoccurring scripture that captures the imagination of our minds and hearts. As I mentioned in the podcast I see ISIS as the bait God is using to bring…
The Judgment of God Has Already Begun
May 14, 2016 • 6 min
When one reads Romans chapter 1 in it’s entirety, we see a list of sins and evil that is evidence that a people or nation have already been weighed in God’s scales and they came up wanting. You see, by the time we see the evidences of pure evil, sin,…
In 2 Days He Will Revive Us!
May 12, 2016 • 9 min
Both Hosea and Peter point to The Lord reviving us after two days or two thousand years. Hosea 6:2 and 2 Peter 3:8. Because of what Jesus did on the cross we , who have believed in Him have been revived, our physical revival is yet to come in the rapture…
News Brief
May 6, 2016 • 5 min
Today’s podcast is a News Brief looking over a summary of the intelligence reports that I receive. Please see the commentary section of the podcast to download the Intel PDF document. PDF Headlines:…
Going to War With The Gentile Nations
May 2, 2016 • 8 min
Based on: Joel 3:1-9 As we move ever closer to the time of Daniel’s last week or 7 years of human history, under gentile governmental rule, we move ever closer to the time when the earth will be engulfed in war and terror as events on the ground and in…
Lies, Myths and Man-Made Fictions
Apr 21, 2016 • 9 min
2 Timothy 4:2-4 ( Amplified Version: ) As you could tell I was a bit frustrated with the headlines in today’s podcast. It just seems that with every passing week the World and the U.S.A. just seems to go from corruption and deception…
Apr 19, 2016 • 6 min
It’s Time to Pray: My heart is heavy and concerned for what is coming our way. I wish I had better news but I don’t. It is time to pray and ask God for His strength. Days of darkness and trouble are coming and the people of God need to prepare their…
America Has Lost Her Way
Apr 16, 2016 • 8 min
Based on Judges 10:6-16 and Jeremiah 7:16 The desire to erect the arches of Baal is an indicator that America has lost her way and may be at the point of no return! Baal was a demon god where babies were burned to death by throwing the babies into it’s…
The Ezekiel 29 Prophecy
Apr 12, 2016 • 9 min
Ezekiel 29:8-16 We are living in very interesting times. This prophecy is a future looking prophecy that is disastrous to Egypt. The Geopolitical climate is such today and now with ISIS on the move, events seem to be lined up in such a way we could see…
We Have Crossed The Point of No Return!
Apr 9, 2016 • 9 min
Based on Psalm 2 and 2 Timothy 3 The world is in a mess an absolute mess and it’s getting worse by the day, or so it seems. If you can fog a mirror then you know that 2 Timothy 3:1-5 is what we are living in today: But know this, that in the last days…
Trust in The Lord
Apr 3, 2016 • 9 min
Based on Psalm 37 with the struggles and tensions of the day that we live and it’s imperative and important that we learn to place our faith and trust in the Lord during these days of trial and of testing. God bless you and she live out your faith and…
News Brief: Russia Pulls Out of Syria
Mar 21, 2016 • 8 min
News Brief: Russia pulls out of Syria and what does this mean according to Bible prophecy. Bible Reading: Joel 3, Amos 9 and Zechariah 12-14 Remember to live out your faith and keep looking up because Jesus is coming back soon! Bro Stef “Watchman” Ezekiel…
Joel 3: God’s Judgement is Coming…
Mar 19, 2016 • 9 min
Based on Joel 3:1-3 According to scripture The Lord’s judgement is coming. We are living in the days that I believe will see the return of Christ. When this enormous event will take place no one knows except The Lord. The signs are all around us! All one…
The March To Ezekiel 38
Mar 9, 2016 • 9 min
As we watch developments in the political realms in America and globally it becomes clearer daily that The Lord is preparing the nations of the world for their appointment with destiny according to Bible Prophecy. -China demanding Israel divide Jerusalem…
What’s Happening?
