Sober Raditude with Julie & Daniella

Sober Raditude with Julie & Daniella
Two Sober gals, living a life of purpose & passion. Feel free, to join us on our continued journey. Topics we aspire to organically discuss; The lengths we go, while struggling in active addiction. Early recovery: The difficulties as well as the victories, in which we learn to apply to our recovery tools daily. Sharing our vulnerable life lessons, in hopes to be a voice for those struggling. Embracing those uncomfortable feelings, walking through life’s challenges. Recovery is very individualized and we are inspired by everyone. We recover together; lets encourage and embrace one another.

Early Recovery: Understanding Post Acute withdrawals
Jun 30, 2019 • 32 min
Understanding Post Acute Withdrawal (PAWS) There are two stages of withdrawal. The first stage is the acute stage, which usually lasts at most a few weeks. During this stage, you may experience physical withdrawal symptoms. But every drug is different,…
10 Ways To Know You’re An Addict or Alcoholic
Jun 23, 2019 • 58 min
-Outrageous behavior when drinking? -Can you manage your drinking? -Is drugs even socially normal? -What did your first drink feel like? -How did you justify taking drugs before you got sober? -Does an addict care or at some point just lives for the…