The Fly Culture Podcast

The Fly Culture Podcast
Pete Tyjas from Fly Culture Magazine sits down with people whose lives either revolve around or are shaped by fly fishing.

Fly rod design with Peter Knox
Jul 8 • 77 min
I talk with Peter Knox about his love of fly fishing and his job at Farbank where he designs rods for Sage. This is a fascinating insight into the process of rod building and the many hours of work that goes in to making a fly rod from design to the…
Dani Morey on the Spey, salmon fishing and being a fishing guide
Jul 2 • 73 min
Dani Morey has lived and breathed fly fishing from an early age but it was fishing the Spey that changed her life. She had been fishing there for many years before deciding to throw in a well paid job to live close to the river than means so much to…
Nick Thomas on fishing, fly tying and living close to his home water
Jun 24 • 91 min
Nick Thomas’ role was to come up with solutions in his previous career. He has taken those skills over into his fishing, film making and fly tying. He is always devising new patterns and techniques that he’ll try out on his home water. If you’ve never…
Colin Macleod on mullet, bass and the limestone lochs of Caithness
Jun 17 • 74 min
Saltwater fly fishing in the UK has been a branch of our sport that has seen a steady growth over the last decade. There are few who have managed to have consistent success targeting mullet but Colin Macleod is one of those few.This is a fascinating…
Answering listener questions and hints and tricks for reservoir fishing with Nick Hart
Jun 10 • 103 min
Nick Hart talks reservoir fishing tricks and tips and we answer questions from listeners of the podcast.
Nick Yardley - From Yorkshire to Vermont
Jun 2 • 75 min
Nick Yardley has always had a passion for fly fishing. First, learning on the streams of Yorkshire and then moving to the US to become a mountaineering guide and then working in the fishing industry. He lives in the back country in Vermont.It is a…
Jon Hazlett on being a guide, steelhead and his life in fishing
May 25 • 74 min
Jon Hazlett has worked in fishing for a number of years now. He guides for steelhead in Oregon but has enjoyed a varied life that has always revolved around fly fishing. We talk about his career in the fishing industry. He is an entertaining person to…
The definition of a trout bum with Dan Osmond
May 19 • 71 min
I talk with Dan Osmond one of the current crop of young fly anglers searching out wild trout in wild places. He talks about his passion for fly fishing and sleeping in a car for 2 months so that he could fish the streams of Devon and Dorset. An engaging…
Stan Mankov on fishing in Bulgaria, conservation and huchen on the fly
May 11 • 75 min
It was fascinating to talk with Stan and to get an insight into fishing in Bulgaria and the surrounding areas.We talk about how anglers have helped stop the damning of rivers, why he quit competitive fly fishing and his passion for huchen.
Matt Eastham-North Country Angler
May 4 • 84 min
I talk with Matt Eastham about fishing the rivers of the north country, streamers, writing a successful blog and magazine articles and how he feels about fly fishing.It is clear Matt is a thinker when it comes to all aspects of his life including…
Living and fishing in Montana with photographer Jess Haydahl Richardson
Apr 27 • 84 min
Montana is a place close to my heart and it was fun to catch up with Jess, who provided the cover image for the spring edition of Fly Culture, about her life as a photographer and the fishing in Montana.We talk about her life as a fishing photographer,…
James Gilbraith - Terminal Chancer
Apr 20 • 90 min
James Gilbraith is an author of two books based around the fishing he enjoys with friends on his local river, the Ribble.He has a zest for live, passion for salmon and a wonderful sense of humour.We talk about what fishing means to him, learn about the…