Mar 4, 2016 • 7 min
Based on Ezekiel 38-39; Zechariah 12-14; Revelation 19 These scriptures will provide you with the foundation to what is happening in this generation. I recommend reading, when you have the time Revelation 5-18 this will provide you with a deeper…
The Coming Russian - Turkish Alliance
Feb 26, 2016 • 8 min
Based on Daniel 11 and Ezekiel 38 Many are announcing WW3 is getting ready to happen because of this squabble between Russia and Turkey. No doubt that WW3 is in the works down the road a bit, all that is really happening now is Russia and Turkey are…
Corruption knows no bounds!
Feb 9, 2016 • 9 min
Based on Judges 18-21 As people turn their back s on God something happens and most people are blind to it. You see nature abhors a vacuum, therefore when we cease believing in God something must fill the void and that is usually sin, wickedness and evil…
Ezekiel 39 Explained in Revelation 19
Feb 3, 2016 • 9 min
Based Ezekiel 39:17-20; 29 and Revelation 19:12-17 When you read Ezekiel 39 along side of Revelation 19 it becomes obvious that these are one and the same war see Ezekiel 39:29. Revelation 19 is the amplification of Ezekiel 39. The Holy Spirit provides…
The world is upside down
Jan 26, 2016 • 8 min
📚 Isaiah 5:20-23: Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, And prudent in their own sight! Woe to men…
what’s up with oil prices?
Jan 17, 2016 • 10 min
Based on Ezekiel 38. A discussion over oil prices falling to $10 a barrel . What does this mean and point to? Good article to read: Remember to LIVE OUT your faith. Trust and obey The Lord. Do not fear, do not worry, be at peace…
What’s behind the hate speech law?
Jan 2, 2016 • 19 min
Scriptural Foundation: Isaiah 5:20-21 20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! 21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, And prudent in…
PC is Driving Us Crazy!!!
Dec 29, 2015 • 9 min
You won’t believe the article that I’ve Linked in below this, it’s going to drive you right out of your mind! If things aren’t crazy…
Orthodox Jewish Rabbis begin to acknowledge Jesus as one of their own!
Dec 27, 2015 • 9 min
Photo provided by Israel Today… Headline for today’s report: One of the most significant prophecies in the Bible is finding fulfillment in the headlines today. The reason this…
US bows to Russian demand to keep Assad in office. Israel follows suit.
Dec 16, 2015 • 9 min
I believe this is a further continuation of Ezekiel 38 and 39. As we see Russia assert herself and the USA takes a appeasing backseat, we can see the world become more and more violent with social disturbances on the rise and eventually Russia will be…
Turkey Shoots Down Russian Mig
Nov 24, 2015 • 2 min
Turkey shoots down Russian Mig over Turkish airspace after turkey warned Russia repeatedly not to invade their airspace. Many in the know are saying this could spark WWIII. Developments to follow. —- Support this podcast:
Is GOD Judging The Nations?
Nov 19, 2015 • 9 min
Scriptural Foundation: Genesis 12:2-3; Obadiah 1:15-18; Deuteronomy 28:43 As I watch the migrants flood into Europe, I can’t help to ask the question, is God using this situation to begin His judgment of the nations? The Bible does make it clear that how…
Terror in Paris and Syrian Immigration
Nov 16, 2015 • 9 min
Scriptural Reference : John 16:1-4; Luke 21:36 Friday night was a night to remember when maniacal crazed men from ISIS attacked innocent civilians in France. France has not been attacked on her soil since 1944. The attacks were done with precision and the…
Video and Surveillance on The Temple Mount
Oct 31, 2015 • 8 min
This report is based on Revelation chapter 11:3-14 . The whole world will see the Two Witnesses. The temple mount is going to be videotaped with live streaming video. What does this mean according to Bible Prophecy? See Revelation 11:3-14 for the details.…
The Economics of War
Oct 16, 2015 • 8 min
Based on Ezekiel 38 the economics of war is something we have to keep our eyes on because economics often drives countries to go to war with one another in an effort to prop up their citizenry and their countries economies. Connect with me at:…
Is Ezekiel 38 Really Happening?
