Your Brain at Work

Your Brain at Work
In organizations around the world, leaders are facing a deluge of urgent issues: a crisis in employee engagement, the need to make workforces more diverse, and the challenge of making workplaces feel human in an era of increasing dependence on technology and remote communication. At the NeuroLeadership Institute, we believe brain science can help provide solutions. Join us on Your Brain At Work, the official podcast of the NeuroLeadership Institute — where top researchers and thought leaders share breakthroughs in brain science and industry leaders reveal the strategies behind their success. By helping them understand how the brain works, we equip leaders with the tools to transform their organizations — building new habits and changing how people work, communicate, and make decisions. Combining research and practice, brain science and business leadership, Your Brain at Work explores how insights from the lab can provide solutions that work across industries and at any scale. Season 1 guests include broad

Put Storytelling to Work with Soledad O’Brien and Dr. David Rock
Aug 5 • 19 min
For thousands of years, humans have used storytelling to share their truths and connect with others. And yet, as so many of today’s organizations continue to diversify, leaders still struggle to include a range of perspectives, even for critical…
Can Patagonia Change the World? with CHRO Dean Carter and Dr. David Rock
Aug 5 • 17 min
Patagonia, the clothing company beloved for its mountain-ready apparel, has for the last few years been embarking on a journey of its own. Rather than simply avoid doing the planet harm, Patagonia wants to regenerate and protect Mother Earth through its…
The Great Learning Transformation at P&G with FD Wilder and Dr. Heidi Grant
Aug 5 • 24 min
As digitally native retailers like Amazon and Alibaba begin to nibble away at legacy brands’ market share, companies like Procter & Gamble have started rethinking the way they approach new product lines. For FD Wilder, Former Senior Vice President of…
Your Brain at Work (Description)
Jun 24 • 0 min
Learn about the Neuroleadership Institute’s podcast, Your Brain at Work. Season 1 launches August 7th, 2019.