Gareth Lewis on blogs, production tying and the streams of South Wales
Apr 14 • 75 min
Gareth and I talk about his love of casting a dry fly on the many streams near where he lives in Cardiff, Wales.We also discuss what it was like to run one of the early fly fishing blogs in the UK along with production fly tying.Gareth is a knowledgable…
Duncan Raynor talks about the fishing in Zimbabwe, fly tying and the streams of Cornwall
Apr 9 • 86 min
An enjoyable podcast that starts in Zimbabwe and ends in Cornwall via many other locations.We talk about fishing, tying flies and guiding.Recorded before the virus lockdown
Spencer Durrant on fishing in Utah, Midcurrent and writing
Apr 5 • 83 min
This is my first transatlantic podcast with Spencer Durrant who is News Editor for the online resource, Midcurrent along with writing articles for many of the American fishing magazines. Most of all though, he is a passionate trout angler who will…
Pete Cockwill - Stalking large trout, Alaskan grayling, tackle and a life in fishing
Mar 29 • 60 min
Pete Cockwill needs little by way of introduction to fly anglers in the UK. He has written books, made videos and written countless articles for the angling press.I sit down and talk to him about the passion he has for fly fishing that still burns just…
Andy Buckley - Fishing Guide
Mar 24 • 99 min
Andy Buckley’s life has revolved around fishing from an early age. He has worked in tackle shops, been a saltwater fishing guide and now runs his own guiding business based in Derbyshire, UK.We talk about what it is like to be a full time fishing guide….
Bruno Vincent - Wild Trout Trust, Westcountry Rivers Trust and fishing
Mar 18 • 76 min
Bruno Vincent, Wild Trout Trust and Westcountry Rivers Trust
Paul Richardson on fishing and product design
Mar 6 • 103 min
Aside from being a passionate angler, Paul Richardson is deeply involved within the fly fishing industry and has worked with companies designing new products, ad campaigns and delivering projects.His client list is impressive - Redington, Winston,…
Trout and Flies - Getting Closer with Peter Hayes and Don Stazicker
Feb 27 • 101 min
I sit down with co-authors Peter Hayes and Don Stazicker and learn about their new e-book Trout and Flies - Getting Closer.We talk at length about how the book came about, their findings and how they applied what they learnt. This is a deep look into…
John Aplin on tackle shops, fishing, tarpon and his beloved River Frome
Feb 19 • 66 min
John Aplin
Charles Jardine and his life in fishing
Feb 3 • 68 min
Charles Jardine
Fish, fishing and conservation with Howard Taylor
Jan 15 • 88 min
Upstream Dry Fly
Nick Measham on fishing and his work with The Salmon and Trout Conservation
Jan 2 • 77 min
Nick Measham talk fishing and his work with The Salmon and Trout Conservation
Tackle Talk
Dec 8, 2019 • 84 min
Tackle Talk
Fishing the chalk streams with Gilly Bate
Nov 25, 2019 • 70 min
Chalkstream fishing with Gilly Bate
Luke Bannister on fly rods, fly patterns and fishing videos
Nov 12, 2019 • 72 min
Luke Bannister on fly rods, fly patterns and fishing videos
Not so different after all - Trout fishing in South Africa with Andrew Fowler
Oct 24, 2019 • 66 min
Fly fishing in South Africa with Andrew Fowler
Downstream or Upstream with Gerald Spiers
Sep 23, 2019 • 73 min
Upstream or Downstream
Paul Procter on fly fishing
Sep 9, 2019 • 92 min
Paul Procter on fly fishing
Damon Valentine - From Yorkshire to London
Aug 24, 2019 • 70 min
Damon Valentine - From Yorkshire to London
GTs, bones and a life in fishing with Pete McLeod
Aug 1, 2019 • 71 min
Saltwater fly fishing with Pete McLeod
Jim Williams - Fishing, fly casting and leaders
Jul 17, 2019 • 72 min
Jim Williams on fishing, fly casting and leader design
Nick Hart, a career in fly fishing
Jul 2, 2019 • 62 min
Nick Hart, a career in fly fishing
The Fly Culture Podcast with Pete Tyjas
Jun 23, 2019 • 10 min
The very first Fly Culture Podcast