Oct 12, 2015 • 9 min
Today’s audio report October 12, 2015: The purpose of this report today was to help us to examine Ezekiel 38 in light of the recent news developments with Russia’s move into Syria, Iraq, Libya and potentially Afghanistan. It seems that Russia is behaving…
The Popes Visit to The U.S.
Sep 27, 2015 • 7 min
The pope visits the USA and he’s more concerned with climate control, global warming, universalism, multiculturalism and everyone coming together under the universal Catholic banner and singing kumbaya. When world leaders are blind to the real life…
Prophecy Update: Russia and The Rapture
Sep 18, 2015 • 8 min
Russia is moving into the entire Middle East and the rapture didn’t come at the Feast of Trumpets for Rosh Hashanah. What are we to make of this? Russia is moving into the entire Middle East with the aim of being the supreme super power in the region.…
Russia on The March!
Sep 6, 2015 • 9 min
This report is based on Ezekiel 38 and 39. I also think we could add Psalm 83 to our scripture list. Russia, Syria, Israel and the “one world global economic system” being pushed by Russia and China are something all of us interested in bible prophecy…
Part 2: Whose Your Faith in?
Aug 17, 2015 • 9 min
I do not want people to be so frustrated should The Lord not call us home this fall, that they fall away from frustration, anger and great disappointment! Pastor JD Video: John Haller: Jacob Prasch…
Part 1: Whose Your Faith in?
Aug 17, 2015 • 9 min
I do not want people to be so frustrated should The Lord not call us home this fall, that they fall away from frustration, anger and great disappointment! ————————————————————————————————- Matthew 24:42; “watch therefore, for you do not know what hour…
Ezekiel 38: Why?
Jul 25, 2015 • 8 min
Foundational scripture Ezekiel 38:13 . We want to answer the question why. Why is the Western Alliance doing nothing? Why does it seem in scripture that the Western Alliance sits idly by as Israel gets invaded? My audio will answer these questions!…
Iran and The Nuclear Deal
Jul 15, 2015 • 9 min
Foundational scripture Ezekiel chapter 38. My Comments: As we have all witnessed Obama putting his finger in The Lord’s eye with making a nuke deal with Iran an enemy of The Lord. Iran seeks the open destruction of the USA and Israel. They have not…
God is not done with the Jews!
Jul 11, 2015 • 9 min
Based on Revelation 21:9-21; Taking a deeper look at the new Jerusalem that our Lord is creating for us! My Thoughts: We serve a great and loving God who is actually preparing this wonderful city for us all who believe. Jesus tells us in John 14, that He…
The World Has Gone Mad
Jun 26, 2015 • 8 min
The Vatican makes a peace deal with the Palestinian state, it’s not really a state yet and the Justices vote down traditional marriage in favor of gay marriage. See Revelation 4 and 1 Corinthians 15. Today we are seeing the abandonment of Godly principals…
Peace, Safety and Sudden Destruction
Jun 22, 2015 • 9 min
1 Thessalonians 5:1-3 “but of the times and the seasons, brethren, you have no need that I write to you. For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night. For when they say, peace and safety; then sudden destruction…
What 2 State Solution…
Jun 19, 2015 • 9 min
Abbas was just offered the deal of a lifetime through the French PM in the UN, peace with Israel and he turned it down because he doesn’t want the Jews in Israel , go figure. My report is based on Daniel 9 and 12 and Zechariah 13. The man of sin, the…
The Master Builder
Jun 13, 2015 • 6 min
Based on Psalm 121 verse 4. We are witnessing right now how God is reshaping and making new alliances to complete His plan in the Middle East. Some really amazing things are happening in our world right now! • Visit us online:…
The Great Escape
Jun 9, 2015 • 9 min
Based on first Corinthians chapter 15. The time is coming when Jesus Christ will shout, come up here, revelation chapter 4. In a moment in the twinkling of an eye, the dead in Christ will rise first and then we who are alive and remain will follow them…
Faith is Real
May 28, 2015 • 7 min
This report is based on Hebrews 11:1 . It takes more faith to not believe in God, then it does to believe in Him! God says in the Bible that “the fool says in his heart there is no God.” Psalm 14:1; Listen to this audio and let me help you see how real…
May 21, 2015: YOU’RE WARNING!
