We reached the moon. Then, generations fell in love with outer space.

The Next Adventure
Jun 28, 2019 • 11 min
Astronaut Andrew Feustel is into technology. He is one of a select few to perform hands-on work on the Hubble Telescope while in space. When Drew meets Reed Blanchard, a student from the Mars generation, they reminisce about reaching the moon,…
Breaking Barriers
Jun 27, 2019 • 13 min
Decades after the enrollment of NASA’s first black astronauts, people of color are still a minority in aerospace. Dr. Bernard Harris, Jr., the first African American to perform a spacewalk, discusses challenging stereotypes with a young woman who dreams…
Jun 26, 2019 • 14 min
If you were growing up with Bryan Lunney in Friendswood, TX in the 1960s – you might think everyone’s dad helped get astronauts to the moon too. He eventually follows in his father’s footsteps and becomes a flight director at Johnson Space Center. In this…
The Women Of Mission Control
Jun 25, 2019 • 13 min
During the Apollo Era, mission control was almost completely exclusive to men. Poppy Northcutt – mission control’s first female engineer – recalls open sexism upon her arrival in the 1960s. Decades later, she returns to Johnson Space Center for another…
The Mission
Jun 24, 2019 • 13 min
Alfred Worden graduated from West Point in the 1950s. He went into the military, and then piloted a mission to the moon. Thirty years later, Shane Kimbrough graduated from West Point. He went into the military and later commanded a mission to the…