Photography & Videography Success - Vince Revo

Photography & Videography Success - Vince Revo
How to succeed as a Photographer & Videographer. We talk about all things Photography, Cinematography and Inspiration. Youtube: Follow us also on Youtube: Instagram: Facebook: Thank you for listening to the Vince Revo Podcast A podcast dedicated to photography and videography success. If you want to learn how to succeed as a photographer or succeed as a film maker or videographer in an incredibly competitive landscape, make sure to tune in for our podcast and subscribe!

Boxer Death - Maxim Dadashev
Jul 28 • 6 min
Maxim Dadashev dies after boxing match due to brain damage. This is the 2nd boxer to die from a fight in the same week. Watch the full episode on YouTube or check us out on Instagram
The TRUTH about Jason Lanier (Rockstar Photographer vs Models)
Jul 20 • 54 min
In this podcast we talk about the truth about Jason Lanier and all the allegations against him. It covers the models sides and also the Jason Lanier’s side. Do you think Jason Lanier is innocent or guilty? ||| check us out on YouTube @…
Biggest Mistake Photographers & Videographers make that hinder success.
Jul 18 • 16 min
In this podcast we talk about the one big mistake a lot of new and experienced photographers and videographers and artist make that cause ultimate failure in reaching their goals ||| check us out on YouTube @ and Instagram…
Body & Mind for Photography, Videography Success
Jul 15 • 10 min
Taking care of your body and mind and getting enough rest isn’t really something that’s talked about too often talked about in Photography and Videography circles, but after almost getting t-boned the other day, got to reflect on rest and taking care of…
Artist Motivational - Starving Artist, Photographer, Film Maker
Jul 13 • 12 min
This podcast is dedicated to motivate and inspire you to reach your dreams. We will be doing this new series called Artist Motivational. Watch the full video on our YouTube and follow us on Instagram at…
AK-R1 vs Magmod - Pro Photographers Review
Jul 11 • 17 min
In this video we go over the pros and cons of the godox ak-r1 system and the magmod diffusion system. I took these modifiers out on several professional shoots and here’s my final verdict. In this video we talk about my experience with both the ad600pro…
Bride passes away and groom has deep talk with pro photographer
Jul 11 • 2 min
Life is short. Make the most of it.
Ad600pro vs ad600 - real world experience review
Jul 4 • 16 min
In this video we talk about my experience with both the ad600pro and the ad600. Should you get the original? Is it worth it to get the pro version? to watch the video head over and subscribe to our YouTube channel
The truth about me, subscribers & starting this podcast
Jul 1 • 19 min
In this video we cover various things like my background, gratitude to the small, but gracious 6,000 subscribers, and the who, what, when, where and how of this podcast /// to watch the video head over and subscribe to our YouTube channel…
Yongnuo vs Godox Litihium Speedlights - Vince Revo Podcast #2
Jun 27 • 20 min
This podcast is the audio taken from my YouTube video reviewing and unboxing the Yongnuo 560Li and comparing its recycle time and overheating issue to the godox 850ii (which is very similar in performance to the 860ii) /// to watch the video head over and…
Very first podcast - Vince Revo
Jun 22 • 6 min
Vince Revo - #1 - the beginning. I’ve been meaning to start a podcast for the longest time. Finally that time has come. Welcome and congrats on being one of the first listeners!