May 21, 2015 • 9 min
This is a warning to anybody that will listen, time is running out and it’s time to accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior and Lord! See Romans 10. The world is growing more and more chaotic by the day, the week, the month and the year. We are living…
The Most Hawkish Israeli Government in The Last 20 Years!
May 7, 2015 • 5 min
The new coalition that Israel is putting together with people like Naftali Bennet, will put the Two State Solution, thank you George Bush Jr., on the back burner and possibly out of existence! How The Lord will put the pieces of the puzzle together, no…
Russia Reasserts Herself on The World Stage
May 5, 2015 • 9 min
Russia is in the process of re-branding her image to that of the world Superpower, as in the days prior to the Cold War. The headline below tells the story. She’s doing this by beefing up her, you guessed it, military war machine. * Headline -…
Obama & Putin: Where’s The Love Gone?
Apr 14, 2015 • 7 min
Putin has no respect for Obama. Obama’s appeasement style of governance has given way to a very dangerous world. The wrong move could cause a conflict between Russia and the USA. See Joel 2-3, Jeremiah 31, Daniel 7-12, Ezekiel 38-39, Zechariah 11-14 and…
Iron and Clay
Apr 10, 2015 • 7 min
Based on Daniel chapter 2:40-44. As the world tries to negotiate with Iran developing nuclear weapons, you can see how clay and iron just doesn’t mix! Look up Jesus is coming back soon! —- Support this podcast:
The Forgotten Prophecy
Mar 27, 2015 • 9 min
When the Lord predicted in Luke 23 that the criminal who was crucified next to Him would be with him in Paradise that day, that was a definite promise, a prophecy fulfilled! *** Hours of The Day: ***Find us at: Intel Blog:…
Bibi Shocks The World
Mar 20, 2015 • 9 min
Bibi’s reelection shocked the world! Obama is set on retreating from our relationship with Israel, but Bibi knows Obama is a lame duck and his term is nearly over. If a dem get’s into office they will probably continue to distance the USA from Israel. Not…
Cruise Missiles, Iran, EU and Israel
Mar 17, 2015 • 8 min
As IRAN builds its conventional war machine and it stockpiles of cruise missiles, they are moving dangerously closer to the Ezekiel 38-39 scenario that the Bible outlines! ***Find us at: Intel Blog: Audio Blog:…
War Makes Strange Bedfellows
Mar 10, 2015 • 9 min
Based on Ezekiel 38:13 . We are seeing the alliance between Saudi Arabia and Israel take shape in this generation. How close could we be to the Ezekiel 38 Russia, Iran, Israeli war? *** Headlines: Find us at:…
The Deliverance of Israel
Feb 27, 2015 • 9 min
Based on Zechariah 12:8-11; God is preparing his people for the time of Jacob’s trouble (Jeremiah 30) and in the meantime he wants to save them by introducing them to Messiah Jesus! Our Lord told His people that until the could say, “blessed is He who…
We’re Looking For Yeshua, Jesus, Our Messiah!
Feb 16, 2015 • 9 min
This report is based on Daniel 7-12; 2 Thessalonians 2 and Revelation 6-18. ***Find us at: Intel Blog: Audio Blog: Facebook Group: Get on Our Email List:…
Israel in The Valley of Decision
Feb 13, 2015 • 9 min
This audio report is based on a headline from the Jerusalem Connection and Israel Today. The scriptures referenced are Zechariah 12-14 and Ezekiel 38 - 39. The Headline: ***Find us at: Intel Blog: Audio Blog:…
The Burden of Egypt
Feb 12, 2015 • 8 min
This audio covers the information found in Isaiah chapter 19, the burden of Egypt and what will transpire one day in Egypt and how God will eventually bring Israel the Jews and the Egyptians together in harmony with one another through Him! Headline:…
The Millennium Jubilee is Coming!
