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The Portal
Welcome to The Portal. This podcast does something different. Hosted by Eric Weinstein. Coming July 2019.

15: Garrett Lisi - My Arch-nemesis, Myself.
Dec 6 • 110 min
Garrett Lisi, the so called “Surf Bum with a Theory of Everything (or T.O.E.)”, is a PhD theoretical physicist who has refused to be captured by the theoretical physics community. By making shrewd investments, he has avoided holding meaningful employment…
14: London Tsai - The Reclusive Dean of The New Escherians
Nov 30 • 66 min
What happened to the Mathematical and Scientific art movement after MC Escher? It went underground. In this episode of the Portal, Eric begins tracking down the leaders of this hidden movement; one that is smuggling higher level science into transcendent…
13: Garry Kasparov - Avoiding Zugzwang in AI and Politics
Nov 23 • 98 min
In this cordially combative episode, Eric sits down with Russian chess legend, multiple-year champion and (inarguably) one of the greatest players of all time, Garry Kasparov. The two discuss transcending AI-induced demotivation, AI brilliancy (and lack…
12: Vitalik Buterin - The Ethereal Prince and His Virtual Machine
Nov 21 • 95 min
In this episode, Vitalik Buterin sits down with Eric to discuss ethereum, the wider world of crypto and heterodox economics. Taking note of the new development of blockchain in 2010, Eric wrote an essay called “Go Virtual Young Man”. A few years later, a…
11: Sam Harris - Fighting with Friends
Nov 15 • 158 min
On this episode of The Portal, Eric talks to one of his closest friends, neuroscientist, philosopher and meditation-guru, Sam Harris. When Sam and Eric sit down they generally agree about a large number of things. So in this experiment of a session, Eric…
10: Julie Lindahl: Shaking the poisoned fruit of shame out of the family tree
Oct 31 • 103 min
Eric sits down with Julie Lindahl, author of “The Pendulum”. What happens when an ethnically German girl growing up in Brazil gets curious to finally make sense of her family history to stop the cycle of dysfunction? Julie Lindahl’s new book “The…
9: Bryan Callen - Cracking Wise
Oct 30 • 139 min
Eric sits down with friend, philosopher, comic, actor and fighter Bryan Callen for a wide ranging conversation on camaraderie, conflict and comedy. Over the course of 2+ hours, the two discuss difficult topics like the holocaust, gender dynamics and the…
8: Andrew Yang - The Dangerously Different Candidate The Media Wants You To Ignore
Oct 2 • 68 min
In this episode of the Portal, Eric checks in with his friend Andrew Yang to discuss the meteoric rise of his candidacy; one that represents an insurgency against a complacent political process that the media establishment doggedly tries to maintain.…
7: Bret Easton Ellis - The Dark Laureate of Generation X
Sep 29 • 121 min
Eric sits down with Bret Easton Ellis; the two Gen X’ers graduated from rival high schools in a disaffected 1982 Los Angeles that inspired Ellis’ first novel “Less Than Zero”. In this conversation, they reflect on LA, Generation X, and the different…
6: Jocko Willink - The Way of the Violent Intellectual
Sep 7 • 121 min
Jocko Willink is a man who radiates decency. He is also part of a community of warriors drawn to test themselves in the crucible of deadly combat against an evil and implacable foe. Eric sits down with Jocko Willink to learn how this cerebral Navy SEAL…
5: Rabbi Wolpe - “So a Rabbi and an atheist walk into a podcast…”
Aug 31 • 111 min
Beyond New Atheism: is a constructive adult relationship possible between atheism and religion? On this episode of the portal, Eric hosts leading conservative rabbi David Wolpe and explores the possibilities for, and problems with, a new synthesis of…
4: Timur Kuran - The Economics of Revolution and Mass Deception
Aug 20 • 165 min
What if everything we are taught in economics 101 is not only wrong, but may even be setting us up for populism, dictatorship or revolution? On this episode of the Portal, Eric is joined by Renegade Economist Professor Timur Kuran whose theory of…
3: Werner Herzog
Jul 25 • 81 min
Episode 3 of The Portal is with film director Werner Herzog.
2: What Is The Portal?
Jul 19 • 28 min
What is the portal?
1: Peter Thiel
Jul 17 • 172 min
Welcome to The Portal. Episode 1 is a conversation with Peter Thiel. Please subscribe to The Portal anywhere you listen to podcasts, and leave us a rating and review in Apple Podcasts.
Welcome to The Portal
Jun 24 • 0 min
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