Is She Okay?

Is She Okay?
A weekly podcast where we check in on our favorite celebrities and each other. Hosted by three sisters: Allie, Maddie, and Bridget Jones. We want to gossip with you! Send everything and anything to [email protected]

Zooey Deschanel’s BF (Ballet Flat)
Sep 18 • 31 min
The girls are here to recommend Hustlers and nothing else. They also discuss Zooey Deschanel’s poor choice of boyfriends and casual footwear. Is it ever okay to date an adult male twin? Oh dear. Finally, Maddie presses Allie and Bridget to recap their…
A Bachelor Contestant, a Funeral, and a Face Lift
Sep 11 • 33 min
Summer is over, and the girls are BACK to discuss their recent celeb sightings and the latest in the Lori Loughlin case. Of course, they weigh in on Gigi Hadid’s funeral date and Bella Hadid’s funeral face. And they reveal their longtime desire to visit ……
Lizzie McGuire Dreams
Aug 29 • 33 min
The girls can’t believe that Lizzie McGuire is going to be back on the air. They also provide a crucial update about their childhood orthodontist and discuss Olivia Jade’s sorority initiation. And thank God: Bridget reviews the VMAs.
Katie Holmes’s Cry for Help
Aug 21 • 35 min
The girls dig right into Bridget’s feud with her neighbors, Britney Spears’s Target trips, and Justin Bieber’s potential big church wedding. They also discover that a certain celebrity is a fan of Ivanka Trump’s Instagram. And they worry about Katie…
Miley Cyrus and the Fake Hills Wedding
Aug 14 • 39 min
After a brief hiatus, the girls are back to discuss Miley Cyrus’s divorce, Brody Jenner’s fake wedding, and the overlap between the two. They also celebrate Olivia Jade’s triumphant return to Instagram. Later, Maddie makes a shocking pronouncement about…
Bridget Wants a Bieber Baby
Jul 31 • 38 min
The girls dive into Hailey Baldwin-Bieber’s baby fever and Constance Wu’s alleged diva behavior. They also analyze Leo DiCaprio’s girlfriend’s Instagram and resurrect the special segment “What We Fought About This Week.” (Hint: It involves concealer.)…
Khloe Kardashian’s Nose Contour (w/ Mariah Smith)
Jul 24 • 38 min
The girls are back with a very special guest: writer, performer, and our nation’s preeminent Kardashian expert Mariah Smith. Mariah and the girls discuss Khloe Kardashian’s beauty routine, Sofia Richie’s confusing friendship with Kylie Jenner, and the…
Katy Perry in HELL
Jul 17 • 35 min
The girls are live from their parents’ basement in this very special episode. They discuss Brad Pitt’s hairline, Katy Perry’s disturbing wedding toast, and Justin Bobby’s romantic wisdom on The Hills.
Tumblr Can’t Fix Taylor Swift
Jul 10 • 37 min
It’s the second episode of Is She Okay? and the girls are on a roll. They discuss Olivia Munn’s scandals, question Gwyneth Paltrow’s reality, and name a breakout star in the Taylor Swift-Scooter Braun feud. Later, Maddie makes a startling personal…
Paging Olivia Jade
Jul 3 • 37 min
It’s the first episode of Is She Okay? and the girls are feeling great. They discuss celebrity wedding season, Bridget’s Gen Z status, Allie’s continued run-ins with a former star of Cougar Town, and Maddie’s First Holy Communion. They also make a…
Introducing the Jones Girls
Jun 25 • 1 min
Welcome to Is She Okay? with The Jones Girls. A new podcast where we check in on our favorite celebrities and each other.