Feb 11, 2015 • 9 min
A millennium Jubilee is coming by the return of Jesus Christ to this earth and we look forward with great anticipation to that time! Feast Days Study: Intel Blog: Audio Blog: Facebook…
A Dark Day is Coming…
Jan 28, 2015 • 7 min
January 27, 2015: The Bible tells us in Zechariah 13:8-9 that a dark day is on the horizon for the Jewish people. Two thirds of His people are going to die in the land of Israel and we need to be praying for them. —- Support this podcast:…
The Middle East in Turmoil
Jan 22, 2015 • 8 min
January 22, 2015: The Middle East is on fire and in turmoil Yeaman Falls the Saudi Arabian king dies and a rant now has brand-new ICBMs that are on launchers ready to go. What a time to be alive! —- Support this podcast:
WATCHMAN REPORT: looking Towards 2015 and Beyond
Jan 21, 2015 • 9 min
Areas of concern and things to watch throughout 2015 and beyond. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled! PDF outline: —- Support this podcast:…
Where Has All The Love Gone?
Jan 21, 2015 • 9 min
Our Lord commands us to love one another as he has loved us! Where has all the love gone in the body of Christ today? —- Support this podcast:
We’re Not Good Enough…
Jan 12, 2015 • 9 min
Based on Isaiah 64:6 our righteousness is as filthy rags. “Please feel free to comment below!” Intel Blog: Audio Blog: Facebook Group: —- Support this podcast:…
The Birth of The Savior
Dec 25, 2014 • 4 min
When was The Lord born? Luke 1:26 gives us the clue. —- Support this podcast:
Russia and North Korean Alliance
Dec 19, 2014 • 7 min
Russia and North Korea as well as China, seem to be forming the kings of the east alliance (Rev 16:12). Ezekiel chapter 38 - 39 and Revelation chapters 5-19. [ Source File: ] Intel Blog: Audio Blog:…
SIGNS of THE TIMES: Financial & Economic War
Dec 16, 2014 • 9 min
With oil prices plunging and unstable economies around the globe, are we seeing economic war being waged? Listen to my audio and watch the video and read the headline that I attached to my audio. [ Source files: | See 5:13 mins.…
Mark of the beast and the Internet
Dec 4, 2014 • 9 min
Facebook wants to connect every man woman and child to the Internet. Could this effort be unknowingly creating the digital Highway that the Antichrist will use to track every man woman and child in the world today? [ Source: ] My…
Living in Zechariah 12 through 14
Nov 19, 2014 • 9 min
It’s obvious that today we’re living through Bible prophecy that can be found in Zechariah chapters 12 through 14.  Remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem! *Headline and Video: |…
Divide Jerusalem at Your Own Peril
Nov 11, 2014 • 9 min
As the world becomes focused on Jerusalem, according to the Bible, Joel chapter 3 and Zechariah chapter 12, it points to the return of Christ. The Bible says that at that time the world will be drunk concerning Jerusalem and that’s when the Lord will…
Israel For All
Nov 8, 2014 • 4 min
As we see pressure mounting on Israel to internationalize Jerusalem I thought I would title this report is real for all I mean that’s what the worlds trying to do strip the Jewish roots out of Israel and internationalize the Jewish state specially…
The Messiah is Coming
Nov 1, 2014 • 9 min
Based on Jeremiah 31:1-9 Join my group: My Blog: Audio Blog: —- Support this podcast:
The Point of No Return
Nov 1, 2014 • 7 min
Getting healthy is about making daily decisions that become weekly, monthly and yearly decisions. Looking forward is the only way to succeed. Based on [Colossians 3:2] The Point of No Return: —- Support this podcast:…
The Days of Noah
Oct 27, 2014 • 9 min
As the days of Noah were so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man | Matthew 24:37 Tamar ‘s Show: Pastor JD’s Prophecy Update: Netanyahu Okay’s 1,000 new homes in East Jerusalem…
The Mark and NanoBots
Oct 24, 2014 • 7 min
