The Classic Pinball Podcast

The Classic Pinball Podcast
Two guys discuss Classic pinball with an emphasis on pre 1994 pinball machines.

15: The Classic Pinball Podcast - Boston Chronicle tv visits Dr. Dave, the pinball doctor
Nov 12 • 43 min
In this episode Dave is visited by the tv show Boston Chronicle. Dave is interviewed on a variety of areas including his restoration business, collection and podcast. George and Dave interview the shows producer, Ramen Cromwell, on how he found Dave and…
The Classic Pinball Podcast: Episode 14 - Southern NH Pinball Club 3 strike tournament
Nov 5 • 43 min
Dave and George pay a visit to the Southern NH Pinball Club to play in their bi monthly 3 strike tournament with their special guest Eric Stone. The final game has Chuck Webster and Eric Stone competing for the coveted boxing gloves. Listen to see who…
13: The Classic Pinball Podcast - WARNING! NO PINBALL IN THIS PODCAST
Oct 29 • 29 min
THIS EPISODE contains NO PINBALL! So we fibbed and broke the rule…..what are you going to do about it. You are going to listen to see what this is all about. That’s my guess. Eric Stone starts with a coin pusher machine and ends the episode playing…
12: The Classic Pinball Podcast - Houston Arcade Expo with Keith Christensen
Oct 23 • 45 min
George interviews Keith Christensen prior to the start of the Houston Arcade Expo. Keith tells the audience about the history and what to expect over the 2 days of the show. They also talk about Texas BBQ, Texas blues, hurricanes, floods and locusts…..we…
11: The Classic Pinball Podcast - Road Trip to deliver a 1984 Eight Ball Deluxe
Oct 1 • 71 min
The guys take a road trip to deliver a 1984 Bally Eight Ball Deluxe to one of Dave’s new customers. We use the time to talk about the game and a bunch of other pinball and non pinball topics. George talks about his upcoming trip to the Houston Arcade Expo…
10: The Classic Pinball Podcast-Centaur
Sep 24 • 59 min
The guys have their normal discussion about all aspects of Centaur. Sometimes taking a detour, but staying true to their roots discussing classic pinball. They attempt to play a few games to show off their playing skills. Practice makes perfect.
9: The Classic Pinball Podcast - Funspot Arcade, Laconia, NH with Eric Stone.
Aug 27 • 34 min
In this episode the guys take a road trip to Funspot in Laconia, NH. Their special guest is #12 IFPA ranked Eric Stone. Eric plays the following games: Devils Dare, High Speed and Joker Poker with cohost Dave.
8: The Classic Pinball Podcast - Half Moon Arcade Weirs Beach Laconia, NH.
Aug 20 • 32 min
The guys take a road trip to Weirs Beach and visit both the Half Moon and The Penny Arcades. Their special guest Eric Stone, IFPA #12 ranked player in the world, takes them to two different arcades from his youth and home town. Eric also discusses his…
7: The Classic Pinball Podcast - Fun and Games Arcade, Framingham, MA
Aug 13 • 48 min
In this episode Dave and his friend Paul discuss the arcades of their youth. The focus is on Fun And Games arcade that was located in Framingham Massachusetts back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. They also talk about Dream Machine ( Worcester, MA) and…
6: The Classic Pinball Podcast - Star Gazer
Aug 5 • 35 min
The guys discuss Star Gazer and actually play a few games. Dave laments about Iron Maiden. George talks about his former state: NJ. Bonus feature: Stern junk?
5.1 : The Classic Pinball Podcast - Quicksilver sounds revisited
Aug 1 • 5 min
This is a mini episode that focuses on the sounds of Quicksilver.
5: The Classic Pinball Podcast - Quicksilver - part 2
Jul 23 • 26 min
George argues: why can’t Stern make games with old tech? The guys have an off the rails discussion of the new Stern Home edition pinball : Star Wars. Dave tells the most explosive pinball story you have ever heard. Lots more.
4 : The Classic Pinball Podcast - Quicksilver - Part 1
Jul 22 • 54 min
In this episode the guys discuss all the things they could come up with related to this game. Everything you want to know including history, sounds, gameplay and more. Lots of Bally comparisons. Did someone say remake?
Episode3: The Classic Pinball Podcast -Pintastic part 2
Jul 7 • 56 min
In this episode the guys talk to top rated player Eric Stone and how to play Evel Knievel. Saturday morning tournament update. Podcaster seminar. Late night game play. Ghostbusters. Xtreme coolertalk meets Classic Pinball Podcast @ Wonka. Spooky Pinball.…
2: The Classic Pinball Podcast- Pintastic Best in Play
Jun 30 • 50 min
In this episode the guys interview the winners of The Best in Play competition to see who has the best looking and playing game in multiple categories. (We continue to name drop)
1: The Classic Pinball Podcast - Pintastic pinball show preview
Jun 22 • 58 min
The guys discuss the past 4 years of Pintastic show and what to expect at the upcoming show. (We do a bunch of name dropping)
The Classic Pinball Podcast (version .5)
Jun 20 • 4 min
Two guys discuss Classic pinball with an emphasis on pre 1994 pinball machines. Both are avid collectors with sizable collections and experience servicing, buying and selling.