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The Secret Marketing Genius Behind Nike
Jul 9 • 6 min
So has Nike lost it? They’ve certainly lost potential and many existing customers with their recent moves. Yet, much like a tweet from the President, what the company is actually doing is staying in the public eye without having to pay for a major ad…
The Gold Market Rally Has Entered its Next Phase
Jul 2 • 7 min
We’re seeing this next phase start to play out with gold right now. The metal went down from its last peak in 2011 until 2016—a five-year bear market! But in early 2016, the metal started to gradually move higher.
Buy a Company in this Unloved Sector
Jun 25 • 7 min
For decades, the airlines were a terrible investment. With fare wars, the competition to increase market share, and so on, the big carriers racked up all sorts of debt, only to go into bankruptcy when the economy or travel slowed.
How I Pay My Small Bills Each Month With Options
Jun 21 • 11 min
One powerful strategy involves making what I call “gas money” trades, where I can make a small amount of money, but safely and often thanks to the options market.
Are Apple (AAPL) Shares a Buy Following their Event?
Jun 21 • 7 min
The tech company is adding a suite of services, from a credit card to a digital news subscription service to a video subscription service and so on.
Tilray (TLRY) - How to Find The Best Stocks to Trade
Jun 20 • 8 min
Not sure the best way to get started?
Two Strategies to Benefit from a Correcting Market
Jun 20 • 10 min
TWO investment plays to benefit from a market that’s now down 10 percent from recent highs
How I Use Options to Get the Most Out of My Stock Portfolio
Jun 20 • 10 min
One of the first bosses I ever had used this low-risk option strategy to significantly boost the returns he received from his stock portfolio.
Using The Options Market to Find the Next Big Trade
Jun 20 • 10 min
Thanks to the options market, investors can also see where unusual moves are happening specifically with prices and dates—to really pinpoint likely moves in the market.
Wall Street’s Wisest Saying
Jun 20 • 7 min
The trend is your friend. That’s especially true if you want to trade in the options market, where you have a limited amount of time for a trade to play out.
Nothing Lasts Forever
Jun 20 • 6 min
What happens when the trend ends? After all, nothing lasts forever. That’s when things can become troublesome for investors. At least, for those who don’t know the signs.
The Crown Jewels in the Stock Market Kingdom
Jun 20 • 7 min
Companies come and go. The last component of the original Dow Jones Index, General Electric, got booted last year.But you could have been out of that name for far longer if you had followed a simple rule: Only invest in companies that delive…
Recognize When to Expect a Flat Trade
Jun 20 • 6 min
Any asset can have a long period of time where it trades in a sideways range, bouncing between a high and low.
Buying is Only Half of Investing
Jun 20 • 6 min
Even short-term traders use rules like this—which limit their losses, but can also prevent their gains from working out as well as they could.
Buy Now, Get More than You Paid In Later (Year After Year)
Jun 20 • 6 min
This secret is a simple math equation known as the “yield on cost.” It involves the current total cash payout divided by the original price paid.
The One Surefire Way to Retire Rich
Jun 20 • 6 min
Imagine you had a penny that doubled in value every day for a month.
Are Your Charts Hiding Profits From You?
Jun 20 • 6 min
To find these extreme intra-day moves, and to get an idea of where the bulk of the trading money is going on a daily basis in a stock, a line chart just won’t cut it.
The One Surefire Pattern for Massive Declines
Jun 20 • 7 min
Recognizing this pattern can unlock huge profits—and also give you a hint that you should take them off the table before they’re done.
Catch These Patterns for the Best Day Trading Profits
Jun 20 • 7 min
These patterns show what traders are doing in real time—and can give you a clue as to when more profits are expected, even if it looks like prices are starting to sag after a recent move.
Jump Start Your Income Today
Jun 19 • 7 min
They may not see the kind of share growth of a traditional company, but they do offer current income now… exactly the kind of opportunity that could turn a modest portfolio yield into a sizeable one, and help balance the lower-yielding stocks that you own.
How a Mere $50 Can Get Your Investment Portfolio Started
Jun 19 • 5 min
If you follow a traditional route, that’s probably true. You’d need that much to fund a brokerage account and start buying a few stocks to start a nest egg.
The Buffett Strategy to Create a Virtuous Cycle of Wealth
Jun 19 • 6 min
More importantly, well-managed companies can throw off plenty of cash flow to investors. Whether reinvested or paid out in dividends, this cash flow provides new investment opportunities.
How Young Warren Buffett Routinely Beat the Markets
Jun 19 • 6 min
While the opportunities aren’t as extreme like that today, markets are mostly focused on large-cap companies. Finding deep value in smaller-cap companies can still lead to plenty of opportunities to outperform the overall stock market.
Take a Fast Pass on Disney Shares at This Price
Jun 19 • 6 min
But a great company doesn’t always mean it’s trading at a great price for investors.
When – or Should—You Buy Lyft Shares?
Jun 19 • 7 min
What happened? All IPOs should ideally price shares high enough that initial investors can get out at a reasonable profit.
Avoid Companies that Announce These Things
Jun 19 • 6 min
Companies that make certain announcements may as well be broadcasting to the investment community that their shares will underperform for a while— and possibly even cause a company to go bankrupt.
Two Ways Companies Set Themselves Up For Future Success
Jun 19 • 6 min
A company may also avoid earnings season to announce a big acquisition or the development of a complementary product or service that can gain market share, improve profit margins, or otherwise improve profitability.
Find the Toll Bridge Investment for this High-Tech Sector
Jun 19 • 7 min
This new battleground sector is ripe for profit. But only one area offers the best prospect for consistent, high-margin profits for investors going forward.
Why Kraft-Heinz Fell, and Why It Will Rise Again
Jun 19 • 6 min
Remember, when a company can seem to do no wrong, its shares will often get priced for perfection—and then head higher. When the news is bad and big, like the $15 billion write down, markets tend to overreact.
Crisis Investing 101: Buy During Panics
Jun 19 • 6 min
It’s not an extreme crisis, but for a solid blue-chip company, it’s enough of a crisis to create a value in this otherwise extremely bullish market.
Key Takeaways From the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting
Jun 19 • 7 min
There’s a celebration all weekend long—and best of all, a chance to ask questions to CEO Warren Buffett on just about anything.
Invasion of the Unicorns
Jun 18 • 7 min
Given how Uber’s market valuation is nearly $60 billion in spite of a weak IPO, however, investors may want to look elsewhere.
Buy this Blue Chip Bargain
Jun 18 • 7 min
There are a lot of ways to make money in the market. But even if you find that rare company that can move ten-fold and provide one of the best profits of your lifetime, that will take time. Most investors get impatient. There are far more in…
When Stock Investors Get it Wrong
Jun 18 • 7 min
t’s no wonder that Tesla shares are down by nearly half in less than a year—and why some analysts are already calling for a further 90-95 percent drop from here.
One Corporate Event that Creates Buying Opportunities Time and Again
Jun 18 • 6 min
In the twenty-first century, new legal battles are forming. And one place they’re forming in are in the opioid space. Abuse of opioids—legally and illegally—have been on the rise for a long time, and some places are starting to go after the companies that…
Buy the Post Bubble Collapse
Jun 18 • 7 min
While buying into one seems like the right idea at the time, usually under the guise that “everyone else is making money!,” investors can often get better prices waiting for the bubble to burst.