As we get closer and closer to the time of Christ’s return things in the technology world that are coming online are staggering and just remarkable.  Please read Revelation chapter 6 through 13 for more information on the Mark of the beast and World War…
The Truth and The Media
Oct 6, 2014 • 7 min
Is Ebola pandemic and something we all need to be overly concerned about right now?  Is the media reporting the truth or they only concerned with profits? —- Support this podcast:
Why We Suffer
Oct 2, 2014 • 9 min
1 Peter 4; we suffer so we can be transformed into the image of our Savior and Lord. Suffering produces faith and faith produces hope and love. Trails also help us to see the condition of our faith in God. Trials ultimately are meant to cause us to lean…
Ukrainian Parallels to Ezekiel 38
Sep 8, 2014 • 6 min
The parallels between the Ukrainian crisis and Ezekiel 38 are very interesting and I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that they parallel one another either. Join the conversation at Facebook: My blog: —- Support…
Psalm 56:3 I will trust in you!
Aug 31, 2014 • 4 min
Based on Psalm 55, 56 & 57: When you get in trouble or when you feel down or when life’s pressures are challenging you trust in the Lord because he cares for you! —- Support this podcast:
Don’t become frightened…God always provide a way of escape!
Aug 31, 2014 • 4 min
Based on Matthew 24: Matthew 24:4-8; Yeshua replied: “Watch out! Don’t let anyone fool you! For many will come in my name, saying, `I am the Messiah!’ and they will lead many astray. You will hear the noise of wars nearby and the news of wars far off; see…
God Cares For You & Me
Aug 30, 2014 • 7 min
God cares for us 1 Peter 5:7 . Join the conversation at Facebook: My blog: —- Support this podcast:
EU: Divide Jerusalem
Aug 29, 2014 • 4 min
Jimmy’s Prophetic Prospective on the News — As EU leaders declare war on the Jewish settlers and call for the division of the city of Jerusalem, a student of Bible prophecy can see better in focus the end of time scenario that the Lord gave to the ancient…
Jesus The Lamb of God
Aug 26, 2014 • 8 min
Based on Leviticus 1:1-5 Jesus became the Lamb of God who took away the sins of the world! —- Support this podcast:
He Will Never Leave Us Alone
Aug 21, 2014 • 6 min
Based on Hebrews 10:35-39: Sometimes it’s difficult trusting God while we’re going through trials. He will never leave us or for-sake us that you can count on! —- Support this podcast:
The Dead Church
Aug 17, 2014 • 6 min
The majority of pastors today just aren’t talking about what’s going on in the world and connecting the dots between the headlines and the Bible appropriately and informing their congregations. Is the church dead? Or are the pastors today dead? —- Support…
God Is On Our Side
Aug 17, 2014 • 9 min
Let’s keep in mind that our God is in total control he is our help in time of trouble! Remember to read Psalms 9 and John 16 for the encouragement that all of us need in these times of trouble. God Bless You! Join the conversation at Facebook:…
Wars & Rumors of Wars
Aug 6, 2014 • 8 min
The war in Israel is over however, give it another year two and we’ll see another war. Wars and rumors of wars that’s what the world is experiencing right now. Listen to my audio for the details. Tovia and Tamar Show:…
The World Has Gone Insane
Aug 1, 2014 • 8 min
As we look around things just aren’t making sense anymore. Good is evil evil is good and people just don’t seem to have a grasp on common sense anymore. Listen to my audio to see what I think about all this. Join the conversation at Facebook:…
Buy Freely From The Lord
Jul 30, 2014 • 8 min
In our society we’re so used to purchasing items for cash and for hard-earned dollars, yet in Gods economy everything is free to us because of what Jesus Christ did on the cross for us. Lord I thank you that you died for me, that you shed your blood for…
Will the 3rd Temple Bring Peace?
