Proles of the Minyan

Proles of the Minyan
Proles of the Round Table satellite, bringing Marxist-Leninist analysis to Jewish history, culture, and current events. Long live the Diaspora. Long live Palestine.

5. A Sweet & Red New Year! Proles of the Minyan High Holy Days Special 5780
Oct 3 • 71 min
In this special and (sort of) shorter episode, Talia and Yaakov sit down and reflect on the meaning of the High Holy Days, with readings of Rabbi Brant Rosen from Tzedek Chicago & the Book of Isaiah, audio clips from the Minyan trio and a comrade from…
4. Renew Our Days As In The World To Come: Tisha B’Av As Revolutionary Culture
Aug 9 • 91 min
Beginning a long-term examination of the Jewish ritual calendar, the Minyan discusses Tisha B’av, the fast day commemorating the destruction of the 2nd Temple of Jerusalem in 70CE, exploring the history leading up to the Roman sack of the Temple, the…
3. From Generation To Generation: The Replication of Zionist Ideology in the North American Federation of Temple Youth
Jul 20 • 97 min
In the first Proles of the Minyan interview episode, Shelby Shoup joins the Minyan to discuss Zionist cultural replication and the potential for leftist organizing among Reform Jewish youth. Shelby is the former Social Action Vice President (SAVP) of the…
2. Daloy Politsei // Down with the Police: Never Again Action, Occupy Tornillo, and Police Brutality in Israel
Jul 8 • 100 min
Rapid Response to the Never Again Actions against ICE concentration camps, in connection and solidarity with Occupy Tornillo, Palestinian liberation movements, and the struggle of Ethiopian Jews against police brutality in Israel. Dedicated in memory of…
1. Symbolism Under Zionist Hegemony: DC Dyke March, the Magen David, & Hamsa Flag
Jun 21 • 119 min
The Proles of the Minyan declare their support for DC Dyke March’s banning of the Israeli pride flag, present a historical analysis of Jewish symbolism, argue for an abandonment of the Magen David, and advance other symbols, like the Hamsa, that can serve…