Jul 29, 2014 • 9 min
Will the third Temple bring peace? Actually unfortunately, the answer to the question is no it will not bring a “lasting” peace. Peace will only be for a short period of time and Jeremiah chapter 30 will occur. listen to the audio to find out more… I hope…
Shemitah Year and Prophecy Trends
Jul 28, 2014 • 8 min
How God used the Arab Spring to setup His plan and could we be ready for something of huge spiritual significance due to this being a Shemitah Year? Join the conversation at Facebook: My blog: Sponsors Needed:…
Iran, Israel and Ezekiel 38
Jul 20, 2014 • 3 min
As we watch the world and the geopolitical landscape develop, it becomes clear that the United States is going to allow Iran to become a nuclear power. Israel is the only country in the world that has the will and the means to stop this from happening. If…
Peace is leading to tribulation
Jul 18, 2014 • 6 min
Peace at any cost is not safety nor is it security. There is a time for war, there is a time to talk peace, there is a time to protect yourself and peace always comes at a cost and in most cases in this world, peace is found through strength not through…
The Way Prophecy Seems to be Revealed
Jul 17, 2014 • 7 min
We don’t always know what God is doing until it is almost finished or completed and then as we look back using hindsight, we can see the hand of God in some thing that he has done or is doing. Join the conversation at Facebook: My…
A Birthday Gift Fom God
Jul 17, 2014 • 4 min
Does God care about our birthdays? I believe he does and he gave me a birthday gift today July 17, 2014 just for me on my birthday. Join the conversation at Facebook: My blog: Sponsors Needed:…
Update: Israel Conflict
Jul 12, 2014 • 4 min
Update on the Israeli - Hamas conflict and links from DebkaFile and also Jan Markell’s Saturday radio report update. —- Support this podcast:
War or No War?
Jul 10, 2014 • 5 min
Flareups in the Middle East like the one were seeing in Israel right now can stop as fast as they start. —- Support this podcast:
HaShem (G-D) is Waiting on His People
Jul 9, 2014 • 8 min
The Lord is waiting on his people to cry out to him and to repent of their sins and to turn to him. When that happens He will return and defend His land and people. He will put an end to the tribulation and the pain and suffering here on this earth that…
Iran and The Global Oil Supply
Jul 8, 2014 • 6 min
Iran is trying to make a move on the global oil supply and take over Saudi Arabia’s oil supplies and Iraq’s oil supplies making them the majority global oil reserve provider. —- Support this podcast:
Iran, Russia, ISIS & Ezekiel 38
Jul 8, 2014 • 4 min
My thoughts about Iran, Russia, ISIS and Ezekiel 38. Amazing what God is doing right now! —- Support this podcast:
Jesus Messiah
Jul 5, 2014 • 4 min
This is a song I want to share while we all pray for our brothers and sisters in the ME who are suffering in ways we can not understand! Yeshua is our hope and salvation! —- Support this podcast:
God will provide
Jul 3, 2014 • 2 min
God will provide and he will never leave us or forsake us. He’s always there for us helping us along the way . —- Support this podcast:
Isaiah 17 Destruction of Damascus?
Jun 28, 2014 • 3 min
Could the developments in Syria, Iraq and the Middle East end up being the spark that brings about Isaiah 17? Very interesting video: —- Support this podcast:
Psalm 83: Isis and the Golan
Jun 28, 2014 • 3 min
Could we be seeing the developments of the Psalm 83 war especially now with Isys running through the whole Middle East? —- Support this podcast:
Words Are Everything…
Jun 22, 2014 • 4 min
Words create perceptions and when it comes to Israel and the Jews we need to be careful what perceptions we are creating. —- Support this podcast: